Interesting Misconceptions and Surprises

Trump and Warren might be thinking that … “hey, we didn’t know that there is an ongoing Active Democratic movement in America … where tens of millions of entities are involved. We thought you were just a blogger with some connections.” Yeah, don’t worry about it … its okay. This path is new for me also … there have been many misconceptions and surprises during the journey … thankfully, most of them have been positive. Here are some of them.

Wild Animals and America
Even before I came to America in 2006 … I got a dream … where I am seeing huge wild animals in a park. The wild animals were massive in size … 5-10 times their normal size. They are not hurting or killing the people … but they are just calmly walking around. And the people are standing still … scared and filled with fear … and if some of them move … then they move very very slowly. I am standing on the top of a hill and watching these animals and the people.

I had no idea what this dream meant. I just knew that the animals were the bad guys and these people needed help. I forget about the dream and come to America … I am walking on the streets of New York wondering … what the hell is this? This is America? There are so many exploitation systems here. Why don’t the people do something about it? Why are they putting up with this?

After several months … I connect the dots and realize that this is what the dream was about. The dream was about America and the exploitation systems in America.

Me and SM Groups
SM Groups were closely tracking me since 2004. They continued their activities when I came to New York as well. Their network is spread across most modern cities of the world in varying scales. SM Groups loved me and they wanted me to join their Network. I liked them but I did not want to be their puppet in their Network. That was the conflict that we had.

In order to make me join their Network … they used to show off on their power and connections … and all of the stuff that they could do. While these guys were showing off their skills … I was wactching the exploitation systems in America. So, I thought … why not make good use of their skills and connections? Let’s make them work on these issues. So, I started showing them where the issues lie … how different spheres of media, politics, events, corporations and intelligence were being used to facilitate these abusive systems.

They were kind of surprised and didn’t expect this from me. However, they got very involved with everything that I said … they quickly raised me from the local level to the State level and to the National level in America. They publicized my writings more and more across SM Networks. Because the concept that I gave them was … “more the awareness … easier to solve the problem … as more hands would get involved in solving the problem”.

Obama and Blogger
I was probably introduced to Obama as a blogger who is popular. He had no idea that we had already networked with a massive network of tens of millions of entities all across the Nation. And since the President was needed to handle the issues being discussed … the connection was made to Obama.

Hillary and One Guy with a Computer
I would support Obama but I would also condemn Hillary, as she was as an open Establishment puppet. I had no idea what SM Groups were doing to Hillary at that time … but she would say … “I will not be afraid of one guy with a computer! I am following you!” And I was like … “I am not scaring you … you don’t have to be afraid of me.” But I didn’t know what was going on with Hillary that made her say that.

Worker Unions, Tea Party and Arab Spring
SM Groups quickly started working at the ground level on the concepts that I was talking about of “People Power”. A section of the groups thought that … “the guy is from India … he is talking about democracy … so let’s check how democracy functions in India and replicate that in America”. In India we have worker unions … they thought “worker unions” will sove America’s problems. Lol … so they created worker unions in America. Lol.

This is the SM Network doing its own experimentations. Lol. Worker unions didn’t change anything … then they created the Tea Party movement … it didn’t change anything. There was another section among them who said … “let’s test this concept of People Power … people rising for change”. They tested it out in other countries … and they got an entire Arab Spring movement based on People Power. Not only they kicked out politicians but they also overthrew the complete government. And they were like … “holy shit! This stuff works!!”

The Occupy Movement – Lead America
SM Networks themselves tried everything that they knew … it didn’t work. But the concepts that I was giving … they were bringing about phenomenal change. So now, they come and tell me … “okay fine, we will follow you … what do you need us to do?” I told them … “I need people to rise … if people can rise in America then change will come in America”. They said … “hell yes, we will rise for you.”

And they raised an entire Occupy Movement across America in dozens and dozens of cities … putting millions of people on the streets … in not just one protest but they were literally camping on the streets. And then they say … “we are ready … come and lead America”.

