Unusual Request Please don’t decimate Biden yet


I wrote the above page and I got an unusual request. I thought that this is what they would say … “hey, all of those people are from the Obama Coalition … they are not Establishment puppets … why are you hammering them? They will work with Trump and get him votes to take the country forward. Go easy on them.”

And then I would respond by saying … “This is simple use of logic. I am not delivering any direct damage to anyone. No one will go to jail because of the argument that I put forward … nor will they lose their political positions … it is simply use of reasoning. They have nothing to worry about … in fact, everything that is mentioned is also true. This is the key difference between the old Washington leadership and Trump's leadership ... this is the difference between Conventional Politics and New Era Politics.”

But that doesn’t seem to be the concern at all. SM Groups already know that it is true and it will not have any real adverse impact on their political careers. But the major concern of this Pro-Democrat SM Group is that …

  • The moment I start campaigning for a particular candidate … all SM Groups across the country unite under my leadership.
  • And the person that I oppose … gets decimated.

This is how we helped Trump against Mueller, Impeachment and Warren.

Confusion among SM Groups
SM Groups are eagerly looking for the candidate that will work with us and thus these Pro-Democrat SM Groups strongly favor Biden because Democrats already reached us for their support for Biden. Since Dems approached us … they are giving high value to Biden’s leadership.

SM Groups are confused that … I am decimating a candidate that reached us and tried to work with us … while I am supporting a candidate that has not shown any real confirmed initiative yet. They are confused on who will take the country forward … I am supporting Trump and Trump is not taking the country forward … Biden is trying to reach us and we are rejecting his leadership.

Thus, the Pro-Democrat SM Groups are asking me to hold off on decimating Biden. Don’t decimate Biden until a clear leadership path is created … so that, we know who to support and how the country will be taken forward. The request is not to activate all SM Groups in Trump’s favor yet.

Clarifying the path ahead
Okay fine … we accept the request … not to decimate Biden yet. Biden is not a threat to anyone … he is not even competition to anyone. Biden is only a threat to Biden. Lol. We can take it easy on Biden for now.

Let me clarify the path that we are working on ahead. We strongly support Trump for 2020. Trump is leading phenomenally well … he has shown all skills and talent to keep the country together and take the country forward through every crisis possible. This makes Trump the best candidate in the field to lead America. This is the practical evaluation that is good for the country and something that all of us should support.

When it comes to working with us … doesn’t matter which party connects with us … we will still help Trump for 2020 and we will train the next Democrat candidate for 2024. This is a configuration where America continues to move forward successfully under each President.

Removing Trump and installing Biden just because Democrats are reaching out to us … this is not good for America. We would lose everything that we have accomplished under Trump and we would have to go through another learning curve of teaching the next guy right from the basics … wasting another Presidential term … costing the country another 4 years in just some learning activities. Why should we lose a candidate that has already learnt, already experienced and who has already shown all of the characteristics to keep America First and to Make America Great Again?

I understand the request from Pro-Democrat SM Groups … Biden is not a warmonger, he is not an Establishment puppet, he is eager to work with us, he has Obama’s backing and he has a few nice and positive things with him. So, we will hold off on decimating Biden.

We are trying to put Trump and Democrats on a common track that is good for the country. It will be good for Trump in 2020 and great for Democrats for many Presidents to come. All of you need to sync on this track … as this track will help everyone.