Spearheading Change with Security Layers

Security and Power Layers

This is a global project with global forces into play. Currently, the main focus in the project is America. Let me write something about how mutual security works in this cooperation. What we are trying to do basically here is ... create “Establishment independent entities” that can spearhead change that is great for the people. The biggest drawback in creating people-centric change is the Establishment. If we know how to manage and overcome the Establishment and its gimmicks … then everything becomes easy.

Here is how security and power layers function in the normal world. This is ordered starting from the weakest segment to the most powerful segments in the society in terms of security.

  • Criminals. People and entities that break the law have the least amount of security … generally speaking that is. The Establishment actually falls in this category. The people in this category are always afraid of the law and they are always afraid of being caught.
  • A Normal Person. Above that comes the regular person … an individual in our society.
  • Corporations. Then come the corporations … since they have more resources and contacts … they tend to secure themselves better than an individual.
  • Intelligence and Legal Agencies. Above the corporations come the intelligence and legal agencies that implement the law. These entities have a far better security layer than corporations.
  • Kings and Presidents. Its not that the President is above the law … but in terms of power and security … the Kings and Presidents of many countries have sweeping powers … and they literally control the intelligence and legal agencies below them.

Why I am giving this hierarchy is because … sometimes our leaders fear taking action against the Establishment. They should realize that the Establishment is a criminal entity that is continuously afraid of the law and afraid of the top leaders … because most of their activities and monopoly is illegal exploitation. This hierarchy also helps in arranging the security for Active Democracy and US Presidents.

Matrix Based Malice
The Establishment sometimes tries to pull off malice via the Matrix … using a puppet system in any corner of the world. It’s a “crowd based system”. They surround you with puppets and use these puppets to provide false and negative information about you. And since everybody is saying the same thing … people think that it is right. This is how a “crowd based” control system works. They create right and wrong as per their wish.

But once you bust it … it is very easy to dismantle … because like all of the Establishment gimmicks they are “hollow” tactics with no truth to it … just like anti-Trumpism. If you see … anti-Trumpism is also a crowd based activity … where several media outlets demonize a President that is not doing anything wrong. Since everyone is saying that Trump is bad … then people think that Trump might be bad … it’s a crowd based control system. But when you look at the truth … Trump or Trump’s policies don’t hurt a single American citizen. Then why the demonization? Why the anti-Trumpism?

Similarly, using the Matrix system … they try to create a dozen sex setups around me on a daily / weekly basis. When I expose it … the activity goes down … and then it starts again. This wasn’t the issue during Obama … but it is becoming a main theme during Trump. This is mainly being done to derail political cooperation with Active Democracy. Generally, politicians or government agencies will send some people to check who I am … and if, starting from the receptionist to the cleaning lady … to the visitors of the residence … if all of them say that they are “having sex with me”. Then it helps to derail political cooperation. It’s a crowd based effort and the objective is derailing political cooperation using false information.

How security layers work
Doesn’t matter what gimmick the Establishment uses … it is very easy to bust it and stop it. This is how it can be done.

  • Russian Diplomatic Security. The moment we create a Russian Diplomatic security … then all of these petty gimmicks come to an end. It also creates political security from other countries.
  • Michelle, the lovely. From the Democrats, if we have Michelle Obama to take the lead … then we can have a fantastic lady who can spearhead change for America into a new direction. It will eliminate Obama’s dependency on party politics and it will help in creating new policies very easily. And since she knows us for a very long time … she can provide a rock solid security layer for us.
  • President Trump. From the Republican side … it will be obviously President Trump … since he is the New Era President … and he will be the key beneficiary of the work for the next 5 years.
  • Local Governments. To add to the above three … we choose countries that will gladly support our work … creating a better security shell at the local level as well.

Its quite easy to set up the Russian Diplomatic status. They can say that … this guy is a contractor for the Russian Government … the project is very important for Russian National Development … thus he has been given a Diplomatic status. Its not a lie … it’s the truth. This doesn’t only secure me … but it secures the Think Tank for the project.

Basics for Security
The basic information that anyone should know is that … we are not breaking any law … we are not hurting anyone … we are not stealing from anyone and we are not killing anyone. In fact, we are fighting against criminal systems that exploit people by the masses. We are not criminals … we are fighting criminal systems. We should not have security issues but the criminals should have security issues. This is pretty basic.

Spearheading Change – Creating Establishment Independent Entities
What the above arrangement does is … its helps in the creation of an “Establishment independent entity” that can spearhead change. We can fight for change for the people … without being bothered by the Establishment in any way. This doesn’t just apply to Active Democracy … but it applies to Trump and the next Democrat President as well.

How it applies to the Trump Presidency?
Why we say that … “you protect us, they protect you … you work with us, they work with you … you support us, they support you” … is because we design people centric systems and policies. The entire SM Network across America is keen in getting these changes. We form somewhat like the brain of the operation … and the President becomes the right hand of the work … and the SM Network becomes the rest of the body that helps you accomplish the change for the people. When you work with us … it is the synchronization of the brain and the hand … and the rest of the body functions together … to do great things for the people.

For example, the Coronavirus crisis … we gave the strategies and all tracks where you had to work on … you were the hand who implemented it … everyone worked with you to create a record breaking response for the pandemic. That’s how the connection functions.

From the security perspective … the good thing for the Trump Presidency is that … we will simultaneously work with Democrats … with Michelle Obama … to create a Democrat support base for Trump.

  • SM Networks. Not only the SM Network will help you get victories
  • Democrat support base. The Democrat support base will help you against silly investigations, lawsuits and in shooting down any impeachment efforts.

This helps the President to spearhead change without being held back by the Establishment or its gimmicks within the country. The factors that provide security for us are different and the factors that provide security for the President are different.

How this helps the next Democrat President?
What you are seeing here is … we are creating extremely strong entities that can easily surpass the Establishment. It is the same factors that will help the Democrat President.

  • Active Democracy. Firstly, you will learn and realize how the new Active Democratic system works in America. You will have the right policies to get a win in 2024.
  • SM Networks. Since you are taking the work forward … the SM Networks will gladly give you the White House.
  • Trump support base. Today, if we help Trump … tomorrow Trump helps you. Today, if we give votes to Trump … tomorrow Trump creates his coalition and gives the Demorat President votes. Today, we save Trump from impeachment and investigations … tomorrow Trump saves the Dem President from impeachment and investigations.

We are successfully creating configurations that help us easily surpass this malicious Establishment that is dividing our country and tearing us apart. Today we are an extremely divided and hateful country … it can change very easily provided we put the right configurations in place.

These security configurations will not only help me … but it will also help the Trump Presidency and also the next Dem President.