I was shocked, moved and humbled at this massive gesture. I simply loved the American spirit to fight for what is right. What I learnt from the Occupy movement was that … these people wanted change and they will fight for change. And I also learned that … this massive network of tens of millions of entities … does not know what to do … I have to lead them and train them.

So I told them … “this is a great thing that you have done … but this is not the way it will happen. Leading the country is going to be a “way of life” … camping on the streets is not the way. It will be winter soon … send them home. I will show you what to do.” They winded up the Occupy Movement and started kicking Establishment ass at key places in politics, media, intelligence, legals and corporations as our work moved forward.

Putin and CIA
While this work was going on … I happened to go to Russia. I am sitting in Moscow and telling SM Networks what to do. And Putin is thinking that I am CIA. Lol. Because the US Government is cooperating with me and I am apparently working under cover as a blogger. Lol. I am like … “no, no, no … I am not CIA … I don’t work for the US government … I am an independent entity”. Lol.

Trump and Obama Guy
Active Democracy was already in motion and tens of millions of Active Citizens chose Trump to be the next President. And Trump thought that I was an “Obama guy” … since I was backed by Obama. I am telling him … “no, I am not an Obama guy … we are not affiliated to any political party”. He didn’t believe me then … but now I guess, he believes me … because Warren is plunging in polls because of her nonsense policies and we are giving him support against impeachment.

Warren, the school teacher
Warren came to know that … when I write against her, she plunges in polls. She goes running to Obama, the Principal … complaining to Obama … “hey, that guy is writing against me … I am going down in polls. I want to work on Medicare for All, the Green New Deal and LGBTQ … he is not supporting me! Please stop him!”

She has no idea that … I am not one person … it is an entire Nation at work … there are tens of millions of entities that use facts and logic to decide what to do. And she is failing in logic at every place. She was trying to be a school teacher who would silence one kid … but she didn’t know that she was living in an advanced form of democratic system. You don’t sink in polls because “I wrote something” … but you sink in polls because the logic doesn’t fall into place for your policies. That’s the point that you are missing.

You can’t be a school teacher who will start teaching from the book and if anyone disagrees … then you start disciplining them … and then you will go around complaining here and there. This is not your school … this country doesn’t belong only to you … it belongs to 330 million Americans. Open your ears and “listen” to your people … follow facts and logic. Don't remain stuck on the lecture that you want to teach.

Active Democracy and Third World Authoritarian Rule
In third world authoritarian rule … politicians are elected and the people cannot do anything other than vote again after 4 or 5 years. We have to put up with all of the bullshit and nonsense that we elected for the full term. But Active Democracy doesn’t function like that … your own people from the media, politics, intelligence, legals and corporations get involved … in stopping what is wrong and support what is right.

Warren should keep in mind that … the Nation does not work for you … you work for the Nation. The people pay for your Presidential salary, for the White House, your security, your campaign finance, your media coverage and people give you the votes and power. You literally have everything being provided by the people as President … and your job is to listen and work for the people. And not the other way around … people don’t have to put up with bullshit … people don’t have to live in fear and insecurity … people don’t have to live in nonsense policies. This is “real time” democracy where people get involved.

Pro-Warren Groups supporting Impeachment
We were alerted about the impeachment issue by Pro-Trump Groups … and we were also told that Pro-Warren groups supported the impeachment. And this was a major concern … there was a quarrel between Pro-Trump and Pro-Warren groups about Trump’s impeachment.

Pro-Warren groups were supporting Trump’s impeachment … based on the concern that … Trump is stuck … he is not addressing the crisis that the country faces … we have to spend another 5 years like this if we don’t change the President and Warren wants to fight against the Establishment … she shows courage and she can bring change.

But Pro-Trump groups strongly support Trump based upon his accomplishments till date and they see Warren as a “know-nothing nonsense candidate” who should not be allowed anywhere near the White House.

Discussing Warren during Trump’s impeachment
Pro-Trump groups urged us to intervene in this quarrel since we have good influence in the Networks. Yes, this is the reason why we were discussing the issues with Warren’s policies during Trump’s impeachment. Removal of Trump was being seen a way to pave the way for Warren. The best way to resolve this issue was by using “facts and logic”.

