Help Warren?

Yes, yes … I know … Warren’s campaign may go down hereon. Well, it’s her fault … we have nothing to do with it.

  • She made all of the wrong choices
  • She chose all wrong policies
  • She is continuously campaigning for Socialist disasters
  • Despite pointing out the issues in her policies, she is still stuck with them
  • She has not learnt anything and not changed anything at all
  • She has no idea of what is going on or what has to be done

Obviously, her campaign may go down. Nobody wants Socialist disasters in America. Being President is all about the “right policies” that will help America and American citizens. The man / woman with the right policies will win. On one hand, she says that … she wants to fight the corporations and the 1% … but on the other hand, her Socialist policies will destroy America. She is doing this all on her own. We have nothing to do with it.

We did not tell her to go for the Green New Deal or Medicare for All … in fact, we repeatedly told her that … these are major disasters that you must stay away from. If she doesn’t listen, then how can we help her? She is destroying her campaign all on her own.

Seeing that she is not learning or changing anything … seeing that she remains stuck on disasters … many SM Groups are working on distributing her lead, publicity, polling and support base among Biden, Bernie, Buttigieg and Bloomberg. Forget about being President, they don’t want her to get the nomination itself.

They are saying … “maybe she needs more time to learn in order to change. If she comes up with the right policies in 2024 … then we will consider her. But if she still remains stuck on disasters and does not use simple commonsense & logic … then she can forget about being President even in 2024. She can just remain as Senator who keeps lecturing people … without destroying America in any way.”

This is her current status among many many SM Groups. We chose her … we showed her courage … we strongly supported her as “excellent Presidential material” … we gave her a huge lead with a lot of support. Now all of that is going waste … she is ruining her chances … all on her own.

I know Pro-Warren groups are requesting again and again to help Warren. I will give her a few tips … but don’t blame me if she doesn’t learn and doesn’t change. Its been almost one year since she launched her campaign … but even in one year … she doesn’t understand Trump’s lead and how disastrous her policies are. If she cannot use simple commonsense and logic … then no one will approve putting the entire Executive Branch of the United States in her hands. Use of logic and reason is incredibly important … being flexible is incredibly important. What are we going to do with her “courage” when she doesn’t show even commonsense?

She has a lot to learn and a lot to change. She doesn’t have much time … that is … if she wants to win in 2020.