Local Competition for Funding

Who would I prefer?

While we are moving in a phase of (probably) getting funding for the work … either from Democrats or Trump … either from Saudis, China or Iran … some SM Groups ask me … who would I prefer? Well, here’s how the priorities go as of now … this is not a personal wish list but it is more relevant to the work that has to be done ahead.

Priority 01. Trump and Saudis
A few months ago … SM Groups were distributed between Warren and Trump … both of them had support groups. And they wanted me to keep things justified … so I said … “okay fine … whoever will work with me first … I will work with them.” The initiatives from the candidates would justify who I work with.

But things got stalled and Warren showed more and more of her drastic policies. We would show the issues in her policies and she wouldn’t give a shit. On the frontend, I was trying to keep things justified between Warren and Trump. But seeing the disasters in her policies … I would be praying … “Oh God … let it be Trump. Oh God … let it be Trump. Oh God … let it be Trump”.

And to a great relief … SM pulls the plug on Warren and she drops out of the race. I was so relieved that this is not the candidate that I have to deal with. I prefer Trump because from the work perspective if you see … Trump has already started working on the right tracks. We have American Energy, Tariffs, Global Trade, People Centrism, he loves to bring the manufacturing back and he likes to keep America First. He has no massive financial disasters with him … like spending trillions on climate change. It is very very easy to move Trump into the next phase.

And Saudi Arabia is a great American ally since decades. We can expect 100% cooperation with Saudi Arabia. It becomes a perfect team.

Priority 02. Democrats and Non-Iranian Sponsor
The second priority goes to Democrats because … as it is Trump is going to win in 2020. We will be giving him the support to win 2020. So, why take the funding from Democrats and help Trump win? If we are going to help Trump win then it is justified that Trump arranges the funding. Otherwise Democrats can say … “hey, we arrange the funding and you work for the other guy.”

When it comes to keeping things logical … Trump has to be supported and Democrats have a lot of learning to do. Trump has to be kept in the lead from the top and Democrats have to lead from the ground level. This is how the situation is going to be … doesn’t matter who gets us the funding.

The only difference can be for 2024. For the next 4-5 years, Democrats have to lead from the ground level and prepare their candidates for 2024. This is why the first priority goes to Trump and second comes the Dems.

Priority 03. Democrats and Iranians
Democrats are feeling bad if I reject funding from Iran. But if Iran is the only key sponsor that they can arrange then … it is also the only sponsor against whom I need a security shield. We need Russian cooperation to manage Iranian sponsorship. This is why Iranian sponsorship comes last.

Local Competition for funding
I am living in a residence where the management is Iranian. There is pretty good competition to sponsor the project. Iranians hate Trump and they hate it if an alternate route of sponsors come to the residence.

We have a few “reporters or coordinators” from different countries and political parties in this residence. Some are from Iran … sometimes we get people from China … sometimes we get from Ukraine … sometimes from Russia. Iranians hate it when Chinese sponsors come here … because they know that Trump might have sent them and they don’t want me to help Trump.

Managing on the ground reporting
What I would suggest Democrats and Trumps is … don’t rely too much on the information from your on the ground reporters. This is what happens when your reporters and coordinators stay here for a long time.

  • They start eating together
  • They start drinking together
  • They start having sex together
  • And then they start scheming together

Iranians hate my support for Trump so much that they start attacking my legal stay in Armenia. And if some non-Iranian sponsor or their coordinator comes here … some sex schemes are hatched up … claiming gay sex or they pressurize a girl to claim to have sex with me … they will create some negative activity to stall the cooperation from the sponsor.

They say … “no, no, no … we want to sponsor this project. He should not work with Trump. Trump should not be given support. Let’s create some negative activity to push away these coordinators from other sponsors.” This is how the scheming goes.

I know that you guys are trying to put your eyes on the ground here … using your coordinators. But don’t rely too much on the information that comes from them. The negative information is mostly “schemed up setups”. Each team out here is trying to push away the other … even if false information has to be created. This behavior is very prominent in the Iranian team.

Coordinators should not control decision making
What some of the reporters and coordinators that you put here think is that … “decisions will be made based upon what we report … so, we will control the decision making based on our reports”. This is to such an extent that … some guys here were trying to extract commissions for themselves using this process. “We are the ones who report … we are the ones canceling your funding … so better strike a deal with us first.”

You should understand that … you put these people here to follow your instructions. They should not be the ones giving instructions and controlling decisions. What do some ordinary reporters from Iran or Abkhasia know about the crisis in America? In what capacity can they contribute to the project … that they are trying to control decisions.

This is an ongoing issue. This is one of the reasons the process is getting delayed so much. The advice here would be …

  • Do not go for a lengthy process. More the time taken … more the bonding, more the eating together and sex together … and more the chances of scheming. Try to keep it short.
  • Beware of gay and sex setups that reporters create here to derail other sponsors.

Again … I am not rejecting funding from Iran. But this is what’s going on here … a Russian security shield is a must if we are working with Iran. But it would make things really really easy … if I could work with Trump directly instead … literally praying for that to happen.