Bloomberg will help Trump

See … I am sticking to the deal. I have not given Trump the solution to dismantle this impeachment scam. I am using “other information” to build support for him and to protect him in the Senate Option. I am still within the working guidelines that we have agreed upon.

Warren’s Campaign has a lot of issues. She doesn’t even realize how disastrous her campaign is. Many groups are saying that she should not be allowed anywhere near the White House based on her current policies. In fact, Bloomberg has support from both … Establishment elements and Pro-Trump SM Groups. Bloomberg’s run is designed to pull down the mileage that Warren has got till date. SM Groups want to distribute her mileage among:

  • Biden
  • Bernie
  • Pete Buttigieg
  • And now also Bloomberg

So that the complete spotlight is not on her. Her intentions are good … her idea of standing up the corporations is good … but her policies are disastrous. We told her this more than 6 months ago. If she is not going to learn and change then obviously SM Groups will distribute her lead among other candidates. This is being done mainly because SM Groups do not want her to be the nominee and lose to Trump.

If she loses to Trump in 2020 then it will be very difficult to give her the nomination again in 2024. We already told her this a long time ago. Strategies are already being put into place so that she does not get the nomination this time.

Warren should realize the nature of her policies and she should get practical. She should show the use of commonsense, logic and reason. These strategies are “open-ended” … anything can happen in the next few months. Things can move in your favor or Trump’s favor … but it is very unlikely that a third candidate will win.

America is in a very critical phase … where a lot of balancing is required to manage each candidate and their policies. Till date, Warren has not realized Trump’s lead in the game … nor has she realized how disastrous her policies are. These are her biggest disadvantages as of now. And this what is making Trump the best candidate to lead America. Warren’s disastrous policies are making Trump the best candidate to lead America.

Trump has no disasters under his hood … no disasters in terms of war or economy. He already has made major changes … he has kept America First … fought against China, Europe and the world to keep America First. He is actively draining the swamp. He has followed us in several policies … he is making enormous progress and getting success in all of those policies. All of this makes Trump, a candidate 10 times better than Warren. At almost every place Trump is using commonsense where Warren is failing.

Obviously, the movement will be in favor of that candidate who will use commonsense and do what is right … instead of the candidate that will stick to disasters and will remain bent on carrying out disasters.

The tip for Trump in this is … not only you can win the impeachment but you can also win your re-election.