Fight the system

I can’t give you the exact solution … as of now … but I can give tips. If you want to see how bogus impeachment works … then look at Bill Clinton’s case. Bill Clinton had some relations with a couple of women. Is that an impeachable offense? Is that even a crime? Consensual sex is not a crime. Bill Clinton had not committed a crime of any sort whatsoever. You can impeach the President only for “high crimes”.

They used the media to shame the President and to put him in the defense … he kept on saying “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” … but even if he did, it was not a crime. The entire impeachment propaganda was created using the media and politicians. An entire system was designed against him.

This is exactly what is going on with Trump right now. There is no crime and it is just a “systemic propaganda” against Trump using the media and politicians. This is an issue that you should have solved in your first year itself … we had already told you of how Establishment malice functions in the media and politics. You took no action and you yourself are the repeated victim of the same.

Today, the Establishment is very weak. The only thing that they can do is … use us against each other. Which is exactly what they are doing … pitching Democrats against Republicans … media against the President … President against the Democrats. The whole thing is designed by pitching us against each other.

If you allow them to run this show … then you will end up in the Senate option … you will lose in the House and your Presidency will depend on a handful of Republicans in the Senate. Today, the House Republicans sided with you … but they are not the ones that matter. It is the Senate Republicans that matter … and even if a handful of them flip against you then your Presidency will be over. This is a very risky option and you should not rely on a handful of people for your entire political future.

The better option for you is to fight the system itself. Dismantle this route itself. The vote should never take place … no vote means no impeachment.

It is very easy to fight the system. You have already done it several times … defeating hundreds of politicians and thousands of media outlets … is simply fantastic. You are already winning the game at many places against the system and you don’t even realize it. Bill Clinton did not have this understanding or SM Support. But we are in different times now … the Establishment cannot pull off bullshit against whoever they want and whenever they want. You can win … its easy … trust me.

These are the things that you should keep in mind:

  • Currently, you are the best leader that America has … there is no Democrat or Republican who has a better understanding of Establishment malice.
  • You are doing fantastic in foreign affairs better than any other leader has done in recent times.
  • You are doing phenomenally well when it comes to American Energy, Jobs and Tariffs.
  • You are miles ahead in the game … no one is even close … Warren has trucks to learn if she has to be better than you.
  • You have done nothing wrong … there is no crime on your side.
  • There is every possibility for you to win the impeachment case.
  • You can also win the re-election … but you have to show more leadership in Domestic affairs for that to happen.
  • You are saving America from war and economic catastrophes and America is incredibly stable under your leadership, as of now.