Layers of Misinformants

You guys must be sitting out there and thinking … “hey, we are sending so many sponsors for you and none of them have worked out … what is going on? Is there something wrong?” Yes … exactly … you guys do something at the top level and you are told something … but at the ground level there is a different scenario. There are layers of “misinformants” here.

And this doesn’t only apply to sponsors or connecting with politicians … but it applies to other activities of visas and residence permits as well. They run mischief in every sphere possible. Here are some of the layers of misinformants.

Layer One. Malicious Establishment Elements
This is the main layer of malice. The Establishment hates Trump … not because Trump is doing anything bad or wrong for the people … but because he has been successful against every malice that they have planted against him. Trump has become nearly unstoppable and invincible for the Establishment to take him down. And this support that Trump gets for his victories … is carried out via SM Groups. I am the only one that unites SM Groups and puts them in collective action. There is no other person that unites all SM Groups like I do. Thanks to the All Mighty.

So what these Establishment anti-Trumpers do is … they sit there and spy on my work 24/7. There will be like half a dozen guys sitting there and staring at my PC and phone … checking every single thing that I do.

  • Lies and false evidence. If they don’t get anything wrong at all … then they just make up some false evidence and start telling lies.
  • Big issue out of nothing. And let’s assume that they get something … some music video or even if an advertisement pops up while I am working on something or watching something … they will try to create a scene even using that advertisement. They will activate all negative activities using that advertisement.

The basic question here is … not about whether they are lying or not … whether something is wrong or not … the basic question is … why the hell are they spying on what I do? Who gave them the permission to spy on my phone or laptop? Forget about what they are saying about the content on my phone or laptop … why are they spying in the first place?

Kill the spying, kill the malice
The way to handle the malice from this layer is … kill the spying to kill the malice. I understand … some people are given access to my laptop so that they see the wonderful work that I am doing … so that they can donate and bla bla bla. But if the only thing that the person is doing is … spying to create problems and to create a negative environment … then why are these people given access at all?

The solution for this is … the moment you see that the person is providing negative information then:

  • Don’t give them access to my phone or laptop anymore
  • Don’t trust them with any further information
  • Don’t take any information from them nor involve them in anything
  • Preferably, redistribute them to other locations in order to disconnect them from my phone and laptop

If they are here to help and do something positive … to take things forward then their activities will be fruitful. But if they are going to just sit there and spy only to create problems … then why do we need their presence? We already have a truck load of shit from the Establishment to deal with. Thousands of people are dying every month because of this bullshit virus that they have released. Why do we have to put up with crap at home as well?

Layer Two. Iranian Management
This is the second layer of issues at the same residence. I am at an interesting time … where SM Groups have pulled down support for Warren … saved Trump from impeachment and they are still favoring Trump to a great extent … mainly because the Democrats turned out to be all blunders. The residence is run by an Iranian Management who support Democrats. And when I write in favor of Trump … most Iranians hate it quite a lot.

Iranians are like … “hello … excuse me … we are trying to fund your work so that you remove Trump from office. What are you doing? Why are the Democrats failing? Why are you supporting Trump??” Lol. They don’t understand that we are party independent … and work with mainly logic and facts. And Democrats don’t have any logic or numbers on their side … we told them this more than one year ago. There is every chance that Trump can win … doesn’t matter who sponsors us. Yes, there is some chance for Biden as well … but odds are in Trump’s favor as of now.

In this layer, we have Iranian Trump haters who don’t like when I write in Trump’s favor. And they don’t like it even if some Chinese sponsors come into the residence as well. They came to know that Trump is pulling funding from China … and if I work with Trump … Trump gets a solid victory. So, they dread other sponsors working with me.

Layer Three. Pro-Democrat Anti-Trumpers
This residence seems pretty Pro-Democrat. There are some people who used to hate me for writing against Warren. But see … hating doesn’t work … logic works. Warren already dropped out … she wasn’t ready to be President. These guys don’t like me supporting Trump either.

Layer Four. Anti-Religion
All of these layers of people that you are seeing … they are not against me because I am doing something criminal or illegal or hurtful. It is all malice and politics. There is another kind of people that are sent to the residence … to verify stuff … to connect with me … to bear witness … or whatever. But they pick anti-religion people and send them here. Everything is fine with these guys … until I start my prayers. Yes, I pray almost everyday in my residence.

And the moment I start my prayers … they freak out and get filled with negativity. No idea what was their history with religion or God or Christians or Muslims … but they don’t like me just because I pray. One example … recently they sent a British guy to the residence … and he is talking all negative stuff about me. So, I thought … let’s find out what his story is … and then he tells me … his mom was living in Northern Cyprus … buids a house there and then she was kicked out of Northern Cyprus by the Turkish Government and moved to the South. She was kicked out by Muslims because she was a Christian.

Now, do you think that this guy will say anything nice about me? Check the background of the people that you send … don’t send anti-religion or anti-Muslim people … such people will be reporting and working as per their own personal agenda.

Layer Five. Anti-Putin
I love Putin … I love Russia … and I love Russians. Most Russians are supportive of me and my work … except for a few anti-Putin Russians. I think such anti-Putin Russians are sent here so that they can be used for negative information … because I like Putin and I love the role that he has played to make Russia a key world leader.

You guys are sitting there at the top … thinking that … “hey, we pulled the strings and it should happen any time now.” But at the ground level the scenarios are a little bit different. Do a screening of the people in the residence for these characteristics:

  • Anti-Trumpers and Trump haters
  • Iranians who hate Trump
  • Malicious elements who spy on my phone and computer all the time … and are always on the lookout for negative information
  • Anti-religious elements who hate religion, Christianity and Muslims.
  • Anti-Putin elements … who don’t like Putin

All of these are problematic elements.

Working through layers of malice
What I have to do at the ground level is … work through all of these layers of malice … layers of misinformants … and then help Presidents and Presidential candidates with the layers of malice put on them … so that they can succeed in saving the people from the layers of malice put on them. At any given time … I am dealing with 3 separate layers of malice:

  • On myself
  • On the President or Presidential candidate and
  • On the people

This is what my work involves.