Managing Donor Behavior

This is the full picture of the work that will begin once we get the right donors.

Layers of work involved

  • Peace and Revenue. This has been the ongoing work since the past 10 years. Maintaining Global Peace and pulling America out of wars … while generating hundreds of billions in revenue for several countries. This is one layer of work where we have to actively eliminate all routes for wars … old and new.
  • Leadership Management. Along with the above work … we have to train and manage Trump or Warren … based on who works with us.
    • Trump. Right now, Trump has to win the impeachment issue and also get re-elected. We have to train him with all of the necessary policies and winning tactics in order to make him the President in 2020.
    • Warren. Right now, Warren lags by about 10 points behind Biden. If she leads, then we have to train her to surpass Biden and win in 2020 against Trump. Both options are possible.
  • Reforming America. While we are training each candidate with their own issues, campaigns, speeches and tactics … we have to reform the entire country as a whole using the above leadership. We have to manage the people, media, politicians and corporations with each policy that we introduce.
  • Establishment Malice. While we are creating these reforms … we have to keep an eye on and fight against all possible Establishment malice at all levels and steps of the work. This is what will ensure the success of the key leadership from the White House with Trump or Warren.
  • Donor Countries and the World. Once things start getting accomplished in America … we have to move this work in Donor Countries and the rest of the world.
  • Real Estate, Education and IT. The above layers of works are the works that we are doing for only other people. In order to maintain this core work of reforming and revolutionizing countries and the world … we have to also simultaneously invest in real estate, education and IT … in order to create revenue generation for the continuation of the work.
  • Personal Life. While we are managing the above 6 layers of work … there is something called “personal life” that I have to squeeze in … in my daily routine. A family life has been non-existent for me since decades now. I have to setup a family life not just for myself … but more importantly, so that the above work moves on through the next generations. This is as important as doing the work itself. The torch has to be taken forward.

That’s a total of 7 different layers of work that I have to simultaneously deal with.

Donor Issues
Now, if the donors come to me and say …

  • Hey, marry my daughter … marry in my family
  • Date our women
  • Let us control the work
  • Let us own the work
  • Setup the work in my country

And if they come up with their own screening guidelines and personal objectives … then all of the above 7 layers of work get screwed. It screws up everything because these donors have no idea what we are dealing with and what we are working on.

That’s why I say … don’t go for individual donors. If an individual has to make a donation from his own income then … it is quite obvious that he will make a study of his own, see what he can get out of it, try to get some benefit from it and try to control or own it. That’s how individuals function most of the time. To add to that …

  • Billions. The donation is in billions or at least in hundreds of millions. It is not easy for someone to separate himself from such amounts … just because he got a call from his government.
  • Government Pressure. They come to see me … just because of political pressure. There is hardly any genuine interest in making any donation at all. It is just a visit for formality.
  • Flip on the first excuse. And when there is no intention at all … they are too miser to make any donation … they have no interest or intention of making any donation … then they flip at the first excuse possible. “Oh, he is Indian … oh is he Christian or Muslim … oh, is he gay or straight … oh, he did not respond … oh, this or that happened”. What are all of this? Plain excuses of frauds or misers who have no genuine interest in the project.

What to do about this?
All of the above behavior comes into picture when an individual has to make a donation from his own pocket. This is what you need to eliminate. Don’t go for individual donations. Instead, function via government donations. This helps us control the donor behavior.

Managing Donor Behavior
We have no room to incorporate any personal objectives of the donor. This is the required behavior of the donor that we want.

  • He needs to come to us … only to do the documentation for the donation.
  • The donor’s main role is only of a channel for finance and documentation support.

This is possible when it is not the donor’s money. The money should be channelized via the government.

  • The government can directly donate or
  • It can be channelized via an individual donor

When the funds don’t belong to the donor then …

  • He doesn’t have to come up with his own screening objectives
  • He doesn’t have to come up with his own personal objectives
  • He doesn’t have to try to own, control and manage the project

We can easily eliminate all donor issues … when we are directly working with the government. America has influence in dozens of countries … Russia has influence in dozens of countries … it can be channelized in dozens of ways.

Secondary Account
However, I would still recommend that … before you send any person to meet me … make sure that you see the funds in a secondary account. This helps you verify that this person is not coming for just an excursion to waste our time. He should come here only for the documentation work. All deal making should be done at the government level itself.

We are helping Trump avoid impeachment and win 2020 … we are helping Warren surpass Biden and win in 2020 … we will help them reform America and be the greatest leaders of modern times … this is the least that they should do for us.

Why use governments?
We are managing the peace and security for several countries around the world. We have generated hundreds of billions in revenue for several countries. All of our work will also benefit each country when we move our work in their countries. There are several layers of benefits that governments get. Using governments is more justified. It fits into our criteria. Here the donor will function based on the instructions given to him.

Micro-manage Key Decision Making Points
If things get stuck somewhere … I show you how to overcome obstacles. Sometimes, we need to micro-manage key decision making points. It is a must to overcome this donor glitch … and it can be done via micro-managing key decision making points.