Nice and Lovely

So, I am surrounded by nice and lovely people? That is very nice to know. Yes, people seem to be nice … but their activities should also be nice … the end result of their activities should also be nice. If nice people are involved in:

  • Creating gay sex setups and sex allegations
  • Trying to cancel my Residence Permit and
  • Trying to get me deported from the country

Would you still call the people nice and lovely? If people are nice then the end result of their activities should also be nice. Is that too much to ask for? I know these people are nice … but somehow they are being misled and misused.

Who am I hurting here? Am I stealing anything or killing anyone or hurting anyone? Most of my routine activities are working, praying and helping poor people. Why the opposition? That’s why I say that these negative activities are being created because of my support for Trump. This is evidence of that.

Democrats are not pissed off at me
Democrats are apparently saying that … they are not pissed off at me. Okay fine … let’s assume that it is true. Then why didn’t they help? I have been talking about these negative setups since months now. I have sent them several messages. Why didn’t they help? Why did my application get rejected?

I am a practical person. I work via “facts” and logic. I go less by words and more by facts … I see actual action. When the actual action is negative … the results are negative … and when I call for help … there is no help … then what is anyone supposed to think?

Helping the President do good things is not a crime
Helping the President do good things for the people and the country is not a crime. If Democrats don’t like Trump’s lead in the game and how he is being supported in the country … then step up … do good things yourselves. Come up with better things than Trump.

You come up with all wrong policies that are hurtful to the economy and the country … you don’t listen and change … and then you are angry that Trump is going to be the winner. We never said that we won’t work with you … we are saying this since years … “step up … step up … learn … change … lead … do great things”. You don’t listen and you don’t do good things … and you are pissed off at the guy who is doing good things. This is not fair.

Let it pass
However, we will let this pass. We have a lot of good history with Democrats since the past 10 years. We have made great changes in the country together. But you should realize where you stand … your party has lots of morals and values … but when we apply facts and logic to your actions and policies … most of your policies are disasters. This is why Trump is in the lead. He doesn’t brag about morals and values … he goes for the kill and does what’s right for the country. Facts, logic, action and policies are more important for Presidential leadership … or for any political leadership.

Gone are the days of just stopping wars. Please start focusing on “facts and logic” … on every action and policy. This will help you rise.