Victories on a platter

This is what we mean by “victories on a platter” … the complete strategy is given to you … all you need to do is make the right moves … remain patient … things will fall into place and you win. We already did this 2-3 times recently.

  • Oil tankers were attacked in the Middle East waters. Everyone went ballistic against Iran.
  • Saudi Oil Facilities were attacked. Here also everyone was telling you to strike Iran.
  • Turkey Vs Kurds. Here also everyone was giving you the wrong advice. The majority of the Republicans themselves voted against your decision.

But what happened in all of the 3 scenarios? We showed you what was going on … gave you the strategy for the same … you did what is right and you came out winning. You ended up defeating hundreds of politicians and thousands of media outlets. You ended up stopping new wars … maintained the peace and stability … moved ahead with better tactical moves.

Handling war scenarios is the easiest thing that we do. Stopping civil wars and nuclear wars … is the easiest thing that we do via one simple website. We have to achieve these victories at a much larger scale on internal reforms. For this … we still don’t know who will lead … Trump or Warren. But what’s happening out there … is an example for both of you to learn and understand how this works.

Doesn’t matter if politicians or the media start making noise and start going against you … all you need to do is stick to the facts and logic … remain patient and push back with tactical moves … and victory will be given to you. And within days that noise disappears … look around … all of the screaming about Kurds has disappeared. Before they were screaming that the attack on Saudi oil facilities is an “act of war” … but the moment you took the right moves … all of the screaming disappeared. So, not only you are defeating hundreds of politicians and thousands of media outlets … but you are rendering them “silent in defeat”.

Right now, Trump is getting these victories because … these issues are happening during his Presidency and he is taking the right actions. If Warren wants the same publicity, support and victories … then there are many issues out there that Trump has not yet touched … she should work on the “right solutions” for them and she will get the victories for them. Right now, she is a super-duper disaster … if we allow her to run her current policies, it will be a catastrophe for America. Warren shouldn’t feel let down or feel jealous of Trump’s victories. She needs to learn what to do … she needs to hold back those disastrous policies and step forward with the right policies … its then that everyone will be glad to help her win.

Right now … everyone is tired of Trump’s inaction … but they are also shocked at Warren’s disastrous policies. Lol. It’s a weird stage for America to be in … but that’s where we are. Warren is very good material … but her policies are all wrong.

Win with class

We told you that “it is easy”. And it is so easy that you don’t even realize that:

  • You are standing up to the Establishment propaganda
  • You have stood up to hundreds of politicians and thousands of media outlets
  • And you already got the victories

Everyone who opposed you went “silent in defeat” and the only thing that they could do is change the topic and start screaming about something else. These are very good victories and you have a cheesy opposition that can do nothing but make noise and try to mislead you. That’s all that they can do.

Right now, you are winning … but you are winning under pressure … you are scared … what to do and what not to do. But if you plan well with:

  • The right media strategy
  • Political strategy
  • Legal, financial and technical strategies

Then you can hammer your opposition really well. You can use all of that opposition on them only … and you can win with class. You can build a massive public support base with every victory. Right now, you are winning but in confusion and chaos … plan well and you can win with style and class.