Get rich schemes

This is how they have designed the get rich scheme here:

  • First, I should sleep with the Lady Manager
  • Then positive reporting will be done
  • I will get my funding
  • Lady Manager gets her share
  • Other guys and girls also get their share
  • And everybody becomes rich

Lol. There is an Iranian girl here that does the cleaning here. For her also … what they told her is … “why are you saying positive things? Are you a fool? First, confirm your share … and then only make positive comments. Until then report everything negative.”

A few weeks ago … she comes to me in the kitchen saying … “you know, I will be very happy … if I can get a small house for myself”. I have no idea what she is talking about … I am thinking … why is she talking about a house for herself in front of me? She does this a few times … and then shifts to another item … she says … “If I have a lot of money … I will buy so many cars … I will buy a car for everybody. If you get money then you will buy a car for me also, right?”

Then I understood that … she wants either a house or a car from me. This is what they put in her head … to get “a house or a car” from me. All she does is clean the place … in order to speak the truth and not lie about me … she wants a house or a car. They are saying that she is a fool if she doesn’t make these demands.

If anyone new comes here … this is how they operate most of the time.

  • First, they will give all negative and false information about me
  • After a while, these new people will themselves notice that nothing is wrong. There is no sex and no theft … everything is fine.
  • Then they are told about the “money” … they are supposed to make negative statements until they get their share.
  • I should sleep with either of the girls … then everybody gets their share … everybody gets rich.

It is these “get rich schemes” that are the source of the negative setups and false information. They are targeting big money … since I am not sleeping with anyone … no one gets to make any money. That’s why they hatch up negative and false information to ward off cooperation with sponsors and politicians. The key planner behind this is the Lady Manager herself. She learnt this from the Iranians who stayed here before.




Why the lady manager is negative?

Well, she doesn't actually have anything against me as such ... it is just craze for money. This was done by the two Iranians who used to stay here. This is what they put in her head ... this guy is going to get funding by the billions ... why not make some money on the side in this deal?

They wanted commissions from this deal. The Iranians supported democrats but even Trump was trying to finance our work via other sources. They had to get rid of sponsors from other sources, so that the finance would flow only via Iran ... and they get their commissions as well.

So they started creating these false sex setups ... to tell other sponsors that ... I am having sex with this girl and that guy ... to portray me in bad light. It was done to push away other sponsors.

This lady manager used to literally go to a Chinese girl that had come before and tell her ... "you are not asking me anything. You are not talking to me." She would say this again and again. She was thinking that she was a link with a Chinese sponsor.

But when I started writing in support for trump ... this turned even more ugly ... these Iranians didn't like Trump ... they started creating more negative setups. They tried to use the Iranian girl here ... to create a sexual assault allegation against me. She was bold enough to refuse it. They wanted to throw her out of the hostel when she refused. I wrote about this activity ... and then they immediately stopped this activity.

This lady manager is involved in all of these negative setups because they put a craze for money in her mind. She is not the only one who is negative here because of money. This other girl who fought with her husband. She is also crazy for money. This is what she has been doing.

First she offers me sex several times ... I refuse ... then she creates a false sex setup and claims to have sex with me. I busted that ... then she created a phone theft setup ... claiming that her phone was lost ... even this was a false setup.

She was having sex with the Iranian guys as well. She would sometimes cooperate with them also. She doesn't stop after this phone theft setup. A black guy came here in the hostel ... he seems to be neutral ... trying to understand what is going on here. Now she is after him ... trying to share food with him ... taking a walk with him ... probably also offering him sex. She is doing all of this to put negative information in his mind.

This lady manager and the lady with the husband ... this is what they do here ... whoever comes here. They start feeding them lies and wrong information. Both of their objectives are the same ... the lady manager has millionaire dreams ... of a lot of money ... it seems she wants to buy new furniture, new mattresses and make everything new in the hostel. This will happen only if the funding goes through Iran ... where she can get a commission.

This lady with a husband ... she also has dreams of dating a millionaire and changing her life. She doesn't want to go back to her husband and old life. And she hates that I am not sleeping with her. She sits there unleashing her anger ... she is backed by negative people ... she is non stop involved in negative activities.

Their sex setups are nothing but entering the room and sitting in the balcony for some time ... and then say that they had sex with me. This is expanding now to theft setups ... this was started by the lady with a husband and it is being encouraged by the lady manager. She is telling other girls to also do this ... both of them are crazy for money. In their craze for money ... they are telling lies and creating false setups.

Its becoming a problem with ovir ... ovir guys call and they get to know about all of these bullshit activities. How will they understand what is going on here? This lady manager wants commissions ... to speak the truth ... if she is not going to make money ... she is going to continue to be negative and vicious ... and spread all lies.

The same goes with the lady with the husband ... she has her own get rich dreams. Lol.