Screening is stalling

Okay … this is what you need to understand … screening is stalling when it comes to donations. This is not a routine sponsorship or donation … where the sponsor:

  • Sends his guys to check what is going on
  • To see who I am and what I do
  • Track my activities
  • Track my phone and computer
  • Check my contacts and daily activities

And then analyze if he should make a donation or not. It doesn’t work that way. Forget about the intermediaries sent by the donor … the donor himself will not understand what we are doing. If they don’t understand what we doing then nothing moves forward. This project is as such that … the donor doesn’t need to understand anything. He simply functions like a postman.

The Donor and the Postman
Yes, the donor simply functions like a postman. Just like a postman will come to the right location and deliver the letter or parcel to the right person … and walks away … the donor is supposed to function exactly like that. The donor’s job is only to deliver the funds and be the channel through which the funds were delivered … and nothing more.

The more the screening … the more the checking … the more the intermediary involvement … the more will be the stalling and deviation chances. There should be absolutely no need for any intermediary involvement. All that the donor needs to do is … walk in … make the transfer, sign the papers … and walk out.

Now, let us assume if the postman has to deliver a letter to someone … what if he says:

  • “Let me first check out who this person is
  • What he does … who he meets
  • What is he doing on his laptop and phone?
  • Where does he go … who does he meet?

And then if I like everything … it is only then that I will deliver the letter … otherwise not.” If the postman functions like that … will it be acceptable? The postman’s job is to simply deliver the parcel to the right person …

  • With no questions asked
  • With no screening of his own
  • Using no judgment or discretion of his own
  • He is simply supposed to follow instructions

This is exactly how the donor should function. As long as they are trying to put …

  • Checkpoints
  • Screening
  • Analyzing
  • Tracking
  • And intermediaries

All of it will be a waste of time … it will mostly lead to deviation and stalling. It will only help frauds and misers who have no intention of making any donation.

Government Sponsorships
Which is why, I strongly recommend … government sponsorships. Over here, the individual donor doesn’t own the money … it is not his investment … he is simply a courier agent that is delivering what he is told to deliver. Here, he doesn’t use his judgment, discretion, screening, analyzing, tracking or intermediaries.

The deal making with the respective government should be done at the political level itself. When it comes to us … they simply reach out to us … to do the documentation and nothing more. This is how it will move forward.

If you keep relying on “intermediaries” to provide the right feedback and then only the investment will be made … in this combination … there will be thousands of investors with thousands of intermediary involvement … it will be a never ending cycle of recommendations and failures.

  • Do not give any judgment authority to the donors
  • Do not allow them to run any screening or analyzing process
  • They are simply supposed to follow instructions and do what they are told to do

Structural Change
This is a simple contact and a simple transfer that should have happened 3 years ago. You keep failing because you keep on relying on other people and their procedures. Don’t allow others to run their processes and procedures. They should follow our instructions and our ways of doing things. Its then that it will work out.

We are supposed to provide big structural change that will revolutionize the country … but we are not able to follow through a simple process of making a proper contact. The way to win is … do not rely on other’s procedures and processes … it will simply lead to your failure. Its our work and we follow our way. Take full control of the process and decision making. Don’t allow any intermediaries at any level to stall or decide on your behalf. We decide what has to be done and we implement it in our way.