Going to thrash Democrats and need Obama’s help

Lol. Never thought that I would write this sentence … but what to do … going to thrash Democrats and need Obama’s help. Lol … it’s a joke. Its not actual thrashing … its simple logical screening. Firstly, thanks to the lovely Michelle and Barack Obama for their fantastic and consistent support for our work. We love you. But you know the stuff that we are involved in … its all about people and country. Nothing is party specific.

The logical screening helps in holding off bad and wrong actions & policies … and it helps in only good and constructive actions & policies to move ahead. Doesn’t matter which party it is … the logical screening only helps in making a better country and helps in doing what is better for the people.

Establishment using good leaders for bad actions and policies
SM Groups have been fantastic in hammering out Establishment puppets from key positions and they are very effective in stopping the malice from these puppets. The Establishment is restructuring their approach a little bit and they are using good leaders for bad actions and policies. Warren is a fantastic recent example. Warren is a good person but her policies were all disasters. When I first wrote about Warren’s mistakes … everyone was surprised a little bit … they were like … “hey, she is Elizabeth Warren … why are you writing against her?” She had such a clean image that people didn’t expect trash from her at all.

But she continued to build on her mistakes and came up with King Kong disasters … we had to show that she was the perfect “plague carrier”. She would take America into massive catastrophes. Everyone realized that her actions and policies don’t add up … and her candidacy was pulled down. Today, the Establishment itself has abandoned the Climate Change propaganda and they are working on the Coronavirus progam instead.

The same goes with Pelosi now. Nancy Pelosi … is a good person … but what she is doing is not good at all. Firstly, impeaching the President over a stupid phone call … that was something that she should have never done. Now, she is spending hundreds of billions of taxpayer money in corporate handouts … to add to that … she is setting up a Committee to investigate Trump during this massive crisis. All of these are “Establishment malice and objectives” being run via Pelosi.

Pelosi is a good lady … but some of her actions and policies are meeting the exact requirements of the Establishment that has only been sowing chaos in the country. So, we have to call it out … doesn’t matter who the person is or which party it is. If it is something good for the country … go ahead and do it … we will never object. But if it is Establishment malice … doesn’t matter the source … we have to stop chaos in the country and the draining of trillions of taxpayer money.

What Pelosi should realize is that … doesn’t matter who the candidate is … Warren or Pelosi or Adam Shitty Shit … Establishment malice will always be failed. We advice her in advance … she will face failures ahead.

Democrats as a platform against Active Democracy
Under Obama, we were not involved in any policy making. And when we point out the issues in Warren or Pelosi … the Establishment gets to immediately use Democrats against us … to try to shut us down. This is also one of the reasons why clean candidates like Warren and Pelosi are being used. We have to understand the malice of the Establishment on both sides … of how they are misleading both sides.

Focus should be on the logical aspect
The Establishment will try to immediately make it an issue about “party politics” to create divisiveness … and to use us against each other. The focus should be on the logic … on what is right and what is appropriate for the people. This approach should help us look beyond party politics. The Establishment’s malice will be to put you on an authoritarian style that meets their objectives:

  • How dare you write this?
  • How dare you say that?
  • I will shut you down!
  • I will do this and that to you!

This is the Establishment trying to use your hand and their head. This is the Establishment trying to use you for their malicious objectives.

Democrat Establishment backstabbed Obama and Trump
I don’t see why Obama should care about the Democrat Establishment at all. They literally backstabbed Obama when he tried to create a law to “Audit the Fed”. Democrats themselves voted against Obama … only a handful voted in favor of Obama … this was because of the Democrat Establishment influence over the party. Why should Obama give a shit about the Democrat Establishment? Especially when rising above the Dem Establishment is what’s going to change the country.

The ideal situation should have been where Trump and Democrats should have worked together. But they have used Democrats to impeach Trump stabbing him in the back. The Establishment does wherever and whatever suits their objectives. It is a must for us to rise above the Establishment’s influence to do what is right for the people.

4 Levels of Threats from Iran
Another hot topic is sponsorship from Iran. Trump is apparently telling me that he is willing to remove sanctions from Iran. But both, Obama and Trump should know that … absolutely no SM Group supports the removal of sanctions from Iran … will give you details on that later. I will talk based on our project … as of now, there are 4 different levels of threats that come from Iran. You should understand who you are trying to tie me up with.

