The candidate that will take “America Forward” will get the White House

This page is useful for SM Groups and Trumps.

Trump shocking SM Groups
First, let me clarify one thing for SM Groups. Got a complaint from a few SM Groups that … “Trump is making opposite statements … what the hell is going on?”

  • It seems … on one side he is saying … “we love you … you have our 100% endorsement … we are with you … we are sending finance by the billions … its happening immediately … we will get it done” and so on.
  • And then they are also seeing statements like … “things will get bad … we will shut you down … you will get arrested … you will get jailed … we will beat you up”.

Now, SM Groups are confused what to follow and what is Trump’s actual stance? These are opposite and contradictory statements. How can one team make such opposite statements? So … just to clarify … these are not statements from one team. Trump works with two teams … he hires a plus and minus team. It works something like this.

  • Team A – Good Cop – Ivanka. Trump has one team … that plays good cop … that uses all positive and supportive language. That’s where you get the “we love you … you have our 100% endorsement … we are with you and so on” from.
  • Team B – Bad Cop – Don Jr. Trump also has another team … that plays bad cop. I am not sure … if it is Don Jr. but may be. Its not important who it is. This is the team where you get these statements from … “things will get bad … we will shut you down … arrest and jail” and bla bla bla.

Team A is active when we are talking in support for Trump and helping him with something. And Team B gets activated when we are talking about coming threats against his Presidency or the possible rise of his rivals. Team B typically thinks that … since we alert Trump about stuff before it happens … we are somehow involved in that activity ourselves … for example … Mueller … since some Democrats were being used in the Mueller Investigation and since we are backed and supported by Obamas … Team B thinks that we are Democrats and we were a part of all of the negative shit that happened to him. That’s where you get the negative commentary from.

Its nice that Don Jr. or whoever it is … they are just trying to be protective of their Dad. Any good son would do that. But the way you are protecting your Dad will backfire because …

  • This good cop and bad cop thing … applies only to individuals. You can bring the person on your side with good words or take him down with force. But when you deal with an entire SM Network that forms the country that you live in … when you attack someone that tens of millions of entities all across your country love and protect … then you are not dealing with just one person … you are dealing with a massive network that lives around you. This is something that Warren didn’t understand … now she knows.
  • SM maintains the protective shields. We direct SM operations all across America … as to who to bring in the White House … who gets to win elections and lose elections … which policies succeed and which fail … and how to hammer the Establishment in all of their malice in the country. It is the same SM Network that maintains the protective shields for the Trump Family and the Trump Presidency. If you send out confusing signals to the SM Network then the first thing that you risk is your own protective shields and the success in different issues in the country.

I know that these opposite tweets and statements are from Team B … I generally ignore these statements … but it is confusing SM Groups now. I understand that you are just trying to be protective … but you should be protective using “intelligent action and decisions” … not with just mere force. It was only in the first year where we opposed some of the moves being made under the Trump Presidency … after that … we ourselves have been mostly protective of the Trump Presidency and Family. When we show some issues ahead … try to be more “intelligent” … and not just cavalier and bold … who would just start stomping on the other person without understanding what is going on. That would not be very wise.

Here are some examples where we literally protected the Trump Family and the Trump Presidency by activating SM Groups in your support. These are some of the existing protective shields for you.

  • Trump Children. Remember when Jared, Don Jr. and Ivanka were getting rattled by lawsuits, investigations and even with FBI raids? We were outraged by those activities. This was just hideous attacks on the President … trying to put fear in him and his family. We activated all SM Groups to keep the President’s children off limits. Doesn’t matter who is attacking them … the Establishment or Democrats … the President’s children are off limits. You can search for these instructions on our websites … after we gave these instructions … haven’t you noticed a huge drop in the attacks on Trump’s children? Its nice how it works … isn’t it? I write one thing sitting on the other side of the world and things change in America. Lol.
  • Pornstars and Playmates. Where are Trump’s Pornstars and playmates? Yeah … we helped Trump succeed against these sex scandals. We showed SM Groups how the Establishment runs a “sex industry” to control the decisions of businessmen and politicians in America. This is how these issues were vaporized.
  • Mueller Investigation. We got SM Groups to restructure the internal team members of the Mueller Investigation to give Trump a clean slate. We again made this a conflict between SM and the Establishment to create a victory for Trump.
  • Impeachment. These are just some of the key examples that I am enlisting … there were several other issues that SM Groups continuously worked in hammering out Establishment malice against the Trump Presidency. By the time, we came to Trump’s Impeachment … SM Groups were literally dragging their feet and asking me … “why the hell do we have to save this guy again and again … when he is not working with you and not creating any major reform for the country?” We again had to show how half a dozen Jews were screwing a Christian President of the largest Christian country in the world.
  • Warren. Warren turned out to be a Socialist fanatic. To help Trump with the impeachment and against Warren … we literally had to show that Trump is already working with us in online mode. There is already 50% indirect cooperation with Trump and Warren didn’t give a shit what we wrote. Since Warren didn’t give a shit … she was kicked out of the game and Trump was saved from impeachment. Otherwise, the Establishment was pulling some SM Groups to impeach Trump in order to make Warren President. We strongly opposed it … President Warren would have been a catastrophe for America.

So … it is not advisable to do “good cop and bad cop” with me. It is an extremely limited approach that works only on individuals. I am sure that you love your Dad … but we also love your Dad for the great leader that he is becoming. Try to use “intelligent action” to help your Dad … that would be more useful.

