Good news and bad news on impeachment

I have good news and bad news on the impeachment issue. The good news first … you can win the impeachment. There is a way to win it without taking the vote. But the bad news is that … I have been told not to give you the full details on how to work on it.

So, from the good news this is what you can make out:

  • You can win the impeachment
  • Its not a sure shot case for impeachment
  • There is a loophole that you can use
  • There is a way to win it without taking the vote
  • This also shows that Pro-Trump SM Groups still want you to win in 2020

These are the tips that I can give you. I was surprised as to why I should not help you with the impeachment. Because you are doing quite good with the wars scenario … I like it and I wanted to help. But this is what the majority of the SM Groups say:

  • You are helping him with wars … it is saving him from jail. That’s the deal he is going to get for staying away from wars. Yes, he is 10 steps ahead of Obama … very quick, very fast … he is taking the right moves despite domestic opposition … which is why we will save him from jail. That’s the deal he gets.
  • You have already showed him how to stall and delay the impeachment proceedings as much as he can. But if you help him further … then SM Groups will come into action thinking that … he deserves to be saved … that you have a plan to work with him and he is going to work with you … that something great is going to happen for the country. This is what SM Groups will assume if you help him further and they will rescue him. But this assumption will be a lie if he has no intentions of working with you. It will again backfire on him and the whole thing can be repeated with more leaks against Trump. He will get stuck in impeachment cycles … which is not good for anyone.
  • Till date, we have already seen that … Trump is stuck in a “no action and only favors” policy for the Establishment owing to which he faces cycles of self-imposed ridicule and aggression.
  • We have also seen that he is only cherry picking from what you write … he picks what is good for him and then when it works out … he doesn’t care for anybody else.
  • We cannot allow these cycles of ridicule, aggression, protection and rescue for the next 4 years.
  • You can help him with impeachment issues, Presidential profiteering issues and other financial issues … only if he works with you. Because we know that if he works with you … then we will also get great changes for the country and the people … and it will actually be worth saving Trump from this mess. Otherwise, saving Trump from this mess is a waste of time for everyone. It will save only one guy and that one guy won’t do shit for anyone.
  • Please don’t help him further with impeachment issues.

So … you basically have a way out of this mess … it is not the dead end. But I also think that you should address the concerns of the majority of the SM Groups … since they are your own people. The President and the Presidency should be about the people and the country … and not about just one person. I think they are right on that.