Trust no one, evaluate everything

This page should help Warren and Trump … both of them. “Trust no one and evaluate everything” … this is a formula that we gave to Trump in the first months of his Presidency. The Establishment crisis is as such that you cannot afford to trust anyone and you cannot do anything without a proper evaluation. These guys function via “mind games”. Its all about using mind games to mislead people. The moment you fall for their mind games … they will put you on a terrible and destructive track.

So, doesn’t matter who it is … your own party members, military generals, political advisers, White House staff … whoever it might be … your formula in doing what is right should be … trust no one and evaluate everything. That’s the only way you will win and that’s how you will move forward. This formula will help you see facts through the mind games & the mental voodoo that the Establishment creates around you.

Trump’s Situation
We told Trump right in the beginning itself … don’t delay in working with us … because the more you delay, the longer time Establishment Monopoly will exist and they will create a bigger and bigger and bigger mess around you. Now, look at his situation … today, the Establishment are a bunch of dogs under SM control … but look at the mess around his Presidency.

The truth about this mess is that … it is all mental voodoo. Trump has done nothing wrong … in fact, he is a hundred times cleaner than the previous two US Administrations. No wars, no genocides, no large scale massacres, no refugee crisis and no trillions being spents on wars. If you separate the facts and mental voodoo … then you get to see the truth.

Warren’s Situation
Warren thinks that the Establishment are a bunch of guys sitting on Wall Street. We told in the beginning of her campaign itself that … if she delays in working with us … then she might fall on the wrong track and she might start campaigning for the wrong policies. Look at her now … Medicare for All, Green New Deal, Blue New Deal and what not. These are “mind games” my dear lady … mind games. You did not evaluate the next 10 steps in the path … you just fell for the cover of these policies. All of these are disastrous policies.

On one side … they have maintained Trump surrounded by bogus chaos … and on the other side … they have stacked Warren’s campaign with disastrous policies. In both ways, the Establishment is winning. The key leaders that are supposed to lead America … both of them are occupied with some totally different nonsense for which they should not have given any time at all.

Yes, I know … both of these leaders are trying to get in touch with me … to take things forward. And here is the interesting part …

The Residence Situation around me
While a President and a Presidential candidate is trying to get in touch with me … these are the mind games being played around me. Generally, it is a two phase operation.

Phase One – Create events to create a negative environment
This is how the Establishment functions … they need people around me to be against me … for which, they need some events that can be used to turn the people in my surroundings against me. All of it is mind games … take a look.

  • Some bogus negative activity will be created using any person
  • When I point out the negative activity … action will be taken against that person
  • Since some action was taken against that person … that person will turn against me claiming that action was taken against him or her because of me.

This is a “process of radicalization” … punish one guy verbally, financially or in whatever manner … and then turn the person against me even more. Examples:

  • Sex setups by the cleaning lady
  • Rude behavior by the receptionist
  • Security guy farting around
  • Smoking in the kitchen again and again

If you point out any of these issues … action is taken against the respective person. But the “mind game” that is used here is … not to fix the problem … not to make things better … but it is to punish the person and make them more against you. Lol. This is the Establishment mind game.

Playing with the Management
They even play with the management’s heads. If it is an Indian residence … then “all Indians are getting deported from Armenia because of me … their residence permits are being rejected because of me … they are not getting visas because of me … the fly came and sat in the kitchen because of me”. This is the mind game that they ran in residences managed by Indians.

Now, since I alerted that America can eliminate the Mullah Regime in Iran … now apparently, “I am an enemy of the country of Iran. I hate Iran. I want to deploy a King in Iran.” Lol. This is the mind game that is used when the residences are controlled by an Iranian Management. I am supposedly an enemy of Iran.

But if you look at the facts … what the hell do I have to do with any Indians not getting their European visas or Armenian Residence Permits? I am an enemy of Iran? Really?

  • We were the ones who stopped the bombing of Iran under Hillary.
  • We stopped the war in Syria from expanding into Iran.
  • We encouraged Obama to sign the Nuclear Deal.
  • We encouraged Russia to protect Iran.
  • Even now, we repeatedly stop Trump from starting a war with Iran.
  • Since the past 13 years, we are repeatedly protecting Iran and stopping anyone & everyone who is moving close to a conflict with Iran … and I am an enemy of Iran, is it?

The mental voodoo and the facts are totally different. But why do they create such mental voodoo games? Look at the phase two part of the work.

Phase Two – Use these people for negative information
In phase one … people around me are radicalized and turned against me for totally stupid reasons. But this negative mindset that they create helps them in the second phase. Everyone knows that … strings are being pulled to get support for my work. Both Republican and Democrats are trying to get sponsors for our work.

What the sponsors generally do is … they send some guys to verify who I am and to collect some info on me. And when they come to my residence … what information do you think that they will get from the people around me?

  • False claims of he slept with him … he slept with her
  • He is gay … he is this and he is that
  • Indians got so much trouble because of him … so many Indians went home because of him
  • He hates Iran … he is an enemy of Iran
  • It is all nonsense stuff that has no truth to it

All of this nonsense information goes to potential sponsors. How do you think sponsors will react … when right from the cleaning lady and receptionist … to the management … everyone says something bullshit about you? It is for this purpose that “mind games” are run in the Phase One. This is how turning people around me to be negative helps the Establishment. It is an Establishment mind game.

This is the third place where the same pattern is being repeated. It is a cycle being used to stall the work. How many people will you fire … against how many people will you take action?

Separate facts and mind games
Its very easy to handle. These intermediary guys have no knowledge of what we are doing and who we are dealing with. More the minds, more can be the games … more the games, more messy they can make it. Now, what does the cleaning lady or the receptionist know about Biden or Bernie. Do they even know what is the difference between the two? Then why are inputs being taken from them? When they have no idea about the head or tail of the Establishment … then why are they even getting involved in such matters?

Use Pressure Points and not just Recommendations
I know … both Trump and Warren are making genuine efforts to get the work started. But understand what we are dealing with.

  • Not any easy donation. We are not dealing with small cash. When was the last time someone donated $1 Billion out of good will? Obviously, no donor will be willing to separate himself with such amounts easily and willingly.
  • Establishment games in between. To add to that … there are Establishment games to manage in between. They will try to turn the management of the residence against me. Some people even have tried to get me deported instead of helping me. A lot of mind games are involved around me. Don’t expect a simple recommendation to work out.
  • Use Pressure Points. We are dealing with government and countries here … having a pressure point to get things done should be easy. Don’t allow others in the process to deviate, stall or surpass your decisions. Micromanage and try to use pressure points to make sure that things happen as per your plan.
  • Postman Sponsor. That’s why I suggested Trump the concept of a Postman Sponsor. The guy comes and delivers the parcel to the right person and leaves with the right documentation. He shouldn’t come around to do his own investigation and observation.

Trump is surrounded by ridicule and impeachment … Warren is stacked with Socialist disasters … and there is a different shit show around me. Lol. These are multi-layered games … all of them are mostly designed via mind games. They will mislead you and put you on a terrible track. With their games … you have two options … either go for a disaster or save yourself.

Trump gets impeached or his saves himself … Warren loses the Presidency or ends up as a VP … I get deported or the work gets stalled. This is what happens when you fall for their mind games and misleading. If I remain focused only on helping you guys and ignore the negativity being built around me … it can get problematic for me as well. First they begin the mind games … and then mind games are used to carry out bad actions. You have to micromanage … and formulate precise moves in order to succeed at every step. That’s how you win.