No more untrained candidates in the White House
Many SM Groups are calling for … “no more untrained candidates in the White House” … and I totally agree. Putting untrained candidates in the White House is turning to be a total waste of time and trillions in losses for the country. With Trump, we had no other choice … otherwise, we were going to get Hillary, a genocidal maniac, in the White House. The decision was fine with Trump.

But if you look at the normal mindset of any person who is about to be President … then these are the first things that come to their minds:

  • Why should I follow one brown guy sitting with a laptop on the other side of the Ocean?
  • I am going to be President … I will do what I have to do in my country as President. Why should I listen to him?
  • Even after we show them the crisis … they are on cloud nine … thinking that it is of great divine generosity … of connecting and working with us … as if they are doing a huge favor for us.

The very reason we are giving them the White House is that … they connect and work with us. And they are on cloud nine … thinking it is divine generosity of mass proportions to work with us. Lol.

This is not just about Trump … even Warren was like that … can’t blame them … this is normal mentality … it should be expected. And just for these leaders to snap into the actual crisis that is there in the country and to take the right leadership … it is taking years and years of time. Warren was the best candidate that Dems could come up with … and she herself was on cloud nine. We told her very clearly … “if you are going to run shitty policies and not work with us … then you will not be President.” This is a true statement … but why will any normal Presidential candidate believe this? And it was too late when Warren saw that this was real and this was the actual case. It was until she lost her votes and started losing in primaries that she didn’t believe it. When she started losing … then she realized what we said.

Snapping the key leaders in this scenario of … the Establishment, SM Groups, People Power, People Centrism, need for change … this itself is taking several years. I am talking about this because of Biden … how much does Biden know? It took more than one year for Warren to realize the influence of SM Groups across America. We already have a guy in the White House … who understands, who changes, who follows, who has learnt and experienced far beyond than any Democrat candidate … so why do we need a fresher all over again in the White House?

Its great that the Democrats have learnt and seen how it works … but I think … they should use this experience for 2024 … so that, the right candidate is trained … so that he can hit the ground running. The best time to train for 2024 is now.

Configuration to move ahead – Trump leads
The configuration that we put forward was … Trump leads. Doesn’t matter who works with us … we keep Trump in the lead … Trump takes America forward … we prepare the Dem candidate for 2024.

Hold it! Hasn’t fallen into place yet!
We were actually going to decimate Biden from the race … but there was a huge cry to hold the decimation of Biden. The main reason that they gave is … “the configuration has not fallen into place yet … why are you decimating Biden? He is a nice guy supported by Obamas. He is not a warmonger. America’s leadership is possible under Biden as well.”

The candidate that will take America Forward will get the White House
We strongly support Trump to take America Forward … mainly because he has proven himself and he deserves this opportunity to take America Forward.

  • Trump has changed phenomenally. There are no disasters in terms for war or finance under his leadership.
  • He has already launched policies of American Energy, Tariffs and America First. There are no policy based issues with Trump … he just has to move forward and know what has to be done in infrastructure, industries, manufacturing and media.
  • The only thing that is pending from Trump is creating a concrete plan with us … so that all SM Groups can rally behind one candidate.

Why support Biden?
This section might be important for Trump … to understand why SM Groups are telling me to stop the decimation of Biden. This is what’s happening in America since Obama.

Obama – Mitt Romney. We rallied for Obama to do great and phenomenal things for the American people under Obama. We crushed the corporate leech, Mitt Romney, to make beautiful changes for America under Obama. And what happened with Obama was that … he was consumed with Establishment misleading in his first term … he started off with new wars. The Obama Presidency had basically 3 sections.

  • Establishment Misleading. Misleading via Military Generals, political advisers and the media.
  • Establishment puppets. Like Hillary GodDamn Clinton … she was running her own bullshit wars as if she was the President herself. We had to get her fired to change the country’s direction.
  • Obama. And then came Obama, the President … he was very keen on making a lot of changes. He bashed the shit out of the Federal Reserve … launched a bill to audit the Fed … pulled troops out of Iraq … allowed Russian world leadership. He made many critical moves directly against the Establishment. He was not afraid. The issue was that … he didn’t stop the funding and weapons supply in wars … which is why he didn’t move America with new policies.

And at that time … we didn’t even ask Obama to connect with us or work with us directly. We just told him to stop the wars. During the last months of his Presidency … we formulated a plan to take America into a New Era … then we invited Obama to work with us. Obama was very keenly interested and he called half a dozen countries to invest in our project. But owing to Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal … GCC countries were not very happy with him and since it was his last few months … he didn’t have the time to go through all of the local blockades and make things happen.

But as a whole we lost one full Presidential term … and SM Groups did not see a New America created under Obama.

Trump – Hillary. Again we rallied for Trump against Hillary … promising a New Era for America under Trump. SM Groups again united and got Trump in the White House. We were busy with bullshit like collusion, Mueller, impeachment and Corona. Now again, one Presidential term is almost over … SM Groups have not seen a New Era for America yet.

This is 8 years wasted in total. Now, you understand the frustration and exhaustion of the SM Network? Now, the election is between Trump and Biden … I was already starting to eliminate Biden … it is out of this 8 years of waiting and frustration that SM Groups are screaming … “Trump has not made any contact yet! It has not been put into place yet! Do not decimate Biden!”

This is the full scenario … this where this request “not to decimate Biden” is coming from. SM Groups are keenly interested in the candidate that will take America Forward. We are strongly recommending Trump … you are way ahead in the game … you are playing fantastically … you are just one step away. But if you don’t then … it is another 4 years of frustration for the SM Network. That’s the only reason why they are exploring leadership under Biden. They are finding ways to move America Forward.