Dating is complicated

So, back to this topic. This is how the routine drill is … there are a few negative and malicious elements in the Matrix. These are their objectives based on Establishment inputs.

  • My work should stop
  • My visas should be canceled
  • My residence permit should be canceled
  • Nobody should work with me
  • No sponsor should connect with me
  • Democrats or Trump … none of them should work with me
  • I should be sent back to India
  • I should face lawsuits and preferably put in jail
  • There should be no new systems or no new regulations
  • The Establishment should get to do whatever they want

These are just some of their objectives. It is a long list … it goes on and on … there is a truckload of negative activities. So what their technique of working is:

  • First decide what the result should be
  • And then put the required pieces in place to facilitate that result

In order to facilitate this … they hatch up a long list of lies:

  • They will place negative people in my surrounding … who will say nothing but lies and provide negative information. These negative people will work and cooperate in all negative activities about me.
  • Their setups will be mainly about sex … everyone will claim to have sex with me … starting from the receptionist to visitors … from management to cleaning staff. And they will provide negative information to everyone possible … sponsors, politicians and anyone else who might contact regarding me.
  • There will be no proof or evidence for these lies. They will hatch up even false evidence using look alikes to support these false allegations. There will not be a single case of evidence where I am can be seen clearly having sex with anyone in a full video.

Checking Playmates and Pornstars
There is nothing to hide about it. I have mentioned this several times before … I do check online the current hottest Playmates. I am no Buddhist Monk … I do check online the hottest Playmates ... maybe I will date a few later on as well. Its not that this is illegal or that I have hurt anyone.

But these “hurt negative elements” from the Matrix takes it up as a challenge that … they got beat up with one guy with a laptop. So this becomes an opportunity for them … that they have “evidence” … ow goody! They got evidence! So, with this “evidence” … these are the moves that they make:

  • Everything we said was right!
  • He was having sex with everybody!
  • He is desperate for sex!!
  • Look!! He is watching Playmates online!!!
  • We were right … everybody was having sex with him!!
  • Now, since we were right … nobody should work with him!
  • Cancel his visas!
  • Cancel his residence permit!!
  • Stop his work!!

Using one thing … they try to justify all of their lies and false evidence. This is a routine cycle of bullshit. SM Groups know about me checking out the hottest models online since the past 15 years. These shitty setups are carried out in almost every new place … because the current people don’t know about it … they try to fool them using it.

They treat it as their “victory lap” … but their victory lap lasts only till I reveal this information. This is the process that is followed in the next steps.

  • Ufff … I am totally sex-starved … I will pounce on the next set of tits that will walk in front of me. Therefore … lol … women should be kept away from me for a couple of days.
  • And then they will become these great and generous beings … that will offer me a woman … since I was literally dying for sex.
  • This is the routine that this particular woman will be asked to follow. At first, she will be fully clothed … wearing even a jacket if possible. And they will see … am I making a move or not?
  • If I don’t make a move … then the jacket comes off
  • Then … I am making a move or not … not yet? Then tight jeans come into the picture
  • Then … am I making a move or not … not yet? Then the shirt goes sleeveless
  • Am I making a move or not … not yet? From tight jeans … she gets into small shorts
  • Am I making a move or not … not yet? It becomes small shorts and small tops
  • Still not making a move? At some places … the girl went into only her bra and a tiny underwear … checking if I make a move or not?

This is a very regular routine that happens. It starts off with “demonizing me” and using the online Playmates to stop my work … and then it turns into offering me women. If I ignore the first one … even after she has dressed down as less as possible … then they send another pretty one. You know because … that girl might not have been pretty enough. So the next girl that they will send … she will be a little bit more pretty than the previous one. It keeps on going in cycles and cycles … and they keep on testing this with several girls non-stop.

This is nothing new … this is going on since ten years. Right from India … to Indonesia … to Russia … to Turkey … and to Armenia. What is the connection between all of these places and all of these people? How do these people know that this is what they have to do? How does this pattern of behavior repeat in different places with different people who have absolutely no connection with each other?

The answer is Matrix. They function from a similar database of know-how and techniques. And they are running the objectives of the same malicious Establishment. And this is one of the reasons I don’t date. Only God knows who the hell that woman is … whose puppet she is … and what their objectives are? In my line … dating is complicated. And people can use women for many malicious intents.