Leadership in Active Democracy

Background Information

Let’s give some background information to Warren so that we can fast track her configuration. It will make it easy for her to understand how she can win and lead. It will help her understand what she is getting into and what she will face … what will help her and what will hold her back.

You are not living in a routine Democratic system … where the President is elected every 4 years and the people can do nothing about it. You are living in Active Democracy. It is an advanced form of democratic system where people lead and get involved in the leadership and the decision making in the country. It is the realization of the true meaning of the word “democracy” … rule by the people.

Why it was activated?
The existing system of “voting and praying” was obsolete. The people would cast their vote and pray for the leaders to do what is right. This system is not functional and operational anymore. We had to revolutionize the system to “empower people” … and not rely on cycles of authoritarian rule of elected Presidents in cycles of 4 years. The Establishment had rigged the system and it was exploiting it to the max. We had to activate the people against the Establishment in order to contain its malice.

The Establishment was functioning in various fields of media, intelligence, politics, legals, banking and corporations to rig this system and exploit the people. In order to combat the Establishment malice in each zone … we activated elements who would do what is right for the country and for the people. By observing Establishment malice again and again in various spheres … more and more elements were activated against them … leading to the formation of a massive network of Active Citizens of tens of millions of entities spread across the country.

The Establishment’s biggest disadvantage is their number … they are extremely outnumbered. Their malice relies on using our systems, our government, our organizations and our companies against us for their gain. We are defeating the Establishment by outnumbering them … by using facts and logic … and doing what is right. SM Networks outnumber the Establishment by ratios of 1:10,000 … to 1:1million in many cases. This is how the Establishment is getting crushed in almost every field.

Entering Active Democracy
When you are trying to become President … then this is the battle that you are entering. You are entering an ongoing battle between right and wrong … a battle between the Silent Majority and the Establishment … where tens of millions of entities are closely watching an Establishment that has thousands of outlets and trillions in reserves. SM Networks are able to squish an Establishment of such a scale. The Bankers ran away with their gold and the main banker puppet is facing criminal indictments. This is the work of SM Networks.

Just like the Establishment is closely under watch … so is the President … because politics is a major route for Establishment malice. Using the President and running malicious programs and propaganda is a major route of malice for the Establishment. The entire War on Terror where George Bush was used … it was nothing but Establishment malice via the President.

When you try to be President in the current times:

  • You are not only facing Establishment’s misleading and malice.
  • But you are also facing the constant evaluation and involvement of tens of millions of your own American citizens from the fields of media, intelligence, politics, legals and corporations.

This is the environment that you will be entering and facing.

Making Presidents
The Active Democracy movement got involved in making Presidents because:

  • George Bush was an Establishment puppet who was used as a route for Establishment malice.
  • And Obama was an Establishment independent candidate who ended the malice that Bush was used for. He was an outsider.

Guarding America involves … making the right President as well. This is the reason Trump was pulled in the White House. Because he was an Establishment independent candidate and an outsider … everyone expected him to do much better than Obama … phenomenally better actually.

Support for Presidents
The job of SM Networks is not only tracking and intervening in Presidential leadership … but they also love you and protect you. They closely work on getting you the right media coverage, campaign finance, support base, polls and votes … so that you are victorious.

And not only this … once you are President … they also become your “protective shields” from lawsuits, investigations, Establishment malice and political opposition. They constantly protect you and make sure that you and your Presidency remains unharmed.

This is done for the President … because this is what is required in the current times of turmoil … so that the President can provide the right leadership for the country.

SM Activities
You might say that … “where the hell are these “SM Networks” … I don’t see anyone of them … and I don’t see the Establishment either.” Let’s just say that is a “parallel form of understanding” that works with the real networks at the ground level. Here is where you can see their actual presence in real time activities … all of the below are activities that were carried out via SM Networks.

  • Arab Spring … which politician carried out the Arab Spring? Who was the leader behind it?
  • The Tea Party and Occupy Movements … who carried out these movements? Which politican was behind it?
  • Electing Trump despite sex scandals … eliminating Hillary from the race was very important. How does a politician get elected as “President” after a massive sex scandal?
  • Thousands of schools standing up to the NRA … who activated all of these schools? Who is behind them?
  • Mueller winded up … Trump gets impeached over a phone call but not with a massive Mueller Investigation? Who winded up Mueller to help Trump?
  • #metoo movement … millionaire and billionaires were targeted with the #metoo movement … which politician was behind this movement?
  • Tens of thousands of “influencers and activists” are appearing in the Social media from several parts of the world. How is this happening?
  • Millionaire and billionaire criminals going to jail … several of them have been sent to jail already … which politician did this?
  • Breaking Netanyahu’s government … again and again … putting criminal charges on him … which politician was behind it?

The list is very long … the above are some of the key activities of national and international importance. Ths is what SM is involved in:

  • Which billionaire should we toss in jail next?
  • Which politician should we kick out of office?
  • Who should we place in the White House next?
  • Is there any malice that we need to protect the President from or the country from?
  • Do we need to stop a war anywhere?
  • Is there any corporation or billionaire that is creating malice for the people? What is the best way we can kick their ass?

These are the daily decision making activities and programs of SM Networks. “Silent Majority” does not mean helpless people by the roadside … its an extremely influential network. They synchronize the “normal world” for the greater good.

