Get it dismissed

You have the momentum in your favor. Use this momentum to get the Articles of Impeachment dismissed. Pelosi should not be given any authority to control what you do in the Senate. She should not be allowed to force a trial in the Senate. The dismissal option is better because:

  • Firstly, it will help you use the current Republican support and momentum for a successful dismissal.
  • Secondly, it shows that this entire impeachment was a scam. It was such a scam that the Senate didn’t even bother to go for a trial. This will create a winning edge for you.
  • Thirdly, just in case there are any backstabbers in the Senate on the Republican side then you will get to see them in this dismissal option itself.
  • Fourth … it saves you from another embarrassing trial and impeachment process that will take several weeks.
  • Finally … it also saves you from a worst case scenario where the Senate Republicans might split and create a total impeachment for you.

The dismissal option should be highly preferred. This is your safest route out of the vote. The vote should not take place in the Senate for impeachment. The vote should be only to dismiss the impeachment itself. You never know how things might turn in the coming weeks … if Senate Republicans turn against you for any reason whatsoever … then the Presidency will be over. You should not allow any further nonsense in the Senate.

We told you to stall and stretch this impeachment … so that:

  • You could work with us and route out this impeachment for good
  • You could work on several other tactics that would give you a winning edge over the Democrats
  • It would save you from all of the media embarrassment
  • All of it would backfire on the Dems
  • You would come out winning from every angle … with increasing support and authority

No idea, why you have delayed on that. But however … now … it is advisable not to go for a trial in the Senate. Get the damn thing dismissed.

Once you successfully end the entire impeachment scam … then sue the shit out of Adam Schiff. This impeachment was strictly a “political process”. It was not a legal process. As an American Citizen and as an American President … the law is there is protect you and guard you from all malice. Adam Schiff has made many many legal blunders in his craze to impeach Trump.

They overestimated themselves thinking that we would not figure out the Establishment malice in this and that Trump would be successfully impeached. But you are not going to be impeached … your Dad will remain President in 2020 and you will kick Adam Schiff’s ass. There are a dozen charges that you can file against him. Democrats cannot come to his rescue because this is a legal process and you have evidence of his criminal and malicious activities. Your Dad will be remembered as the US President who did great things … and Adam Schiff will go down as a criminal.

Be cool … be strong … with are with you on this. You will win … God willing.


Important point: Do not use any legal process or lawsuit to stop the impeachment. It can backfire. First, fully clear yourself from the impeachment … win it completely … secure yourself fully … and then sue the shit out of Adam Schiff. Malicious assholes like him need to know that … if they pull scams like this against the US President then they will have hell a lot to pay. Hammering Schiff in the courts will put second thoughts in the mind of the next guy who wants to impeach Trump again on bogus charges.