Level 01. Iranian People – Kill or jail any opposition
The biggest entity that faces the threats and abuse of the Iranian Government are the Iranian people themselves. 80 million Iranian people are abused by their government. The report from SM Groups about Iran is that … it is not a routine Muslim country. It is a Communist country being run under the cover of Islam. Almost every feature of abuse, control, authoritarianism and oppression of a Communist country is found in Iran. Just like in Communist countries … the simple way of dealing with any opposition from the people or media or protestors or anyone in Iran … is to simply to kill them or put them in jail. It is a fake Democracy in Iran … the people have no rights. They say that it is an “Islamic Revolution”’ but they implement it in such a hateful and oppressive manner that 90-95% of the Iranian people hate their government and they hate the Islam that they promote. The current Iranian Government is Kim Jong Un 2.0 … every measure that has to be implemented in North Korea to make it a proper Democratic country … all of those measures need to be implemented in Iran as well. There is zero freedom of speech or press in Iran with a horrible human rights record.

Level 02. Give us money! We are enriching Uranium!!
And that’s exactly how the Iranian Government deals with all of its issues … internally and externally … threats and abuse. They are literally threatening European countries … blackmailing them to give them money and start buying their oil … because they have started enriching Uranium. It’s a blackmail tactic. We are supposed to say … “please don’t enrich Uranium … here is a few hundred billion in oil revenue”. These guys threaten and oppress their people on a daily basis … and they are threatening Europe in order to get business from them.

Level 03. Death to America! Death to Britain!!
Yes, death to America and death to Britain … are routine slogans in all political gatherings in Iran. SM Groups ask me … why on Earth should America or its allies pour hundreds of billions into the hands of those who shout “Death to America and death to Britain”? Why should we pour hundreds of billions in a hateful Communist country?

Not only this … recently, they shot down a passenger plane to revenge the killing of their Commander. But again just last month in March … they attacked American soldiers in Iraq using their proxy groups. These guys cannot keep their word with the American President itself … then why on Earth should a nobody like me trust them?

Level 04. Direct threats to me
You guys have sent several sponsors from many countries … these are some of the moves that other sponsors made. “Will you marry my daughter? Will you work with us? Will you let us control the project?” These are routine investor interests … now look how the Iranians interact with me.

  • How dare you write in favor of Trump? I will take legal action against you.
  • I will cancel your visa and residence permit!
  • I will get you arrested and send you to jail!
  • Come to Iran … and I will show you!
  • He had sex with everybody here … including the receptionist, the cleaning lady, the visitors and everybody else!
  • How dare you favor Trump in Coronavirus? You will not get a single penny! We will get you deported!

I have not even taken a single penny from them and this how they are behaving since the past couple of months. It’s a horrible government that is vicious, hateful and untrustworthy.

The only reason I suggested Iran to Obamas is because … they have a common target of Israel in the project. We are against Israel and Banker malice in America. Iran has common interest. We already knew about “issues” from this government … and just in case, they would create issues … our option was to take funding from another source and not to rely only on Iran. That’s why I always emphasized to create funding sources from multiple points. And if Iran created too many issues … our way out was … “here … take your money back … thank you for your help and please don’t ever contact us again”. This was our way out from Iranian sponsorship.

Project Importance
If sanctions are removed based on our project then … Iran gets to know that our project is so important that they got hundreds of billions in revenue. We become a continuous source of blackmail whenever these guys need anything from America and Europe. These guys have been horrible even before they spent a single penny … they ran every negative gimmick and used every threat they could possibly come up with right now itself … just imagine all of the trash that we would have to put up with, after they sponsor us.

Sponsorship means “support” for the work … we don’t want a curse on our work. We are in a situation where thousands of Americans are dying … and we have to show Trump what he has to do. In this crisis they are telling … “how dare you support Trump … we will not give you a single penny”. I am like … “thank you very much … to hell with funding from Iran … I don’t need a single penny from you.”

Europe, GCC, Japan and China
We have Iran on one side … and look at all of these countries … Europe, GCC, Japan and China.

  • Are these countries threatening America?
  • Are these countries threatening Europe?
  • Are these countries killing their people?
  • Are these countries threatening the American President?

No … when we have normal countries that we can work with … then why do we have to put up with this horrible government?