The Battle between Pro-Trump and Pro-Warren SM Groups is ON

Should have been simple

The collaboration should have been such a simple task … just call and follow commonsense … how difficult can that be? But instead of that … Trump wasted 3 years with a “no action and only favors” policy for the Establishment … leading to Warren’s entry into the game. Now, she is reaching to such a level where the knockout games for Trump have begun. To add to the knockout games … we have division among SM Groups … some are Pro-Trump and some are Pro-Warren … and there is an ongoing battle between them.

Before I give the details of this battle … I should write a small disclaimer.

  • Blackmail, extortion and harassment. Providing information on the ongoing battle is in no way … blackmail, extortion or harassment of any candidate. Yes, there is a funding of $1 billion involved in this project … but we have already earned and own every single cent of it. We have already driven more than $2 Trillion of additional revenue for America, Russia and other countries. You don’t owe us $1 Billion but you owe us 20 times more.
  • Independent Entities. Secondly, all SM Groups function independently … everyone has their own skillsets, regional dominance, interconnected entities and power sphere. We are not giving instructions to any group against any candidate. All of them function on their own with their own objectives. The only thing that is common among all of them is that … they use commonsense and logic in their activities and decisions … and none of them like the Establishment.

Now, that being said … I hope that both candidates will also use logic and reason … to understand what is going on and lead their country appropriately.

Pro-Warren Group Frustrations
Here are some of the Pro-Warren group frustrations against Trump.

  • Country Stagnating. These groups were actually Pro-Trump but when they saw that Trump was not taking any action against the Establishment then they turned against him … and later turned Pro-Warren when she entered the game. They say that Trump is turning a blind eye to the Establishment crisis owing to which America is going to be $25 Trillion in debt. Trump doesn’t do anything about the debt crisis.
  • Cycles of humiliation. Trump is following a policy of “no action and only favors” for the Establishment owing to which … Trump enters cycles of humiliation and we have to jump in to save him again and again. Humiliation of the US President is the humiliation of America … why should we put up with this?
  • Action where no Establishment involved. They say that Trump has taken initiatives in only those places where there is no Establishment involved … North Korea, Venezuela, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Syria, Tariffs, Steel and American Energy. Not at a single place, Trump has stood up to the Establishment.
  • Making cash while the country burns. Trump doesn’t save the people and the country from the burning debt crisis but he is busy making cash for himself … and we keep saving a person who doesn’t do anything for us … keeps helping the criminals who are burning our building and he is busy taking money from the building while it burns. Why should we allow this to continue for 4 more years?

Aiming for Jail
These SM Groups were actually aiming for jail for Trump. They were so pissed off at Trump that they wanted Trump in jail. They allowed the Establishment to push Trump for war in:

  • Venezuela and
  • Iran

It would be a massive civil war in Venezuela and a catastrophic war in Iran … both of them would be used to justify jail for Trumps. These were jail traps … we successfully saved Trump from these traps.

Impeachment has support from Pro-Warren groups
We defended Trump from these moves of Pro-Warren groups … saying that “Trump replaced monsters like Hillary … he is maintaining peace and stability … why should we toss such a guy in prison … it doesn’t make sense.” It worked … but his lack of leadership has many groups frustrated. They gave him about 3 years to lead the country but he hasn’t shown a single move against the Establishment … that’s why they are supporting the current impeachment moves.

Interestingly, it is the same groups that saved Trump from Mueller. The Mueller Investigation was pure Establishment malice that was aiming to hit 3 birds with one stone.

  • Trump. They wanted to take down Trump.
  • Russia. Since Russia would be a key supporter against Establishment malice … Russia was also the target in this investigation.
  • Active Democracy. They were targeting concepts of Collusion, Fake News and usage of Social Media … thus directly targeting our operations as well.

It became important for the entire SM Network to shoot down the Mueller Investigation as it was targeting all of the key elements in the project. The Mueller Investigation was shot down.

