Trump and Warren the top candidates for 2020

There is no time to train Warren from scratch. She is entering an ongoing battle with voting that will begin in two months. It will take 3,000 pages for her to understand Establishment structures & systems … what SM Networks are … how Est. malice operates in each field … what to do about it … where you can succeed and where you have to work on. It is a very very lengthy topic.

The best we can do right now is … work on main objectives and structure a path for her win. All she needs to decide is … whether she is open to transition from her current policies and ready to fight Establishment malice or not. That’s it. If she can transition and prepare for a fight … then she can win. We can create paths for her victory.

Rest everything she can learn with on the job training, while we work on it. She actually had to prepare for everything since one year ago itself. She would have been totally ready by now … she would be the key frontrunner and she could get a crushing victory. As of now … she doesn’t have to focus only on the nomination … she has two paths:

  • With nomination and
  • By being Biden’s VP

Via both paths … she has a fight till November of next year. That’s a lot of time to change the entire game.

Yes, we can change the game in anyone’s favor. It’s a very easy track via Trump … and it is a lengthy route via Warren. The key here is “fighting Establishment malice” … changing systems … doing phenomenal things for the people. If any of these candidates are ready for phenomenal reforms in America then the White House is for them.

The good news for Warren is that … doesn’t matter about the issues in her policies … making mistakes is not a problem, they can be rectified … the good news is that … who is going to lead in 2020 is not yet decided. This option is totally open. And the key candidates being considered for leadership in 2020 are … Trump and Warren.

Warren is lagging in polls only because of her Socialist policies. Trump is lagging in polls against every key Democrat because he is stuck in the game and many SM Groups are looking for alternate leaders for the country. But despite this, Trump or Warren are the key candidates that will take America forward.

So, doesn’t matter if she is making a $100 Trillion mistake as of now … she needs to just transition out of it. Its not like she created any damage already. She did not launch any of the policies yet. Its easy to fix. All she needs to do is … remain open minded and be flexible to change … transition to phenomenal policies and win. (And please tell her not to hatch up another “phenomenal policy” on her own … she will hatch another multi-trillion dollar disaster.) Just tell her to understand and learn … and she will automatically understand what has to be done.