Falling In Place

Yeah … there was a time … when I would be surrounded by hate and I had to tell you guys … “can you please stop looking at me with such hate? I can feel your hate on me.” And today … I can feel your kisses on my cheeks. Lol.

Yeah … you would sit there tracking my work, tracking everything single thing that I do, tracking what I write and watching me all the time. And we had some disagreements … owing to which some of your members would hate me … and that hate would be so much that … I could literally feel the hate all around me. And I had to say … “Can you please stop looking at me with such hate? I can feel your hate on me.” That was about 6-7 years ago … but now things have changed … and today … I feel your kisses on my cheeks. Yeah … I like you too.

This reminds me of the lioness dream. I was shown that … I was working on my laptop … sitting in a big balcony … I could see what is going on in the world from my place … and I would be working on my laptop on world issues. And about 10 feet away … there was a lioness sitting in front of me … protecting me and working on the things that I would say.

I had mentioned that … you ladies were this lioness. I used to wonder … why you were shown as a lioness that was my pet … and not as a guardian angel standing behind me … since you were the ones protecting me. Then I realized that … you don’t know what is going on or what to do. I had to train you … like someone trains his pet.

But the thing was that … I did not like you guys. That was a time when, I was trying to get rid of you from my life … I did not want your involvement at all. And the Big Guy is showing me in a dream that … you will work with me on the projects that I love … and I would train you on what to do and what not to do … just like a pet is trained. And since the love between the pet is mutual … the person loves his pet and the pet also loves its owner … I was shown that I would also begin to like you.

I had just laughed at this realization that … the Big Guy is telling me that … I will begin to like you. But if you look at the stuff that we have done in the past 6-7 years:

  • All wars have stopped
  • The War on Terror has been vaporized
  • There is no more Radical Islam
  • We have peace and stability in the world
  • There is an ongoing revolution of Active Democracy in America
  • We are rooting out Establishment puppets from all walks of life in America
  • To the extent that we have broken Netanyahu’s government 3 times already and he has criminal indictments against him

And I am simply loving every bit and byte of it. When I get these accomplishments, I am saying “I love you … I love you” … I did not even realize that it is the same network that I despised a few years ago. And the Big Guy had said … “they will protect you and work with you on the stuff that you love and you will love them”. And it fell into place. I was told … just move forward … work on it and … it will fall into place. And today, I see it falling into place.

Its good … its great … you have become the most powerful force on the planet. The Bankers ran away with their gold … and the main Banker puppet has criminal charges against him. You have become the lioness that was shown in the dream. You have learnt how to work on several spheres of life of politics, legals, intelligence, media and corporations … and you have learnt how to use these layers to fight the battle. Very nice … very good.

The Lion King Dream
You remember another dream that I told you about … where I walked up the stairs of an empty house … with wild animals tied against the walls on the stairs … I walk up a few flights of the stairs and then I enter a huge stage like environment. And then comes a beautiful radiant and glowing Lion from the other side … the most beautiful Lion that I have seen in my life … the Lion walks up to me … for some reason I am not afraid of the lion coming close to me and it opens its mouth … I am standing there thinking … is the Lion going to roar now? But it roars out the word “Daar-ul-uloom!”

In this dream … I used to wonder … why was a male Lion shown? Why not the Lioness? Where did the Lioness go? It was the Lioness that is working with me, protecting me and getting all of these accomplishments? Why is the male Lion shining in all of this beauty and radiance?

I figured this out recently. The Lioness was all about motherhood, protecting children and doing what is best for our children and the world. But the roaring Lion was about “making King”. Our work doesn’t just chain wild animals to the wall … it doesn’t only stop Establishment malice around the world … but we also make beautiful and fantastic Kings.

The Lion is the King of the Jungle. A beautiful radiant and glowing Lion comes to me and says … Daar-ul-uloom … its an Arabic word, meaning … “door of knowledge”. I thought Daar-ul-uloom was an instruction for me to do something related to knowledge … knowledge that will help terminate exploitation systems and that will help do great things for people. But it was not an instruction … it was my “introduction”.

If you walk onto the stage … then the person introduces you with your name. I walk onto the stage … and this glowing Lion introduces me with the name … Daar-ul-uloom. I was called the “door of knowledge” … that locks down Establishment’s malice and exploitation systems … and also creates glowing, radiant and fantastic Kings.

Obama – the first Lion King
I did not tell you guys this before … because it had too much self-bragging in it. I wanted to see if it first falls into place. And if you see … Obama was the one who closely followed everything that we said. He ended up accomplishing all of the major tasks that he got as President. He ended the politics of fear and hate, he brought the War on Terror and terrorism to an end … he brought great job and economic growth. He did all of this while following our instructions … while locking up the wild animals that the Establishment has unleashed in the world. We addressed many Establishment’s malicious systems and gimmicks around the world under Obama.

And today, Obama is shining in the world … being showered with love, respect and adoration wherever he goes. The Obamas are literally the most admired couple in the world. So, did it fall into place? Yes, indeed … it fell into place. Lol. Obama always worked with us and always protected us … and today he is a shining King.

I did not even have this dream in mind … and I am sending messages to Obama, to Putin … to Trump and Warren … that I will make them “fantastic leaders of a modern era” … I am promising them glory and respect and revolutionary change. I am writing page after page … telling them what to do and what not to do. I am not even realizing that … it this dream that is falling into place … that I make beautiful Kings that are loved and respected by their people.

Look at Putin on the other side … he also followed us on so many things. Today, he is also loved, adored and respected in Russia. Today, Russia is getting phenomenal world leadership that it never got before in history. Before Russia was being isolated, cornered and sanctioned from the rest of the world. But when they started following on what we were saying … today, Russia has become a phenomenal world leader with booming trade and economy.

The roaring Lion that was shown … it was not with respect to any country … there was no indication of any defined country. Our work applies to any country. A roaring Lioness was not shown … because our work is not about making the Queen of the country. We are not matchmakers for the King. We make phenomenal leaders that do great things for their people. This explains the beautiful radiant glowing Lion.

Malice controlled, great things to be launched
Thanks to you beautiful ladies … my lovely lioness … we have come a long way ahead. We are successfully controlling all malice … stopping all disasters and also knocking out Establishment puppets from many key places. Till date, this much has already fallen into place. Now, we have to move forward with the launch of great things for the people. The launch of a new era for the people is still pending.

I know … all of you are very eager to see who will be the next Lion King of America … the beautiful radiant and glowing Lion King … Trump or Warren? Well, the options are open for both of them still. Both of them have a path to greatness and glory. Let’s see how it falls into place.

Merry Christmas!