We should not see only the good side or the bad side of a person … we should consider both sides to get the full picture.

Trump is America’s Savior
Many groups are concerned that Trump is stuck … there is no progress in key issues and that this stagnation will continue for another 5 years. But you should also see the other side of Trump. Trump is already America’s savior. Firstly, he saved America from Hillary’s nonstop warmongering and then … despite massive media criticism … he maintained good relations with Russia in order to stop all wars, wipe out terrorism and stepped back from many war traps. It is this peace that is bringing about great job and economic growth in America.

You don’t impeach America’s savior … that too via a malicious and hollow impeachment scandal where Trump did nothing wrong. Warren comes off as nice on the frontend … but she has a school teacher mindset of following the book and preaching the book. During the same year of 2019 … we wrote a dozen articles showing the issues in her policies and she didn’t give a shit. She didn’t bother to change at all … instead she went to Obama complaining about us. On the other hand, we wrote a dozen articles to guide Trump on many issues … he followed us on every single issue. Warren carries an “I don’t give a shit attitude” … while Trump is extremely humble and logical in his decision making.

Warren will get crushed in the current Active Democratic system that we have … where everyone rises on any issue. She can’t handle one guy’s criticism … what will she do when tens of millions of entities will rise against her? The teacher will quit school … but quitting is not good enough. We need leaders who will fight with facts and logic for the people … not bookish school teachers.

The best candidate follows facts and logic
The best candidate that can lead America today … in its current form … is the candidate that can follow “facts and logic”. Its not about your opinion … not about what your Party says … not about what your advisers say … but it is about what is logically right for the people and the country. And if you look at one full year … of how Warren has conducted herself and how Trump has conducted himself … Trump proves himself to be a far better candidate, with a lot of humility and commonsense.

America doesn’t want nice … America wants logic
Another issue with Warren is that … she thinks that being nice will get her votes. All of her campaign, policies and speeches are about showing “how nice she is”. She is throwing $30 Trillion for Medicare for All … $100 Trillion for Climate Change … millions of housing units … showing the spending of hundreds of trillions of money that doesn’t exist at all … just to show herself as nice and to get votes. This is why Pro-Trump Groups call her a “know-nothing nonsense candidate”.

America doesn’t want nice … America wants logic. You have to think with commonsense … use facts and logic to do what is right. Showing ridiculous levels of spending … thinking that it will get you votes … will only backfire.

On the other hand … if you look at the way Trump functions … he is not opinionated … he keeps an open mind … pulls in the best experts in the field … tries to do what is right for the people … goes for victories where he can succeed. This is why we don’t have massive blunders under Trump. He follow facts and logic … and this is how he has been functioning throughout his life. This is nothing new for him. This is how he functions routinely … which makes him perfect to lead America today.

Saving Trump is the right thing to do
It is utterly ridiculous that we impeach such a candidate via a bogus impeachment scandal. Trump saved America … and we save Trump when he is in trouble. Trump did what is right for America again and again … we fight for Trump when he needs help. That’s how it works. And to allow impeachment of such a candidate when the other person has total nonsense under her hood … it is just a baffling and ridiculous decision.

Candidates should prove themselves for 2020
There is no question about saving Trump from impeachment … we should have no doubt about that. But when it comes to 2020 … let the candidates prove themselves. We are not making any decision for 2020 right now. Let Trump move forward from his pitfalls … let him move forward from where he is stuck. If the major complaint is that … Trump is stuck … then he still has one more year. Why should we take away the opportunity for him to move forward by impeaching him? Keep the options open for him … to allow him to move forward.

At the same time … Warren should understand what is going on … what the concerns are about her policies … what she is dealing with … she needs to learn, change and then paths for victory can be designed for her. But it will not be via impeaching Trump. You need to prove yourself that you can do better than Trump if you want the White House. This would be the right and more justified path for you … if you want to lead the country. Prove yourself better. Right now … most of the stuff that you are running … it is plain nonsense. You have a lot of catching up to do … and don’t worry … if you miss the nomination to Biden … then you can be his VP. You still have time at hand till the main elections. Anything can happen.