Keep options open for both

Let’s help Trump in the Senate option. As per the deal … I have not given him the solution yet. The solution would give him an overwhelming victory that would take him to re-election. He does not know how to dismantle the current track … and thus he will not be able to dismantle this track. He will land in the Senate option. He has to win in the Senate option.

Giving him a simple victory in the Senate won’t matter much. Given all of the changes he has made … given all the places where he has followed us … we owe it to him. He did what is right for America and the world again and again … he is in trouble … let’s help him.

It’s a good idea to distribute the lead between Biden, Buttigieg and Bernie … so that Biden doesn’t hog all of the spotlight. If Biden hogs all of the spotlight in all States then it will be difficult to remove him to favor Warren.

As far as 2020 is concerned … keep options open for both … Trump and Warren. Don’t eliminate Trump via impeachment … and don’t eliminate Warren from the race. Let both of them fight ahead … give support to both of them to remain in the fight.

As to who will be given the victory in 2020 … let’s see which hand synchronizes best. Trump is already working on more than a dozen places based on our advice. So, technically Trump has the lead over Warren in the synchronization process. Keep options open for both.