Obamas complaining about me?

So, Obamas complaining about me? Lol. Firstly, let me say … I love you. My lovely lady … Michelle Obama … apparently says that “I am running away from them”. And our rockstar President … Barack Obama … says that “being judgemental is not activism”. Well, I think that these are not complaints from Obamas … but these are complaints from Elizabeth Warren. Lol. However, some groups want me to address these complaints.

Running away
Well, the example that Michelle Obama gave was that … “they moved into a locality and White folks ran away from them”. But this doesn’t apply to me. Because I have already told about Warren that … we love her, we chose her and we will work with her whenever she works with us. The options are fully open for her … we have never restricted her in any way from working with us. Now, if she hasn’t even made a contact with us then how can you say that … I am running away from her? We know the exact material that she is made of … and she can be phenomenal … provided she runs the right policies.

Being judgemental is not activism
Obama says that … being judgemental is not activism. I think that Warren is feeling that … I am running away from her and since I am criticizing her Socialist policies … she is feeling that I am being judgemental. So, she is going to Obamas and making these complaints.

Managing Criticism
Firstly, understand where this is coming from. She is a School Teacher … her entire career is based upon running the high tide of values, principles and being right. And if a student points out … “hello Teacher, you are wrong over here and this is a big blunder” … then how will the teacher feel? She will get rattled and shaken … that she is wrong … and she will be crawling to fix her mistakes in order to fix her image among the students. Till date, she had it clean … from being a school teacher … to law professor … to Senator. All she had to do was … make the right lectures and she would come out clean.

But now this is the Presidency we are talking about … she is going to be in charge of the entire Executive Branch of the United States. And if she is going to be so sensitive about one person pointing out a mistake … then how is she going to manage the entire Presidency for the next 8 years when hundreds of politicians and thousands of media outlets will be screening, criticizing and opposing every single move that she makes? How will she manage that much pressure?

Thin Skinned
If Warren gets rattled with just one or two pages that we write … then doesn’t it make her 100 times more thin skinned than Trump? Trump turned against us in his second year … after we had written hundreds of pages. If just one or two pages … where we are indirectly mentioning her mistakes … if that is going to rattle her to such an extent that she goes to Obamas and complain … then how will she manage the entire Presidency? Look what is going on with Trump … every Tweet, every speech, every policy, every international visit … is screened, criticized and opposed.

Training not even started
We haven’t even started any training for her yet. We have just mentioned some of her mistakes mainly to defend Trump from impeachment. We can do the training in two modes … open and direct. We know that she is too clean and too good to lose … that’s why we are holding off on any training for her. We will train her when she works with us in direct mode. So that this public embarrassment is not there for her.

Not Activism – But Team Building
Yes, this is not activism … this is simple team building. The Obama times were different … we had to be active because the opposition was always the Establishment … in policies as well as leadership. Obama was facing leaders like Hillary and Mitt Romney. So, we had to be very active to build support for Obama to win against the policies of Hillary and defeat Mitt Romney in the elections. But right now, both candidates … Trump and Warren … are Establishment independent. Trump is not running any destructive policies right now that require an intervention. So, we are not involved in any kind of activism right now. We are mostly in chill mode.

Cannot mislead the country
Now, if you want me to blindly endorse Elizabeth Warren’s policies … then it would be asking me to lie and mislead the country. We have already written several pages where we mention Warren being fantastic Presidential material … and she shows the courage that Trump has been lacking till date. This is true … she is very good material. But her policies are wrong … if we lie and endorse these policies that are economic disasters … then we will be misleading the country.

If we endorse … then SM Groups come into action … Warren automatically becomes President. But when she will implement these policies and when the economic disasters will happen … then forget about Warren’s impeachment or jail … we would lose all of our credibility. We are one of the most trusted entities in the entire SM Network. All of the work that we have done in the past 10 years … will vaporize. We have to move our work into 195 countries and work through generations making better and better systems. Do you want us to support Warren just because she is a Democrat and just because she is backed by Obamas? We know that these policies are catastrophes. Do you want us to lie and mislead America?

We are not politicians … we don’t hold political office. Our entire work is about systems … and how each policy will impact the people. Everywhere Trump has followed us … he has got success … in American Energy, Tariffs, North Korea, Venezuela, Syria, Turkey, Afghanistan, Russia … at every single place we are showing progress, peace and stability. At every single place … wherever Trump follows us … he is winning.

Because our vision … our systems, our strategies, our actions … are all people centric. Everything we do benefits the people. SM Groups know this … they trust us … and they come into action … to help the President wherever he works with us. This is how he gets these victories.

Now, how can I lie … how can I mislead … when I know that her policies are a catastrophe? That’s why the only thing that I tell her is … please learn, please change and I will make her a fantastic President. I am not “running away” from Warren. She needs to learn … then I will myself fight for her.

Obama’s generosity
Obama has been a Community Organizer and he is a very generous person … that allows everyone to do their thing. But when Obama gives the greenlight to Warren’s policies … Warren should understand that he is just a very generous and cooperative person. It does not mean that your policies are right. If you fall then it is going to be your head … not Obama’s. Obama will not take the blame for you. You want to be the President … you have to do your Math.

Like a School Teacher you are running to the Principal, Obama … and trying to get support from him. Just because the Principal supports you … it does not mean that your policies are right. Obama is a very nice person … he is very generous and very cooperative. I think we know him better than you.

Empty platform?
You are probably just trying to have a nice platform … of free healthcare and education … in order to get votes. We will show you how to create the “right platform with the right policies”. It is a must for you to back off from Socialist policies. You still have a lot of time and everything can be rearranged for a great win. The more you sink into Socialist policies, the more disastrous you will become.

Don’t worry about getting an empty platform … we can synchronize everything for a fantastic win. We did not choose you to run Socialist policies … we chose you for phenomenal and fantastic reforms that will take America into a new era. Learn how to do that and you can win.

Tips for Obamas
You guys are phenomenal and have always been phenomenal. The only thing that I will suggest is … it is a must for Warren to surpass Party politics and use facts and logic … if she wants to win. When I write the words “surpass Party politics” it seems very simple … but in action it is different.

  • Right now, she is standing against many of Trump’s moves that are actually right for the country. This will create more baggage for her. She is against Trump because that’s what text book politics tell her to do. She does not realize that Trump himself has surpassed party politics and he is following facts and logic … which is what is getting him the victories. Her approach of following party politics is extremely limited … she needs to broaden her horizens.
  • She is a School Teacher … but commonsense dictates that if you want to lead a country … then you should also listen to your people. She needs to listen and follow commonsense, logic and facts. She doesn’t have to get rattled or scared of making mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes … but what matters is what you do when you are shown what is right.

Warren should have a skin that is thick enough to have a normal discussion, argument and analysis of what is right and wrong. She should be able to accept the actual facts and logic … see how things impact the people … and change to do what is right. This is a terribly basic prerequisite for leadership at any level.

She cannot be a School Teacher who says something and then spends weeks and months to prove herself right even when she is wrong. This is not called leadership … this is called saving your face in front of your students. Even a smart teacher would immediately accept her mistake and work with the students to do better. The smartest teachers say that they themselves learn from the students every day. I myself taught a few courses … and I know … everytime I am teaching, I am also learning from my own students. We need to quit proving ourselves right … find out what is right and follow that.

Warren needs to smarten up a little bit … get a thicker skin … because this is a war of logic, facts, reason and policies. The War on Terror is over … everything is about facts and logic in America. Look what is happening to Trump … no one is bombing him … he is facing a battle of facts and logic. Warren needs to prepare for this. If she can fight with facts and logic … then she can become a fantastic leader for the country.