Work with Dems

Check this:

Already getting reports about Warren’s coming failures … she is headed to being a failed candidate. As of now Biden is being strongly considered. It’s a good opportunity for a relationship with Dems. It will help you create an additional security blanket for yourself with their support.

Firstly, I suggest that you lead. You have been lagging since 3 years now … when it is really easy to do. Look how the Mueller and Impeachment issues were managed … its easy when we activate ground support for you. However, if you don’t want to lead … then help the Dems. They are trying to pull sponsors and till date they have not succeeded. You are the President and you can easily pull strings to get it done.

Strike the deal with them that they will help you in cases of impeachment and jail against you … doesn’t matter who makes that move against you. This will create a double security shield for you.

  • Firstly, since you pulled the sponsorship … Dems will coordinate with you to help you with any malicious issues. You will be safe from impeachment or jail issues.
  • Secondly, SM Groups who are pissed off at you … they will calm down as you are the one who is providing critical support for the work. The argument that “Trump does nothing while America burns” … this argument will be nullified.

You get a double security shield, a fair shot at the election and it will help you handle legal issues with Dem support. These are two main things that you are looking ahead:

  • Financial issues … the next focus may move to your financial issues.
  • House and Senate … Dems may get more control of the House and Senate.

Financial issues means legal issues … more Dem control means impeachment issues … in both places Dems can help. Its possible that Dems can win … the movement is in their favor. But even if you get re-elected … still Dems will have a stronger control in the House and Senate. Work out a deal with them … it will help.