Eliminating the Frauds and Misers among Donors

Seems like Trump and Warren need some help in filtering out donors. The first thing you need to understand is … what is the donor’s role?

Donor’s Role
The donor has two roles in this project.

  • Channel for funds. The donor functions as a channel for funds. America helps dozens of countries around the world directly and indirectly. Funds can be channelized via any country. The government can directly donate or they can donate via an individual donor.
  • Documentation. The second important role of the donor is documentation. If the bank asks … “how and why did you get $1 Billion in your account?” Then I need to show some documentation that … I got the donation from so and so for so and so project. These funds will be used as capital for the projects.

So, basically what the donor should be doing is … coming to me and …

  • Collect some information on the project and
  • Do the necessary documentation after making the funds transfer

But instead of that happening … what is going on is … these are the topics of discussion:

  • Will you date Turkish women?
  • Will you date Arab women?
  • Will you marry my daughter?
  • Will you marry into my family?
  • Are you Indian or Arab or Turkish?
  • Are you Muslim or Christian?
  • Will you come to my country?
  • Will you setup the work in my country?
  • Will you work under me … we will give a good salary?
  • Can we manage the work?
  • Is he gay or straight?
  • Does he like my women?

What is all of this? It is “garbage content”. It has absolutely no connection with the main project at all.

Donors on an excursion
Its more like donors on an excursion. They are like … “Hey, hey … we got a call from the President of the United States … he wants us to give a billion dollars to an Indian guy living in Istanbul / Yerevan. It seems this guy is going to do great things. Let’s check it out … let’s check it out.” Since the past 3 years, there have been visits from dozens of people from Royal Families to Billionaires … just to “check it out”.

Eventually, all of this is being nothing but a waste of time … with nothing moving forward at all. We need to put in realistic measures to filter out the frauds and misers from these donors. There are thousands of Royalty and Billionaires like this … we will have to wait an entire lifetime if we work like this.

Identifying Frauds and Misers

  • Frauds. These are the guys who come and say … “give me your passport and let’s go”. We are not going with anyone anywhere. An initial donation of $2-3 Million is made in Armenia itself and the paperwork is signed for that. This is what any potential donor should agree to before approaching us.
  • Misers. We have to eliminate the misers as well … who are just wasting our time to “check us out”. For this … the measure that you need to put in is … tell them create a second account and put the donation amount in that account. The second account can be on anyone’s name.

When they meet us … the only thing that they should do is … talk about the project and do the documentation for the donation. Putting the cash in another account … helps us see the genuine donors who actually want to donate. It will help us to eliminate the misers. We don’t need to sit here and waste our time … when the guys actually have no intention of making any donation. You are sitting there and thinking that … “yes, we have sent a potential donor to your place … and at any time, it will happen”. But it is not getting realized.

Donation Failure
Now, why are these donations getting failed? Why are they making excuses? There can be any number of reasons.

  • The guy is a fraud … he has no intention of donating anything.
  • The guy is a miser … he is just spending time here because his government pushed him to.
  • It is difficult for them to separate themselves from millions of dollars.
  • There is wrong information being given to them by other guys living here.
  • Maybe he doesn’t like Trump and he doesn’t want Trump to get re-elected.
  • Maybe they understand that we are the keys to the White House … and they might have other intentions of pulling me in their countries.
  • Maybe Establishment elements are screwing around with negative information.

The reasons can be many … but there are easy ways to win.

How to win?
We are not dealing with individual donors. This is the main reason why I do not opt for individual donors … they will have their own set of objectives and screening guidelines. We are dealing with governments and countries. We are dealing with Middle East countries … Germany, Japan, Russia, Kazakhstan and Europe. America has widespread influence in dozens of countries around the world. Our work has already generated hundreds of billions for several countries.

  • Channel. The only thing that you need to tell them is … “we like this project … maybe you want to help them”. But before you send them to us … make sure that they have already setup the second account and transferred the required amount. It is then only that they should reach us.

They are making a donation to us because of these reasons:

  • Peace and Revenue. Our work has already brought about great security for Middle East countries … stabilized the world and saved hundreds of billions of taxpayer money for America and Europe. We have already generated hundreds of billions in additional revenue for several countries.
  • American Ally / Deal. They are an American ally and / or they already have a deal with America.
  • Fabulous Reforms. We will be creating fabulous reforms for America and then we will move to other countries around the world. And whatever amount this country has donated to work … we will adjust that amount for the services that we will provide to their country. This country will get preference and fabulous reforms as well.

They are already getting three levels of benefits … at one level they have peace, stability and massive revenue generation … at the second level a deal with America … and at the third level they are getting to reform their country as well in the same cost. Now, the last thing they should be doing is … sending someone with another list of screening guidelines and objectives that they want at a personal level.

Identifying the “right donor”
Quit sending me frauds and misers who will only waste our time. Quit pinning your hopes on them. These simple steps will help you move ahead successfully.

  • Strike the deal with the right country
  • Make them create a second account and transfer funds into the same
  • Send them to me only when the above two steps are done
  • They should not come to me with a long list of personal objectives … but they should discuss with me how the project will help America and their country.
  • And then we do the documentation once the transfer is made

Donor Limitation
You should understand that this is a unique project. When was the last time the US President requested another country to put $1 Billion into the account of one Indian sitting on the side of the Ocean? The request itself is quite unique. The key leaders in America … Obamas, Trump and Warren … they understand us and our work. We have written more than 3,000 pages over the past 10 years … owing to which we have this relationship and understanding. Now, how can you expect a new person to understand this within a couple of days or weeks?

Instruction Based
The coordination with the donor should be essentially instruction based. We gave them the deal and they are supposed to follow our instructions and make the cash transfer. They don’t get to come and do their own study, evaluations and present their own set of personal objectives. Maintain the donors strictly based on instructions. Their simple role is …

  • Be the channel for the transfer and
  • Make the necessary documentation

That’s all that they are supposed to do. And for this … their country is already getting 3 layers of benefits. Take verifiable measures to make things fall into place. Don’t work with junk … don’t waste time with junk.

One-Time Issue
This is probably going to be a one-time issue. Once the project begins … there won’t be so much strain on finance. Our project is media heavy and countries will queue in to join us.