Stop buying bullshit, stop wasting time on bullshit

Matrix based puppetry

Let’s give Trump some basic information on Matrix based puppetry and sex setups. He thinks that there are nice people around me and then why the complaints? The Matrix is something that is an advantage for our work … as this is how SM Networks function. But the same Matrix can be sometimes used by some negative elements to create negative information and setups. Yes, the people might be nice … but people are nice only to the extent of the instructions that they follow. A puppet is good if he is following good instructions and a puppet is bad if he is following bad instructions. Welcome to the Matrix.

This is how the Matrix works. Anyone can be made to say or do anything. There are two worlds functioning here simultaneously. In the normal world, he or she can be a very nice person. But if the same person is controlled via the Matrix … then he or she will be as instructed to be. This is the main reason we told you right in the beginning of your Presidency … “trust no one, verify everything”. Understanding of the Matrix is very important to win against Establishment malice. I will not go in too much detail on the Matrix … let’s keep it very specific related to sex setups … as these seem to be a repeated issue.

Sex Setup Cycles
This is how sex setup cycles function.

  • Step 01 – Create Sex Setups using Puppets. First, they will place some puppets around me and create false sex setups. Most of it will be with false setups, fake evidence and false witnesses.
  • Step 02 – Expose and Hammer. When I see these setups being created … I expose them. Then the same guys that instructed them to carry out these setups … they will themselves cooperate in hammering these people involved in the setups. They are hammered in several ways … getting fired, business losses, sometimes thrashing, warnings, condemnation and bla bla bla. Remember … who is hammering them? The same guys who instructed them to carry out the sex setups … they themselves facilitate the hammering.
  • Step 03 – Create Negative Environment. After these puppets get hammered … they pin this blame on me. “See, because of him this happened to you and that happened to you! Because of him so much trouble happened to you! Because of him you got so much losses!” This hammering is used to radicalize the people around me and to turn them against me. They hammer them and hurt them just to use them against me … and thus create a negative environment around me. Hereon, what happens is … because these puppets who got hammered apparentely because of me … they cooperate in all negative information and false setups against me.

And when this information reaches you … we are stuck in cycles of repeated sex setups … of people being used in sex setups, exposing, hammering and negative information ... and then you are trying to investigate what happened ... and it happens all over again. Why are you even entertaining this kind of information? Why are you giving time to bullshit?

Ridiculous information interpreted as sex
When these puppets get hammered … they start using ridiculous information as sex.

  • If I shower and go out … then I am going out for sex.
  • If someone enters my room … then I am having sex. It is a shared room with 10 people in it … but apparently, I am having sex in broad daylight in front of everyone. Lol.
  • If I share food … then I am having sex with her or him.
  • If I am nice to someone and talking with him or her … then I am having sex.
  • To the extent that … Establishment elements know to which shops I go and which track I walk on the roads everyday. They will put a girl in front of me … on my track and then say … “hey look, he is a sex maniac … why is he looking at that girl?” On the road, if I am not supposed to look in front of me … I am supposed to look at the sky and walk?

This is the level of ridiculousness and nonsense that is created around me. When I write about it … they will use this information to create more enmity. “Look he is writing this about you all … he doesn’t like your country … he doesn’t like your people.” They can create a dozen sex setups in a single day. All of this is total bullshit information.

Truth about sex
The truth about sex is that … I never had it. I have been busy … and after being busy … it became busy and risky. I have not created a family because the political security is not there. I don’t date because it might create a risk. I never had sex … I don’t even date because it may put her at risk … and these idiots create a dozen sex setups around me. Lol.

No, I am not a Buddhist Monk … at some point I will … hopefully. But it will be done via a secure contract … my work is more important than plain sex. My work is worth in trillions … it saves and creates trillions for countries around the world. There is literally a flow of billions in the project … and I will allow the receptionist, the cleaning lady and visitors of a hostel, who I don’t even know … I will allow them to have an impact on me and my work? Heh … yeah right … bullshit.

