Working through “Layers of Lies”

Layers of lies

I guess it is time for sex setups update. New location … new people … requires an update. These are the layers of lies that are generally carried out when it comes to sex setups.

Layer One – Open Lies
It starts with open lies. They will show on the camera that … “he entered that room and she entered that room … he went there … she went there” and bla bla bla … and then they will openly lie about having sex with me. Guys … girls … old … young … from cleaning ladies to receptionists and visitors … anyone will claim to have sex with me. And when this is busted … the lies move into Layer Two.

Layer Two – False Evidence
Since … I expose that it is all lies … they try to hatch up some evidence for the alleged sex activities. And the evidence is created something like this … a look alike of me is pulled in the residence … of the same height and color … and sex scenes are created using him. Some photos and also sometimes small clips of sex are created … this is used as “evidence” that I had sex with so and so.

But the issue with these false evidences is that … they can never create a “full video” that shows my face completely from all angles. This is an open challenge that I put in front of all people and places … that claim to have sex with me … create a full sex video that shows my face clearly including 10 minutes before and after the sex. They can never create this … because it never happens. It is all lies.

Layer Three – Indirect Language
When they fail in both layers … this is how they mislead and deceive new comers in the place … using “indirect language”. Lol. This is how the indirect language works … if I am about to open the door … they will place a girl near the door … and when I open the door … “ooowwww … he opened the door!” … implying it in a sexual manner.

Everything that you do in your daily routine is sexualized … yeah, I know … a bunch of freaks … but this is how it is. You open a door … you had sex … you open a window … you had sex … you drink coffee given by a girl … you had sex … you ate cake … you had sex … you gave your phone to someone … you had sex … you took a carrot … you had sex. You give anything … take anything … or do anything … everything is sexualized. And using this “wise and intelligent” language … they go around telling people that I had sex with so many people and so many times. Lol. Utterly ridiculous.

Matrix System
This is done via the “Matrix System” … it is nothing but a human network that functions from a similar database of techniques and technologies. Establishment Elements and SM Groups both of them work via the Matrix System … both of them have access to it. Sometimes a few malicious Establishment Elements try to show off … using the Matrix System and create “negative environments” around me.

They think that it is their superiority but what they don’t realize is that … they are exposing their existence via this repetitive behavior. If you see … the same types of sex setups were created in residences in Turkey … and then they were repeated in an Indian Residence in Armenia. What connection does this Indian Residence have with my residence in Turkey? How are they following the same techniques? And when I moved from an Indian Residence to an Iranian Residence in Armenia … still the same techniques are repeated. What’s the connection between Turks, Indians and Iranians in different locations?

Exactly, they have no direct connection … they don’t know each other. It shows the existence of the Matrix System … where there is repetition of the same pattern of behavior from a similar “database” of techniques and technologies … at different locations and people.

Simple Check – Eliminates all lies
The simple check to eliminate all lies about having sex with me is … “show a full video of me in sex where my face is clearly shown”. Nobody was able to produce it … because it never happened.

Plant a Spy Cam
So many people claim to have sex with me … okay fine, plant a spy cam in a few rooms where I am having sex and let us see. They don’t do this for two reasons.

  • Busts the sex activities of the culprits. If they plant spy cams in all rooms of the residence then it busts the sex activities of the people who are claiming to have sex with me … how many times and with whom they are having sex all night … everything gets exposed. They are the ones who get busted and not me.
  • Cannot prove it. They can only try to prove something that happens. If it didn’t happen then what is the point of installing spy cams in all rooms? Lol. They themselves get caught in creating those sex setups.

What’s the Establishment interest? Why do it?
I have been to so many places … but if you see … they try to target me via sex setups and by creating negative environments. Right from the security guy to the receptionist and managers … all of them try to make negative claims and comments. But do they target anyone else in the residence in the same manner? Why these repetitive negative environments targeting me? Exactly, this is what you need to understand.

The Establishment makes trillions via interest from its worldwide debt. From America’a National Debt alone … they get about $500 Billion in interest every year. If you look at the State level in America with all the loans and all of the loans across the world … the interest that the Bankers get is by the trillions. And my work is about eliminating “debt based systems”. My work eliminates trillions in revenue for the Jewish Bankers.

These teeny tiny setups for them at a few residences is no big deal for them. It helps them sustain their exploitation and debt based systems … and keeps their cash flow running.