Issues that come to our table
Since we trained the lioness to become the most powerful force on the planet … these are the issues that come to our table:

  • Trump is about to start a war in the Koreas … what should we do?
  • Trump is about to start a civil war in Venezuela … what do we do?
  • Some Groups are planning to impeach Trump via Mueller … what should we do?
  • A civil war in 4 countries is planned via the Kurds … what to do?
  • Trump is stagnating America … what to do?
  • Warren is coming up with nonsense policies … what to do?
  • A major financial crisis is planned for Trump in 2020 … what to do?

We manage these groups at the ground level “via facts and logic” and show them what to do … to maintain balance and stability in America and the world. That’s why, I tell Trump that the work moves ahead with or without you … he has no idea about these ground level activities.

America needs a revolution
What you should understand is that … America needs a revolution in various spheres. These systems that we are living in are totally obsolete … they don’t do shit for the people. We have to change everything. People are generally scared of the word “revolution” … it generally means the overthrow of the government and replacing them with new leaders. But that is not the type of revolution we are going for … we are going for a revolution in “structures and systems” based upon which the country runs. We have to make everything people centric. Today nothing works for the people … we are living in “wealth drain systems” … these are exploitation systems and we need to change our systems.

  • Activism. To facilitate the change in systems … people have already been activated. We already have tens of millions of Active Citizens who connect with more than a hundred million points all across America. The revolution has already begun in the field of activism.
  • Media. With the help of Active Citizens … we have to revolutionize how our media functions and who owns it. Trump himself is the biggest victim of the Establishment owned media. Today only 6 corporations own 90% of America’s media.
  • Manufacturing and Industries. We have to change the ownership and distribution of manufacturing and industries in America. Only a handful of companies own the majority of the manufacturing … which is located in China.
  • Businesses and Corporations … we need a revolution here as well. Can’t go in details of all spheres.
  • Infrastructure and Housing … same here as well.
  • Education and religion ... same here as well.

Every aspect of American life is exploited … we are abused, silenced, go unheard and we are drained of all resources … of wealth, jobs, technology and industries … in every way we are being abused. It is a must to change these systems. If we change this … it will revolutionize everything for the people … America will enter a new era … America will rise to phenomenal levels.

Choosing the right Presidents
This is the main reason … we are choosing the right President to lead the country. We are not giving the Presidency to a hotel owner … who thinks that he won a trillion dollar lottery … and he goes about blowing up trillions and starts filling his bags with cash … and does nothing for the people. We are not giving the Presidency to a school teacher … who is obsessed with Socialism and climate change … and lives in a world where it is raining by the trillions. This is not the purpose of giving you guys the Presidency.

This was the simple basic plan … of 3 major forces joining together to take America into a new era.

  • Active Democracy. We design the framework for all systems in all spheres.
  • American President. We coordinate with the American President to create laws and implement new systems.
  • SM Networks. And SM Networks work at the ground level to put everything together and give you the victories.

This is the simple idea here. But instead of this happening … what is going on since the past 3 years?

What is Trump doing?
His blacklisted activities are of … blowing up trillions, minting money at every place possible, not addressing the debt crisis and protecting & taking no action against the criminal Establishment that is draining America’s wealth. SM Groups complain that we did not put him in the White House for this. We did not give him billions worth media coverage, campaign finance, votes and victory for him to do this. Many many groups are upset with him. Trump is not on a good track … don’t want to go in those details now.

What are you doing?
You are living in another world … where it rains in trillions and everything works on electricity. The majority of the groups are upset with Trump because he is not able to stop a $1 Trillion debt crisis and you are coming up with $100 Trillion of new spending. This is why SM Groups call you a “know nothing nonsense candidate”.

Given the scale of activism in the country and Establishment malice … you will get decimated with such policies. This is not an Obama Era. Obama did everything right during his time … you are in a different time now … you have to play your moves as per the forces at the ground level.

Following commonsense is not rocket science
You have all nonsense policies and you are shedding tears that you don’t have my endorsement. Snap out of it. First understand what is going on … and learn what you have to do … then everyone will be glad to put everything together to make you President. First run the right policies that are needed today … then everything will be put into place for your win. The support, the campaign finance, the votes, the victory … everything will fall into place.

I am telling you this because … based upon your current policies … you will never be President. You will blindly run in the “normal world” expecting a victory but you will never even move close to it. The President is just “one point” in the Matrix that we manage. The normal world is put into place based upon how the facts and logic apply to your policies.

We don’t tell you this in advance because nothing is guaranteed in the real world. The real world depends upon many many factors … there are victories and failures … no one is God here.  The only thing that we care about is … will the person make the moves in the right direction or not? Will he try again or not despite failure? Because we constantly work on identifying obstacles and decimating them in every cycle. This way we keep on moving forward.

Obama is a typical example … Obama did not get his victories in one shot. But he always followed the right track … he always made the moves in the right direction. And today he is a fantastic winner. Every single issue of his era are solved today.

The policies that you have chosen … it is not a step forward … it is total nonsense. You need to leave the majority of your policies aside and work on a transition path … then everything can be configured for you. Following commonsense is not rocket science … all we need you to do is … do what is right for the people … and you will be loved, protected and adored.