Competing to Lead Systemic Reform, Structural Change

Competing to Lead

No, they are not crazy … these are the activities of individual SM Groups. It is not the entire SM Network in motion. The entire SM Network wants systemic reform and structural changes in America. We have SM Groups in both parties … there are Pro-Trump SM Groups and Pro-Democrat SM Groups.

The need for structural change in America is so important that, the moment Warren used the puchlines of … “structural change and systemic reform” … she was immediately shot to the top … she became the leading Candidate. But when she didn’t realize the issues in her own policies … she was pulled down.

These structural changes are incredibly important because the need for change is there. SM Groups literally compete to work on them and get the accomplishments under their hood. That’s why if Trump works on something good … they will immediately support Trump and get it accomplished under Trump. And if Trump stalls then they start looking for alternate options to move it forward.

As of now, no major structural changes have been put into place in America yet … not by Obama, not by Trump and certainly not by Warren. These structural changes will change America for the next 1000 years to come. They will literally change how the country functions in various spheres. So, SM Groups compete for their candidate to go down in History for the next 1000 years. Pro-Trump groups want Trump to be the Founder of Modern America … and Pro-Democrat Groups want Dem candidates to take the lead on this.

It is mutual competition to do good for the country. You can look at it as “healthy competition”. I will show you how it evolved under different leadership.

Obama – Stop Wars
We had already united all SM Groups across the country to change America from the core. Obama was supposed to take the lead on this. All he needed to do was stop the damn wars. It was a one hour job and he took 8 years … but didn’t stop the wars. But he was keen on making structural change in America.

We told him … please stop the wars and then we will take you to the next step. Its like how can you teach the child to start running before he starts walking? First the child needs to start walking … then we can teach him how to run. To make structural change within the country … first you need to stop the wars, bombing and genocide in other countries. It was not a big request … for this itself Obama didn’t rise above Party politics and followed what his advisers said. So, now how do you expect Obama to surpass Party politics and create a revolution in America to create structural reforms within the country? Everybody knew that Obama was not able to move forward.

Trump – Move Forward
That’s why Trump was brought in the White House. Trump surpassed Obama on day one. He successfully stopped the wars and wiped out terrorism. He also took some very good positive measures to keep America First … American Energy, Tariffs, standing up to China and Europe and Border Wall. But Trump got stuck in his Second year and he was not able to move forward.

Trump was not doing anything harmful for America or the world … that’s why we kept defending him since his Second year. We helped him with Mueller, Impeachment and Warren as well. But the SM Network is interested in moving the “country forward” … its about taking America forward. And this is what’s happening under the Trump Presidency:

  • Year One – Collusion
  • Year Two – Mueller
  • Year Three – Impeachment
  • Year Four – Corona and Police Violence

Where is the change and progress for America?

Considering options with Biden
Warren flunked big time. Seeing that Trump is stuck … some Pro-Democrat SM Groups are exploring options via Biden now.

  • His minus points are that … Obama himself didn’t rise above party politics, wars were not stopped … party politics are an issue with Warren and Biden as well … how will Biden take the country forward?
  • His plus points are … he has Obamas backing, not a warmonger or Establishment puppet, with the right VP, things can be taken forward under Biden as well. It is not impossible.

The major drawback that these Pro-Democrat SM Groups face is that … we are not endorsing this option. They want me to create a “transition strategy” for Biden to transition away from Socialist policies, take forward Trump’s good works, give them the right VP and pull the entire country’s SM Groups to support Biden.

We are rejecting that option … mainly because of practicality and the need. When Trump has already learnt and experienced this entire Establishment crisis … where is the need to replace Trump? When Trump has already shown the right moves in keeping America First and he has crushed the Republican Establishment … when Democrats didn’t do that at all … why should we remove Trump? The better and more practical option is to take things forward with Trump.

Security better with Democrats
These Pro-Democrat SM Groups also emphasize that “security was rock solid for you under Democrats” … why are you favoring Trump? Yes, I agree … with Democrats I had high security and no work done for America … but with Trump I have major moves made forward for America while security is not that rock solid.

Firstly, security under Trump is not that rock solid because … in his initial years … we had a little bit of a skirmish … lol … where we were opposing his wrong moves. But when he came on the right track where nothing wrong was being done for the country … then we started protecting him. Secondly, Trumps think that I am a Democrat … that’s why security was not that rock solid … as Trump thinks that Mueller, investigations and lawsuits against him and his Presidency were from the Democrats and not from the Establishment. That’s why … when Trumps look at me as a Democrat … all of the pain from the lawsuits and investigations plays a role.

I can choose Democrats for rock solid security … but I spent almost 8 years talking to a big stone cold wall … that would never listen. The entire SM Network got trained … the entire country was put on its feet … but Democrats didn’t stop bombing other countries. We didn’t want to talk anymore to a stone cold wall that doesn’t listen … that’s why Trump was brought in the White House. Trump builds big walls … but he is a good person with a soft and caring heart. He instantly on day one stopped funding in war zones and he backtracked on wars in his first year in a second. He is eager to do great things … eager to win … eager to keep America First. Trump responds to good and great works.

A little bit of security risk might be there … because of the glitch from his first year and some misunderstanding … but America successfully moves forward under Trump … not under Democrats. This is something proven that we have seen in live action … why should we give up on something that is already proven?

Long term coalition
That’s why we are rejecting Biden and supporting Trump. I know Democrats are not all bad … they just have a lot of catching up to do and they have to prove themselves. They can’t just pick punchlines and then do totally the opposite like Warren tried. We are creating a long term coalition where we help Trump in 2020 and then Dems take it forward from there.

Yes, I know the extreme need is there to change America via structural reforms. Owing to Establishment malice, we have:

  • 100,000 dead American citizens
  • 40 million Americans unemployed
  • And trillions in economic losses

I understand the eagerness for change. Maybe that’s why Pro-Democrat SM Groups are exploring options via Biden … I understand the uneasiness. But I strongly support Trump … America can make definite 100% fantastic positive change under Trump. I have seen him function during the pandemic … he is the perfect leader that America needs right now.