SM Groups baffled on support for Trump on impeachment

Pro-Warren SM Groups are baffled at my support for Trump on the impeachment issue. They are shocked and surprised as to:

  • Why on Earth is he supporting Trump now?
  • This is the perfect time to remove him … we can get Warren in the game who will crush the Establishment … something that Trump has never stepped forward to do.
  • You showed all Establishment malice against Trump … instead of working with you … he moved in the Establishment’s favor with a “no action and only favors” policy to appease the Establishment.
  • The demonization turned into lawsuits and investigations. You showed him how to end the Mueller Investigation and the Establishment malice in it … instead of thanking you and working with you … he called you Fake News and then move again in favor of the Establishment.
  • You saved him from several jail traps … but even then he makes no positive move ahead.
  • Now, he is getting impeached … you are standing there … helping him with impeachment … activating other SM Groups to protect him and support him. Why? Why on Earth are you helping him?
  • He hasn’t done shit for you since the past 3 years … despite all of the help and support that you have given. He took all of the help from you and he did absolutely nothing for you.
  • Why do you stick with him? Why should we stick with him? Why do we need 4 more years of this? We have to move on with Warren.

Okay … good questions … all of them are reasonable and logical. But this is also what you need to see:

  • Firstly, we cannot abandon Trump until and unless Warren is ready to take over. Currently, she is a total disaster. Trump is 100 times better for the country than Warren. Warren is all punchlines but her actions and policies are total disasters. If your replacement is ready … then think of removing Trump … not before that. Trump might not be working with us … but he is still holding the country together quite well … and there are no disasters under him.
  • I know that you guys are keen on direct collaboration … because without direct collaboration major reforms are not possible. But what you should see under Trump is that:
  • He is already implementing our policies and strategies in North Korea, Venezuela, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, China and Syria.
  • He is already working on Tariffs and American Energy both of which are a part of our policies.
  • He has already begun the work in half a dozen different countries and two major policies in America via indirect mode. And he is seeing success in all of these segments to a considerable extent.
  • Trumps come from a construction background … we have massive insfrastructure works planned ahead for America to the tune of trillions. And Trumps will form the ideal leaders for these projects … as no other Congress members have generations of experience in construction that Trumps have.
  • To add to all of that … he is currently the most learned and experienced candidate in Establishment malice and know-how. He has experienced it all. Obama only saw wars and terror events … but Trump has faced and experienced tons and tons of more Establishment garbage than any other candidate out there in several fields.
  • Trump’s background and current experience are simply priceless that no other candidate has out there. Trump can easily lead and win … with the right strategies and policies.

I know you will say that … “if we save him from impeachment … again he will go back to stalling and not doing anything … we will get stuck again in the same cycle and we have to save him again from the next problem … and this will never end.”

The solution for this is … get Warren to lead … work on both candidates … I will encourage and show Trump where the issues are … where the concerns are … and how to lead. If Trump steps forward … if he changes and leads … then congratulations … we have a winner.

Trump is not dispensable material. If you are a big fan of Warren … then first, prepare her to lead. Right now, she is full of catastrophic policies. She is a King Kong disaster. Replacing stalling with a disaster is not wise at all. Try to configure things what is best for the people and the country.