Occupied in Chaos

I know, I know … all of this is quite silly. It is silly when you look at it at the frontend. Why is someone so interested in what I do on my computer? Why are they so interested in publicizing any negative glitch possible? Why are there so many repeated sex setups? Whats the big deal about sex? When you look at the next steps … then you understand that … it is a 3 fold approach basically.

  • Occupied in chaos. The Establishment’s interest is to keep us occupied in chaos … something urgent … something drastic … something catastrophic … so that, you are busy saving yourself. And you have no time to go after their malicious systems. This is the gimmick. This is why there are repeated widespread terror propaganda in the US … sometimes it is ISIS … sometimes it is war … sometimes it is deadly diseases. This is an Establishment gimmick to keep us occupied in chaos … so that the attention is never on their malice and malicious systems.
  • Remove support for Trump. Another major reason what they accomplish by stopping my work is … they get to remove the support for Trump. If you see … Trump has been continuously maintained in crisis after crisis. It is the same gimmick of chaos implemented on the President. Their objective is that … the President should never get the time to do anything right for the people or the country. He should always be busy saving himself from one propaganda or the other. The Establishment knows this very well … when I come into action … the majority of SM Groups come into action to stop Establishment malice … and Trump gets saved. This has happened again and again. If they get to stop me … then they get to remove the support for Trump that he gets repeatedly. Their malice against the President can succeed if no one activates SM support groups for him.
  • Malice via Presidency. Democrats might be liking the idea that the support for Trump gets removed … and he gets to fall. But their malice doesn’t stop there … they want America to fall. And when they activate war plans … create war events … blow up the issue in the media … they get to mislead the President. It might be in war scenarios or massive spending scenarios … America can fall via wars or via financial catastrophes. And when there is no one there … that activates SM Groups to hold the country together … catastrophes happen. This is actually their main plan.

Catastrophes for America, Europe and Russia … has been their number one priority since the Obama Administration. On the frontend … it might be a silly sex setup … where the receptionist or some other girl is claiming to have sex with me. Or it might be ramping up the issue about some Playmate website. But when you understand their main purpose and what they want they want to accomplish in the next steps … then you will understand why they put so much emphasis on this and why they give so much time on this.

This is how it basically works:

  • Cancel his visas and residence permits
  • Stop his work
  • Remove support for Trump … remove Trump from the White House
  • Allow lawsuits to succeed against Trump
  • Install and mislead the next President
  • Create wars … create financial catastrophes
  • Don’t allow SM Groups to unite
  • Don’t allow SM Groups to fail their plans
  • No one should understand what is going on … the blame should be put on American and Russian Presidents for worldwide catastrophes

Right now itself … they misled Democrats to create policies of more than $100 Trillion of new spending … when the current $25 Trillion itself is a massive crisis. If Warren was not stopped … we would be heading towards a massive financial catastrophe. Warren thinks that I am writing against Democrats and against her … but she doesn’t realize that we saved her, the Democrats and the country from a massive crisis. What has been done is best for everyone.

To add to the chaos … Democrats themselves are being used against our work … they are being pushed to stop our work. The Establishment is trying to use Democrats as a new platform against us.

This is not about a simple girl or a simple website. Things are interconnected way beyond that. The girls generally think … “hey, he is a nice guy … he is popular … he is going to be rich. It seems like a nice opportunity”. And she starts getting puppeted by some guys that advise her. These guys nor the girl understand what the hell is actually going on. They have no idea of the catastrophes that are planned ahead. They have no freaking idea of the work that I am involved in. They have no idea that countries can collapse in the next steps if things go wrong.

The Establishment specializes in “chaos” … these guys are war and chaos specialists. They create war scenarios and chaos … and try to direct things for their best benefits. All of these false setups, false evidence, sex setups, lies and trying to make everyone negative … all of this is a part of “creating chaos”. They try to occupy the person in chaos … and then try to get a win out of that. These are the wins that they target:

  • 01. Cancel visas or residence permits. Now, I will be busy spending time in locating a new country. In the worst case scenario … the work can also stop. This is one victory.
  • 02. Busy in chaos. Even if they don’t succeed in canceling visas or residence permits… they get to keep us busy in chaos. “Oh my God! They are going to cancel his visas and permits … we have to save him!” Now, everyone is busy in saving the person. When in reality, visas and residence permits are the most basic requisites for anything. Is this what our main objective is? To maintain the visas and permits? No … this chaos is bullshit and it is a form of victory for the Establishment elements … where they are keeping us struggling for the most basic elements.
  • 03. Bigger victory. And the bigger victory that they target with all of this is … just in case the work stops … then no one protects Trump … American and Russian leaders have no idea what is going on … new crisis will be created and no one will unify SM Groups for collective action … catastrophes can be unleashed. This is the base of the design of these stupid sex setups.

These are not silly setups … when you see what they plan in the next steps.