Establishment’s two key objectives

  • Protect Exploitation Systems. They try to surround me with layers of lies and a negative environment … so that anyone who is trying to collaborate with me … he gets only negative information about me. The work never moves ahead … the collaboration never happens. It helps them to protect their debt based exploitation systems.
  • Facilitate Wars. At a second level, they try to use this negative information to cancel my visas and residence permits. They try to stop my work … so that they can initiate the wars that they want. We have stopped several war attempts under Obama and under Trump … if the Establishment had their wars … America would be having a Nuclear War with Russia right now. They would have started bombing Iran and taken the war into Russia during the Obama Administration itself.

This is what they want to achieve … protection of their debt based systems and massive largescale wars.

Democrats pissed off at me for saving Trump
Yes, Democrats might be pissed off at me for saving Trump from Mueller and the impeachment as well. But they should realize that … anything can happen under Mike Pence. Pence has no understanding of what is going on. America is at a critical stage … where we can root out these guys and take America into a new era … or … they can initiate wars and destroy America. America can fall into any route. It is in the best interests of America that we save Trump.

If Trump has to be removed then it has to be done in the right transition. A responsible enough person should take the lead who can manage this crisis and keep America safe … and then you can look at moving out Trump. Until then, saving Trump is saving America. He saves America and we save him … its simple logic.

Layers of lies around key leaders
This gimmick of “sex setups” is used with a purpose … it is designed to demonize the target and delegitimize his work … so that they can push away politicians and sponsors from working with the person. It is designed with this intention. But this is how the Establishment functions in stalling key leaders of this movement who can make major changes in the world’s systems. Take a look.

  • Obama – Surrounded by Terror. They consumed the entire Obama Presidency with terror … terror here and terror there … Obama was busy just getting rid of the terror. And at the end of 8 years of his Presidency, he got an empty legacy. Obama was wise enough to use logic and get rid of this “layer of lies” that he was surrounded by … and managed to keep America safe … but he lost in making any major changes for the people. No systems changed.
  • Trump – Demonization and Investigations. The second key leader who has great potential in making fantastic changes to world systems is Trump. Look at the layer of lies Trump is surrounded by … trucks loads of demonization and investigations. Trump is logical enough to fight off the demonization and lawsuits … he is winning against investigations but again, he is losing in making any change for the people. The country continues to stagnate and pile up trillions in debt.
  • Warren – Socialist Policies. The next person that was picked to change the world was Warren … they stacked her with Socialist policies and the poor thing failed in step one itself. She showed no logic to fight off the initial layers of malice and she lost.

Clouds of malice – layers of lies
These layers of lies are the Establishment’s clouds of malice … they function as “obstacles” in the path … that don’t let you move forward … they don’t let you accomplish your key goals and they keep you busy fighting obstacles. Trump is busy fighting off investigations … Warren is falling because she couldn’t understand it at all … we have to work through our layers of lies of sex setups to help you guys with your layers of lies.

Warren already lost … how will Biden manage these clouds of malice and layers of lies? The Establishment creates issues that cost the country by the trillions and create wars that destroy countries … it’s the President’s job to manage this. How ready is Biden to manage these clouds of malice? This is how the Presidency is decided. He should be able to show the capability to manage clouds of malice coming from all sides.

What to do with sex setups?
This page is not about Biden … it is about sex setups. So, let’s stick to that. Lol. As you might have seen … connecting with me is not an easy job. There are lots of lies involved. But then you may ask … who is right? You or the dozen people living around you? The simple check for that is … if they are honest and saying the truth … tell them to provide factual evidence … a full clear video of me in the act … and not with some look alike.

Secondly, when you try to connect me with politicians or sponsors … micro-manage each step. Our work changes the world … the Establishment doesn’t design clouds of malice against someone for no reason. They know that major changes can be carried out … and they can’t stop the changes once we begin. This is why they target key people like Obama, Trump, Warren and me. The only way forward is … use facts … for any negative information … ask for evidence. Micro-manage, use pressure points and make sure that you move forward in each step.

Don’t rely on anyone’s testimonies. Lies can be hatched up in a dozen different ways. Always go with facts and evidence. Expect deviance and expect negativity … and have a plan to manage it. I am seeing these gimmicks since the past 15 years now. I know them by heart … like the back of my hand. They function from the same database and know nothing new. But sometimes, we need to write about it … to get rid of these setups and manage the malice.


So, it seems like … someone is watching me through the kitchen window from outside. It seems that … “I am massaging women and playing around with girls in the kitchen as well”. Very interesting lies … what you should do is … tell the guys who are watching me through the kitchen window … tell them to get “better zoom-in lens” on their camera … so that they can see who actually it is that is “massaging and poking around” girls in the kitchen.

No girl is being touched by me in any way in this residence … no massaging, no poking, no playing around with girls here … it is all misinformation. It is done when I am in the kitchen … I myself watch who it is … you guys need to get better cameras to see the face of the person clearly who is playing around.