Trump’s egomania is turning out to be good for America

We have been getting complaints about Trump’s egomania … that he is so self-obsessed that … not only he cannot tolerate any negative information about him … but he also expects others to behave in the same way. The complaint is that … even if we write anything against Obama or Putin … someone from the Trump Team will call Obama and Putin and tell them “hey, look! Look! He wrote such and such thing about you!” Lol. And he expects Obama to turn against us … just because we made a logical argument against Obama’s policy or moves.

Understand the roots
The first thing that you should do is … understand where this is coming from. Why doesn’t Trump tolerate anything against him? He is a born hotel owner with a multi-million dollar business. He is the boss in his business. You speak against him … you get fired. The same thing gets automatically carried into politics. Rex Tillerson called Trump “a f**king moron” and he got fired. Then John Kelly called him the same thing … then even he got fired. You should not expect to work under Trump after having used expletives against him.

Blowhorn Justification
People also say that Trump loves those who blow his horn. But the justification for this is that … Trump also excessively compliments that people that he hires and works with. He himself showers a lot of praises for his colleagues. If he wants the same treatment for him then what is wrong about that?

Obama and Putin are grown ups
The Obamas and Putin know our work very well. They know that we are all about facts and logic … and following what we write only helps in avoiding disasters and makes things better & better. Obamas are quite grown up … and they don’t pay much attention to Trump’s complaints. They have worked with us for several years … they know exactly who we are. We have criticized them many times … but they have always followed the logic and moved towards better options. Not once they stood against us being dictators who would suppress commonsense. Obamas are very humble and sensible … in fact, the most humble family to ever live in the White House.

Complaint not serious
Its not a serious complaint that anyone needs to worry about. Trump complaining to Obamas or Putin will not provide him with any additional support against us.

  • Obamas only realize that Trump is still not able to focus on the logic.
  • They see a fantastic opportunity for us teaming up with Warren. The more Trump complains, the better the opportunity for Warren.
  • They already know that working with us in the key to the White House. And if Trump is not working with us and complaining about us … they see a victory for the Democrats.

Trump might be thinking that … by complaining to Obama and Putin, he will get more politicians against us. But he doesn’t know that … he will lose the White House and end up handing over the keys to Warren on this track. And Obamas welcome all of his complaints as a very good opportunity. Lol.

Leave some margin for a personal touch
Don’t get disturbed with simple complaints. It might be some simple chit-chat among leaders. They might not be any serious complaints either. You should leave some room for a “personal touch” for leaders. Every leader comes with his own background and style. You can’t expect Trump to be Obama. Everyone has their background and style. Obama had his humble Community Organizer background … Trump has his Hotel Owner background … Warren has her School Teacher background. Everyone will bring their style to the White House.

What matters is the impact on the people. If it is not impacting the people then take it easy. Right now, policy-wise Trump is not doing anything disastrous for the people in terms of war or economy. This is more important.

Trump’s egomania is good for America
Trump being self-centered and focusing only on what is good for himself … is actually turning out to be good for America. Trump likes victories … Trump is chasing wins … he is fighting for victories wherever he can get. This is helping him surpass party politics. He is doing many things … where he can get victories … so that he is known as a great leader … owing to this he has surpassed Republican policies a long time ago. If you see …

  • American Energy and Tariffs
  • Standing up to Europe, China and the world to keep America First
  • Taking the right moves in North Korea, Venezuela, Syria, Afghanistan, Russia, Turkey and other nations

All of these are not Republican policies … these are Trump policies. He has surpassed his entire Party a long time ago … so that he can be a great leader … so that he can get a great win … Trump has already taken many steps ahead of his Party. Despite all of these policies not even being Republican … Trump has 95% approval in the Republican Party.

Trump might have been wanting to do good stuff just for himself or his leadership … but he ended up doing a lot of good for America and other countries. His egomania became kind of good for America.

Trump listens to advice
Its not that Trump doesn’t listen to opposing views. He actually listens to advice. That’s how he functions … he hires the best people that can do the job … takes their inputs and does the work. His entire implementation strategy is about … pulling in the best brains to get the best output. And that’s a very good practical way of doing things. It has its limitations when Establishment issues are concerned … but still this way of functioning helps Trump keep an open mind to different opinions.

This is exactly how Trump is staying away from war and economic blunders. Trump is not sticking to some policies just because they are his policies. Trump immediately jumps and moves away from the policies … the moment he knows that they will fail. Trump hates losing and wrong advice. Trump shows zero attachment to any policy … he sticks only to those policies that give him success and victories.

Trump might have some ego issues when he himself is concerned … but when it comes to policies, strategies and tactics … he has zero ego involvement.

Fantastic contrast with other politicians
This is in fantastic contrast with other politicians. Other politicians will stick to their policies, just because they have their name attached to that policy … just because it is their policy … just because they don’t want the public embarrassment of making a change. Politicians will try again and again to prove their policy to be right to save their face. But Trump doesn’t do that. If Trump sees something that is wrong … he will make a full U-Turn from that policy. We have seen this behavior in North Korea, Afghanistan, Syria and at other places as well.

Don’t treat Trump as an “egomaniac” … I think it is a stretch to call Trump an egomaniac. It is an exaggeration from the Establishment media. Trump just likes to be liked … I don’t think that there is anything wrong in that.