Ukraine Scandal targets Trump and Biden
If you observe, the current Ukraine Scandal tactically removes two key elements … Russia and Active Democracy. Trump and Biden are the main targets in the Ukraine Scandal. Why Trump and why Biden? Well, Trump is not taking the lead … so the policy that they are following is … “lead or get out of the way” … they see that the easiest way of moving forward is by removing Trump from the way. “If he doesn’t want to lead then why is he in the White House?”

Paving the way for Warren
Pro-Warren groups are tactically paving the way for Warren.

  • First, they poured tens of millions into her campaign though she is not taking money from any corporations or PACs.
  • Then they got rid of Bernie Sanders
  • Now, the Ukraine Scandal is targeted at Biden
  • Trump will be taken down via impeachment or via more leaks and whistleblowers

What they have done here is … tactically removed Russia and Active Democracy from the equation … and put Trump and Biden as the targets. What will happen if Trump and Biden fall? Warren will win … Warren will take the country forward with Russia and Active Democracy.

The team that we had suggested was … Trump, Russia and Active Democracy. But Trump is not leading and he has become an obstacle that needs to be removed. Thus, they are working on alternate leadership options to pull Warren in the equation to provide the right leadership for the project.

Good News for Trump
Even in this situation … there is good news for Trump.

  • Only 10% of SM Groups want Trump impeached
  • The majority of SM Groups don’t want Trump impeached but they want him removed from office one way or the other if he does not lead the country against the Establishment.
  • Only 10% of SM Groups say that Trump is still better than Warren’s Socialist disasters.

That’s why we were guiding you on different ways you can take a stand … be a winning President and move your country forward. If you remain dead silent on Establishment malice then hopes for your Presidency are quite dim.

Pro-Trump Group Activities
While there are a lot of activities to pave the way for Warren … Pro-Trump groups are concerned about Warren’s socialist policies … so they are still considering:

  • Not giving the nomination to Warren but instead nominate Biden
  • Even if she wins the nomination, they are planning to give the victory to Trump
  • And if she wins the Presidency, they are planning a quick impeachment for her if she launches Socialist policies so that there are no major economic catastrophies.

Why so much effort behind Warren?
You might ask … why so much effort for Warren? Well, actually, they made tons and tons of more efforts for you … all of them together and collectively they failed all jail traps, impeachment efforts, lawsuits and investigations against the Trump Presidency. They kept you safe for 3 years continuously … but it resulted in nothing for the country. Why should they keep wasting their time when you won’t stand up to the Establishment and you won’t do anything for the country?

Lead or get out of the way
They are following a simple policy … the country and people need help … lead or get out of the way. Obama faced a crisis of wars, fear and division. He successfully addressed the crisis that he faced. Since day one he was working on fixing this problem. And look around yourselves … he succeeded … all of his moves succeeded … today all wars, terrorism, politics of fear and division have vaporized.

On the other hand, you have got the Establishment crisis in your Presidency. And since day one, you are doing the opposite. Instead of taking down the Establishment … you are on a “no action and only favors” path. You yourself are stuck in cycles of humiliation. Nobody told you to do this … you formulated this policy yourself. The Establishment is loving it and humiliating you again and again. The SM Group’s argument is … why should the country put up with such leadership?

The interest rate under Obama was only 0.25% … it is 2% under Trump … that is 8 times more. The Establishment is 8 times more bold and vicious under Trump than under Obama. And you yourself are one of the victims of the Establishment that you have emboldened.

Managing both horses
We are an independent entity from all SM or Establishment groups. I just gave their perspective in my words … as to what they are thinking, working and planning ahead. Yes, the bad news is that … they want you out of the way. And the good news is that … they don’t have 100% support … many groups still believe that you can make it. Your exit or impeachment is still not 100% decided. Yes, there are some Establishment elements involved in this impeachment move but it also has SM backing.

What we have to do is … to manage both horses … we also have to watch what Pro-Trump and Pro-Warren groups do. We have to keep these groups also properly managed … so that we don’t do something that will adversely affect the country.

What Trump should realize is that … this impeachment move is not only about Establishment malice … but it is about your lack of leadership. If you cannot stand up to the Establishment then many groups want you out of the way … though some groups hope that you can make it.