Warning came late?

I guess the warning came a little bit too late. You made a very bad move at a very bad time. I guess we will be dealing with a bigger mess ahead or we will have to find a way to manage it in a better way. For now, try not to add on to Establishment favors … this is not the time for these moves. Actually, you should have never made these moves. These moves were not required. However, it would be best to stay away from such moves. “Wars and Establishment” … these are the two things that you need to stay away from.

These are the two things why Hillary was kicked out of politics … wars and Establishment. You are doing good on wars … on one side you are doing pretty good but you are failing on the other side. And if you look at Biden … he is showing potential of winning on both sides. He is not a war candidate and since he worked with Obama for 8 years … he understands how to deal with Israel. This is making him a stronger candidate than you.

The more favors that you will do for Israel and the Establishment … the more it will backfire on you. Because they already have a candidate out there who is performing better than you in both cases. Warren is not your competition … let’s just say that … February is going to be a wake-up call for her. As of now, Biden is the key element that you are looking at. America is stuck between “wars and Establishment” … and Biden is showing the right characteristics of breaking ahead of this glitch.

He has no affinity towards wars … he knows how to manage Israel and he is not showing any kind of suck-up to the Establishment elements in America. The only thing that Biden needs to do is … pick the right VP and win. You can’t afford to show “Establishment weakness” as of now.