Russia and Saudi Arabia Initial Bases

Yes, Russian Diplomatic immunity is the best configuration that will keep our work safe from legal and political malice. The best way to move forward with the work is …

  • Russia. First, work with President Putin to setup Russian Diplomatic immunity.
  • Saudi Arabia. And then start setting up the think tank in Saudi Arabia.

Russia – Diplomatic Officer
Russia can easily create a post of a “Diplomatic Officer” for me … saying that I am heading a project that is of key interest to the National Development of Russia. And that’s not a lie … that’s exactly what we do … we work with leaders in developing their countries in various fields … in media, infrastructure, manufacturing, economy and so on. That’s exactly what our work is.

The good thing out of this is that … when you are a Russian Diplomatic Officer …

  • Legal and Political Immunity. You automatically get immunity from any legal or political malice. Jailing or killing Russian Diplomats is like declaring war against Russia … no country in the world will want to do that.
  • Protection of office and residence. Even your office and residence is protected under diplomatic immunity. This extends to even your car and vehicles that you use.
  • Protects Family. All of your household members also enjoy the same level of protection.
  • Travel is easy. Travelling becomes a little bit easy without worrying of Establishment malice in every country.

Saudi Arabia – Think Tank
Why we need Saudi Arabia as the base for the Think Tank is …

  • American Ally. It is an American ally. We can’t hire Americans at our base in Moscow. We can’t setup our Think Tank in Moscow. This may backfire on our project. We have to keep the Think Tank in an ally country … that’s where countries like Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Malaysia come into play.
  • Pretty Hot. Not only the Establishment has put most of the world on hold … but it is also screwing with our project with this Coronavirus issue. Among all ally countries, Saudi Arabia is the hottest country. It has more cases than Malaysia … but hopefully things will get better in Summer.
  • Strong financiers. Saudis can be very strong financiers for the project.

Long Term Stability
The good thing about Russia and Saudi Arabia is that … both of them have long term political stability as far as our project is concerned.

  • President Putin. He is the most experienced leader in this project who is still in power. He has been involved in it since right from the beginning. Okay fine … Obama was involved right from the beginning … but when we invited Putin … he jumped in and he has been keenly involved ever since. He is going to get a pretty good extension and possibly he will be President for life … as long as he wants.
  • Mohammed Bin Salman. The Crown Prince in Saudi Arabia is Mohammed Bin Salman … he seems to have a pretty good hold on the country. And he is just 34 years old … giving us strong political stability in the Kingdom for decades to come.

The Putin-Salman team can be great for our project.

We can work through these countries initially … having the Think Tank in Saudi Arabia and an active frontline base in Moscow … for a couple of years … till this Coronavirus bullshit dies away. I think we will have to work with Trump in giving him strategies to totally kill it off. And then we can look at expansion to other bases, once the virus issue is over.

Diplomatic Immunity is important
Yes, Diplomatic immunity is important … as it literally gives a “legal international framework” to protect us and our work. We are dealing with an Establishment that plays with systems and regulations. The Diplomatic immunity renders this malicious Establishment mostly powerless.