SM Vs SM Battle is only enjoyment for the Establishment

Pro-Warren SM Groups in battle with Pro-Trump SM Groups is plain enjoyment for the Establishment. It doesn’t do much good for the country or the people. During Obama, things were quite simple … it was simply:

  • The Establishment on one side and
  • The SM Network on the other side

But now we have:

  • The Establishment
  • Pro-Trump SM Groups
  • Pro-Warren SM Groups

And to add to that we have … Republican, Democrat and Trump politics. We are in a more complicated mess right now. The good thing is … wars are over … terrorism and the War on Terror have been vaporized … but domestic politics are a total mess in America. The focus is moving from wars to American politics. The Establishment has been overtaken and defeated on many fronts. But the divided scenario of SM Groups is not very fruitful.

  • Pro-Trump groups say that … Warren is a Socialist disaster … she should not get the nomination … she should get impeached or jailed if she creates an economic catastrophe.
  • Pro-Warren groups say that … Trump is stalling America … Trump needs to be removed to pave the way for Warren.
  • Democrats will impeach a Republican President via fault finding.
  • And then Republicans will impeach a Democrat President via fault finding.
  • The bitching will consume several years … with no party actually winning … and all of this is going to be only worse for the American people and America, who actually wanted a solution for this crisis.

The defeated Establishment will sit back and enjoy the show … while we are throwing punches at each other … while we are impeaching each other … and while the country simply stagnates into a bigger economic crisis. We are easily looking at a $30 Trillion National debt while this bitching goes on. I don’t think that bitching is worth an additional $8 Trillion for America.

Pro-Warren Groups – Focus more on prepping Warren
Yes, Pro-Warren groups might have a very strong argument for impeaching Trump … that he is stalling, he jumped into the Establishment boat … did a truck load of favors for them … kept filling his bags while the country and people were burning in debt. But what they should realize is that … all of these are his first 2 years of activities. He is a different leader in his 3rd year … and that’s quite a fast change for the President. Secondly, impeaching Trump is not the solution … preparing Warren to hit the ground running is the solution. If you really believe in Warren then prepare her to address the right crisis with the right solutions … so that she can hit the ground running. This is how you win.

Among all of her major policies … it is only the “wealth tax” that is sensible and that will work out. Most of the other stuff that she has are disasters or efforts in the wrong direction that will not result in anything. Impeaching one guy for stalling and getting another guy that will be only disasters is not a wise thing to do. Focus more on prepping Warren than impeaching Trump.

Impeachment and Jail should be off the table
In fact, all senior party members of both Democrat and Republican parties should have a common understanding that … impeachment and jail should be off the table for minor issues. Such extreme measures should only be considered in cases of major catastrophes in war or economy. This understanding will actually help Warren more than Trump … because there are no disasters or catastrophes of any kind under Trump. But under Warren’s hood … there are lot of economic disasters … this understanding will help the Democrats in the long run.

Leadership Configurations
These are the leadership configurations that will help us take America forward successfully … without getting stalled … without bitching at each other … without being the laughing stock of the Establishment … and without stagnating the country.

  • Best Option – Trump Leads. This is the best option where Trump himself leads against Establishment monopoly. We can design several configurations for him to do this. Since Trump is the most learned and experienced candidate in this malice … this is the best option for America.
  • Second Best Option – Trump helps Warren. For some reason, if Trump doesn’t want to lead or doesn’t want to take up the fight against the Establishment … then he should not sit idle and waste time. He should actively help Warren to lead. The disadvantage that Democrats face is financing options. Since Trump is the President … he has a spectrum of countries that he can easily use to activate finance options. This way … not only Trump cooperates and helps Democrats … he also gets to become a part of the project … making his exit easy from the Presidency and also gets some additional protection from impeachment or Presidential Profiteering issues. This option helps both candidates … Trump and Warren.
  • Third Best Option – Warren Leads. If Democrats lead totally independently without any support from Trump … then Trump will be under the mercy of the Democrats and SM Networks. His exit can be harsh. But we should realize that Trump still has one more year as President anyhow … we should encourage Trump to take all positive moves during this year … so that we are not wasting any time when the people and the country are concerned. In this case, Warren is actually helping Trump … this will help her get Republican cooperation and some bipartisan support during her Presidency. This again helps both candidates.

The fourth option … which is currently in motion … where Democrats are locked against Republicans … Pro-Warren Groups are locked against Pro-Trump Groups … this is plain bitching … it is not going to be good for the country at all. We have to configure our moves for what is best for the country. Let’s not stick to the book … and let’s not keep whipping each other for minor issues. We need to grow up … look at the bigger picture … and work with each other for the good of the country.