Republicans can backstab Trump

Mitch McConnell is introducing a resolution against Trump’s decision to pull back troops from Syria. This is not good. This is what these moves show you:

  • Mitch McConnell is a gullible guy
  • He is backed and pushed by anti-Trumpers within the Republican Party … we had told you a long time ago that there is a split among the Republicans to support you.
  • Anti-Trump Republicans are emboldened because of the current impeachment moves against Trump
  • And that means, there could be an issue in the Senate when the impeachment moves to the Senate … a lot of backstabbers will show their face then

The fact that there was a vote of 354 : 60 against your move in Syria show how easily Republicans are turning against you. Its not that your move in Syria was wrong … the concern is how easily Republicans are voting against you. Republicans voting against you like this … during a phase of impeachment … is not good.

This was a very old issue … we had told you about this but you did nothing about it. You severely lack in good planning to manage this impeachment issue. Please up your game … please plan better.

Sorry … can’t give more details or solutions. I am myself being told to hold off on giving you any solutions. You know … old story … because of your inaction. But I can give tips … I can show you … where the trouble lies ahead. If the House votes against you then the Senate can also be a problem. Do as much as possible to delay the vote in the House. Delay the vote in the House … delay the vote in the House.