Why New York, California and Washington are the major targets?

Yeah … someone gave me a tip that … “maybe Trump is not going ahead with hospitals for New York because this State has treated them terribly. So, he is just sitting there and saying … burn, burn, New York burn … remember how badly you treated me?”

Do you know why New York, California and Washington are the biggest targets of the virus? The answer is “Jewish population” … New York and California has some of the highest densities of Jewish population in America. It is very easy for the Establishment to use malicious Jewish elements to maliciously spread the virus in these cities. And Washington is being targeted because it is the capital State … it is America under attack.

In this scenario, you have to let go … of how one person was treated … namely yourself. Okay fine, you had to sell some properties … but you are making billions off your Presidency … its not like you faced any financial issues. New York hosts about 8.6 million American citizens. Just because some malicious elements were used to trouble you and cause you discomfort … will you allow 8.6 million citizens of your own country to suffer … who did not do you any harm? The people of New York did not harm you … it was only a few malicious elements.

Yes, New York created problems for you … but it was not exactly “New York” … it was the high presence of Jewish Establishment elements that was used to attack you. The same goes with California … it hosts the entire of Hollywood that attacks you. It is not California attacking you … it is the Establishment elements in California attacking you. Now, the American people of these States are under attack … just like you were being attacked. The same elements that were attacking you … these same elements are spreading the virus in these States. Won’t you help your people that are under attack by the same elements that attacked you?

Yes, Florida also has a high number of Jewish people … but they are very nice to you. Why? Because Florida is the Establishment’s “rescue state”. If things go bad in America … all of these Establishment elements in Florida will flee to neighboring Communist country of Cuba. The very reason why a huge number of Jewish Establishment elements live in Florida is … because they can flee to Cuba … if and whenever required. They cannot risk their “safe haven” via a conflict with the President. That’s the only reason why Florida is nice to you.

You are not a President for yourself … you are a President of the entire of America … doesn’t matter if the State is blue or red … you are everyone’s President. Saving these initial States will help you save the entire country. If you ignore saving these initial States and not implement the policy of remote hospitals … then the entire country can burn. It can lead to millions of virus cases all across the country.

Just because of some personal enmity … are you ready to allow millions of Americans to suffer from a deadly virus? Is this the type of person you are? Is this the type of President you want to be? I don’t think so … I don’t think that you are someone like this.