Creating Legal and Political Security Russian Diplomatic Immunity

I guess our lovely leaders have finally got a knack of handling cash based issues … of how local misleading and misinformation is created to stall cash flow. This is good. Now, moving on to the next most important aspect in this project … “legal and political security”. Yes, without cash, the work cannot be done … but even if you have the resources … even then you need legal and political security to do the work successfully … without the threat of being tossed into jail or being killed.

Yes, for security we can use some bodyguards … but that is physical security … along with physical security we have to create strong legal and political security as well. The best route to create a strong legal and political security shell against Establishment malice in this work is via “Russian Diplomatic Immunity”.

Why Russia?
Why Russia and why not German or Japanese Diplomatic immunity? There are several reasons for this.

  • Russia was one of the targets of the Establishment. They wanted to isolate Russia from the world and create a war against Russia. They were making dozens of moves against Russia via America and Europe.
  • We came into the picture … we showed Putin what was going on … we created a fantastic world leadership role for Russia. Russia has defeated the Establishment malice to isolate Russia and to create war against Russia.
  • Russia has become a fantastic world leader that is stopping wars … let alone facing a war. Our work has created hundreds of billions in revenue for Russia.
  • President Putin is providing excellent leadership with intelligence, understanding, patience and power. He understands who is behind this malice … he is playing a fantastic role.
  • Russia itself was one of the victims of Establishment malice via Communist Systems. They understand this malice better than anyone else.
  • And the good news is that … President Putin is in the game for the long run. His Presidency is going to last for a long time to come.

This makes Russia the perfect country to provide a security shell for our work.

Benefits of Russian Diplomatic Immunity
There is a huge difference in the security shell that surrounds you … when you hold an ordinary Indian passport and when you are a Russian Diplomat. These are the different levels of security that you get via Russian Diplomatic status.

01. Travel.
My work involves moving through several countries. It is pretty hectic to travel using an Indian Ordinary Passport. We have access to only about 50 countries in the world … and in almost every country I have to go … I need a visa for the same … and the visas provide very limited stays. But with a Russian Diplomat Passport … I get access to 156 countries without a visa and there is a huge difference in the duration of the stay as well.

02. Local Establishment Malice
When you are a simple business owner with an ordinary Indian passport … then the Establishment generally uses the local guys to create a truck load of bullshit around you. Why this is basically done is … I was doing my work from India and the Congress Party under the leadership of the lovely Sonia Gandhi was providing a fantastic security shell for my work. No legal issues touched me in India under the Congress. The Establishment understood this and they put enormous amounts of efforts to get BJP in power. I actually got a dream to leave India even before BJP won.

The moment I left India … all of the effort that the Establishment put to change the government in India went to a total waste. The Establishment cannot change the government in other countries very easily because it takes several years of effort and SM Groups have already hammered out the Establishment in several spheres. So, their easy option is “creating an environment of hate” around me wherever I go. Negative people are placed around me …

  • Who will lie openly … create false gay setups … create fake evidence … make false witnesses and try to create legal issues … in order to get my visa or residence permit canceled.
  • One of the objective of this routine activity is … to get me in India so that they can get me in a trap that they have already created.

They can’t change governments but they can easily place a few negative people around me to create a hateful environment. This has been happening at several places in several countries.

The issue in India has been controlled to some extent … thanks to the involvement of good leaders like Obama and Putin. But you should see that … all of these bullshit gimmicks that locals are used to create … they can do it only because they are targeting a simple ordinary Indian business guy. The moment I get Russian Diplomatic Immunity … all of this daily bullshit that is created around me … it automatically vaporizes. If anyone even tries … it will be pointless and baseless … because they will have absolutely no power to do any harm to me.

Every time this bullshit rises too much … we are calling out to Obama … “Obama help me! Obama help me!” Why am I having to bother a US President for some daily bullshit? This should not be the case. The Establishment placing some negative locals around me … who will sit and stare at me 24/7 trying to look for the slightest mistake possible … so that they can create a legal scene out of it … this is not an environment where any work can be done. The Russian Diplomatic Immunity takes care of these hundreds of bullshit activities automatically.


03. Legal Establishment Malice
Another issue that we have to routinely keep an eye on is legal Establishment malice … of how the Establishment can use legal routes to attack our work and stop our work. In the worst case scenario … they can hatch up some racism or hate based lawsuits against our work. The truth about our work is that … we are not hurting anyone … we are not killing anyone … we don’t sell drugs … we are not stealing from anyone … but we are stopping crime and criminals. So, we have to figure out all of the ways that these criminals can use the system and legal routes to attack our work. Even in this scenario … Russian Diplomatic Immunity helps to a great extent.


04. Political Malice
Another security issue that comes is from politicians … the Establishment tries to change politicians or use politicians against our work. We are fighting for and protecting Trump now … hopefully, we will not have an issue with Trump. But let us assume some cranky politician comes to power in any of our base countries and he wants to crack the whip on us … even then he cannot jail or kill Russian Diplomats. Attacking Russian Diplomats is asking for war with Russia. Nobody will want to mess with Russia at this level.

The only thing that he can do is deport us and we continue the work from other bases. This is the use of setting up multiple bases … under all scenarios the work goes on.

Nullifies hundreds of malicious routes
If you look at the full picture … one good tactical move of creating a “Russian Diplomatic Passport” … helps us nullifying hundreds of malicious routes.

  • It might be travel issues
  • It might be Establishment malice at the local level
  • It might be legal issues or
  • It might be political issues

All of these issues can be collectively taken care of by one simple move of creating a Russian Diplomatic Passport. It creates a rock solid security shell for our work … and we never have to bother about legal or political issues.

How to do it?
The first exception I need is … speaking Russian. It will take years for me to learn Russian. Once this exception is given … I can easily be shown as a worker of a Russian Government Department. This is not false information … this is basically what we do. We work with different governments and world leaders … and give them the best strategies and techniques of creating fantastic systems … in infrastructure, media, manufacturing, industries, economy and so on. In my project, I would actually be working with the Russian Government on best practices in all of these aspects. So, we are not lying … this is genuine activity.

I need our US leaders to work with President Putin in getting this done. This will create enormous levels of security for our work. And yes, I need the bodyguards too.