Democrats pissed because I am helping Trump

Yeah … I know … Democrats are pretty darn pissed off at me for supporting and helping Trump. I know … I know … I risked my own legal and political security shields in order to help Trump. I alerted Democrats on all the issues here …

  • That my translator is telling in OVIR that I am in Armenia only for drinking and sex
  • That I have Iranians here who hate me supporting Trump
  • That I have Dem supporters here who hate me for helping Trump
  • About false sex setups, lies and their aims to cancel my Residence Permit as well

But Democrats seem to be so pissed that they turned a cold shoulder to everything because I am helping Trump. Awesome.

Yeah … I know … as of now, Democrats maintain the security shield for me … but how am I supposed to be Party oriented when they have all disasters in their policies. If Democrats want a guy that will blow their horn with his eyes closed … then they already have half of the Congress that does that. There are hundreds of Democrat politicians who do that every single day. Why do they need another horn blower from outside the country? Our work is party independent … we work via facts and logic.

  • How am I supposed to support Warren … who didn’t listen to anything and came up with more than $100 Trillion in financial catastrophes?
  • How am I supposed to rally behind Biden … who is extremely brittle … he will break on the first hit and make him President? In both scenarios, I would be doing a favor to the Establishment and enable catastrophic leaders into the White House. And when I do that … that will be the end of my work for good.
  • How am I supposed to sit silent and watch hundreds of thousands of American citizens die in a global pandemic and not help Trump … just because Democrats maintain my security shield? I am supposed to sit silent, not help him with anything and allow hundreds of thousands of innocent people die because of party politics? Is this what they think that I am?

I might be popular for “making Presidents” … but Democrats should understand that … I don’t make Presidents. It’s the “facts and logic” that makes Presidents. The SM Network and I … both of us follow facts and logic to make Presidents. You come up with everything wrong and then get pissed off at me because you lost? Trump might not have activated “security shields” for me … but he has followed facts and logic in doing the right thing for his country dozens of times … and Warren never did that. Warren failed herself … and that’s kind of good for the country … because everyone knows now what Warren is. Warren lost without causing any damage to the country. She will not be considered for 2024 either.

However the 2024 field is still open … with Ivanka in the lead. Don’t blame me … don’t get pissed off at me. Learn and try to succeed. We invited Warren a hundred times … she didn’t give a shit and she failed herself. Bill de Blasio is a good guy … Bill Gates would be cool … but for any Democrat, there is a long learning curve involved.

Its like playing a game and getting pissed off at the referee because you lost. If you start hammering the referee is that going to make you a better player? You have to learn the game and play it right. We told you this so many times … that’s the only way you are going to win.

Forget about 2020 … everything is in Trump’s favor. My endorsement is not going to change anything for Biden. Obama himself knows that Biden can’t make it … Obama was the last guy to endorse Biden. But the only thing that I can say is … don’t take my word for everything. I am not God and nothing is written in stone. If Biden thinks that he is a better guy than Trump … then let him prove it. I am not pulling his leg. We have 6 months left for the election. Fight and prove yourself. Trump might have 90-95% support as of now … but it also means that 5-10% chances are there for Biden’s victory.

“Working together” is the best way to move forward. I honestly think that American politics is becoming too toxic and divisive. Everything is becoming too hateful and negative. We are throwing logic, morals and values down the drain and becoming too animalistic and selfish. This is not the Democratic Party that I knew of.

Everybody knows and understand that Trump is the right guy to lead America. Work with him … stop the hate and divisiveness. Learn, understand, work together and become good leaders. Nothing is decided for 2024 as of yet. The field is open. Unify your country … this is not the time to hate and bitch against each other. We have lost more than 50,000 lives in this crisis … all of them innocent lives. And all you guys are thinking of is the White House … its disappointing.