Solution: Stop buying bullshit
The solution to bullshit is … stop buying bullshit … stop wasting your time on bullshit. This is something that Michelle Obama was very good in … she didn’t have any Party politics involved … and she knew my background very well. She didn’t buy all of these bullshit information at all. I didn’t even have to write so much information to explain all of this to her at all.

You can learn this from the War on Terror … the terror events were bullshit events. The politicians stopped buying the rhetoric that the Establishment was trying to sell. No one was buying the blame on Muslims and Islam for these events. When you don’t buy bullshit … when you don’t give time to bullshit … then bullshit comes to an end.

Why are you buying this information? Why are you giving time to this information? The Matrix contains tens of millions of people wherever you go. These setups can be repeated in the same manner with millions of people. These can be never ending cycles.

Another example is … look at the bullshit they are trying to throw at Trump … with the Coronavirus committee and the investigation of the firing of the IG in the State Department. If you give them time … they keep on running bullshit activities endlessly. This is why we called for ending all of these bullshit committees and investigations.

Don’t take adverse actions on puppets
Yes, it is because of this Matrix system that I say … don’t take any adverse action against puppets. These puppets might be providing negative information about me or involved in negative activities … but I myself protect them. Because if you start hammering them then …

  • There will be an endless line of people that will get hammered
  • All of whom will be mostly innocent who have no idea of what the hell is going on … they were just following some instructions. Or they were just trying to be smart asses.
  • Hammering leads to the creation of negative environments … which doesn’t help in any way either.

So the simple formulas that I gave to manage these things are …

  • Redistribution. If someone is repeatedly providing negative information and getting involved in negative activities … then just redistribute them to another location. It solves the problem.
  • Sex setups. Ask for a clear video of the sex where my face can be seen clearly. It should be the full video … no small clips. This again eliminates sex setups. No one has produced this video till date … coz it never happened. All other information related to sex is junk information with no truth to it. He took a shower … she went there … he went there … he sat … he stood … he talked … all of this is garbage information.

This whole thing functions like a trap … it’s a shitty “mind game”. It goes into the rabbit hole the more you play it. Okay this happened … that happened … people keep changing and the bullshit never ends. So, the simple formula for this is … ask for the clear full video or just redistribute the person somewhere else.

Pressing Issues
Stop buying bullshit and stop wasting time on bullshit. We have to move ahead of this bullshit and address some very pressing issues ahead.

  • Use of vaccines. We have to start using the vaccines in the White House and we also have to start the use of vaccines for the people in critical conditions. We have to start exploring ways of saving people in serious conditions using vaccines … so that the death toll goes down.
  • Bad Economy. What Trump should realize is that … his biggest selling point to getting re-elected was the economy. Having a bad economy and high unemployment means that … he has lost his biggest selling point.
  • Anti-Trumpism gets a boost. The Establishment has unleashed this catastrophe just in time to destroy the economy months before the election. Trump’s biggest selling point against anti-Trumpism was the economy … with the loss of economy, Trump has lost his biggest tool against anti-Trumpism.

What Trump is looking at, in these 5 months before elections are … a boosted anti-Trump propaganda, a bad economy, voter fraud and a raising a country that has been so badly devasted since World War II. This is a situation that no other President has faced … not Clinton, not Bush and not Obama. Within 5 months, Trump has to prove that he is the candidate that can raise America from the ashes. America has hit rock bottom … at a level that has not happened since World War II.

It was easy to take Obama’s economy and give it a boost. The good thing that you might say is that … even Obama’s economy is devastated. It is no more Obama’s economy … now, if Trump raises this economy to great heights … it will be solely Trump’s economy. 100% credit will be for Trump. But it is also pretty darn challenging … massive amounts of works have to be initiated to revive the economy.

Nobody wants Biden in the White House … Biden doesn’t know anything and he will end up being Bush 2.0. Nobody wants a Bush 2.0 in the White House … not even me.

We have to save lives and we have to save countries … stop buying bullshit and stop wasting time on bullshit. We have better things to do.