To hell with funding from Iran

To hell with funding from Iran if they cannot tolerate me writing in favor of Trump. I show Trump what he has to do … he follows it … I have to encourage and build the support for his moves among SM Groups. I have to continuously keep on building support for Trump’s moves … that’s how he is going to succeed in getting anything done in America. I have to pull SM Support to support Trump and hold off aggression against him.

Democrats screwed up and don’t stand a chance in 2020. We choose the most practical person to lead … and its only Trump right now. Which means that … for the next 5 years … we are going to help Trump … in every way possible. If Iran doesn’t like this … to hell with their funding. I don’t give a shit about their funding. I am not living in this hostel because I want their funding … I am not doing this work because I want funding from Iran. Iran is the last country that I want to take funding from.

No sponsor gets to tell me what to do or how to do my work. This is not among their rights. They will tell me … don’t help Trump … don’t do this … don’t do that … be a slave to the Democrat Establishment. All of this is utterly totally bullshit. I don’t care who the sponsor is … they don’t get to tell me what to do or how to do the work.

There are top Democrats and Republicans with decades of experience in the American Congress who don’t know shit. They themselves are flunking big time. I have to show them what to do.  And these Iranian sponsors from the Middle East will dictate what I have to tell American leaders what to do in America? It just doesn’t work that way. Iran doesn’t get to dictate my work in America.

Forget about taking instructions from sponsors … we don’t take instructions from political leaders themselves. We work politically independent … that’s the only way to save the country from the Establishment. Sometimes Democrats do blunders and sometimes Trump does blunders … we have to point out both … and bring both of them on the right track. That’s the nature of our work.

What the Establishment is trying to do is … push the worst configuration possible.

  • It was perfect for Trump to work with us in his first year itself. We would never be in this phase if that had happened. We would be in a totally different world … with totally different parameters at play. But they put every obstacle for this and pushed Trump towards Establishment elements. We lost Trump’s leadership at the right time.
  • And then … Warren had to work with us the moment she launched her campaign. They again stalled that … and gave her all nonsense to run. When she started losing everything … then she started understanding that it is a must to work with us.
  • Now Warren has also lost and they have a terrible candidate who is extremely brittle and wants to run all of this shit show that we stopped Warren from … I am supposed to help this guy win. Its bullshit … he is not right for the country … nor are the current Democrat policies.

I know … I can sway SM Groups in anyone’s favor … but it also has to be logically correct. I stopped Warren from her disasters … should I lead America into the same disaster in the form of Biden-Warren? Warren is crazy and toxic ... she is feeding all of her crap to Biden. A Biden Presidency will be a Warren Presidency ... and no SM Group will support that.

If Democrats want to be my friends … we know that Obamas are really good friends … but if Democrats want to be the ones to work with us and sponsor us … okay fine … first, to hell with funding from Iran. It’s a shitty country that will only create problems ahead. They cannot keep their word with the American President … what will they keep their word with me? They shot down a plane in revenge for the killing of their Commander … they said that they will not attack American troops in Iraq … and within weeks they are attacking American troops again. These guys cannot be honest with the American President … how the hell do you expect them to be honest with me … who is a nobody.

They will use me and my project as a bargaining chip to pull hundreds of billions of oil revenue in their country. I do not want to be crushed between the American and Iranian relationship. It is not a relationship that can be relied upon and I do not want to sandwich my project in this volatile relationship. It is only more trouble for my work ahead if I take funding from Iran. So, to hell with funding from Iran. I don’t want a penny from them.

Yes, yes … we have protected Iran from war since 10 years. The Iranian people are nice … we will continue to protect Iran from war. But no thanks for your funding … we never protected you because we want funding from you. Please take our services for free … we don’t want a single penny from you. Just because I am writing a few pro-Iran statements … it doesn’t mean that I need your funding. We protect people of every country … irrespective of religion or color or politics.

Yes, we will show some moves that Democrats have to make from the ground level. But all of that will also be to support Trump and to work with Trump. If Democrats cannot support Trump and they cannot work with Trump … don’t expect me to be an anti-Trumper and run some hollow and bullshit campaign against Trump. I don’t waste my time with bullshit. I stop wars … and change lives for billions of people. By vaporizing the War on Terror … I saved dozens of countries and saved billions of people from a ridiculous and vicious propaganda. I saved trillions of American taxpayer money by busting the Climate Change propaganda. With the Coronavirus crisis … we are again working on saving billions of people in America and Europe from a massive crisis. If “anti-Trumpism” is what you want … you are not going to get that from us.

So … to hell with funding from Iran … to hell with anti-Trumpism … and no victory in 2020. Even now, if Democrats want to work with me and support me … then let’s hear it from them as to what they want.