Getting crushed in the battle?

Yeah, yeah … I will tell them how SM Groups are connected into the current impeachment moves … its not only the Establishment that is involved. It is a little bit more complicated than that. But the issue here is that … we are entering a phase where it is a battle between Pro-Trump and Pro-Warren groups. And when I have to give the details of this battle … then I have to show:

  • Why Pro-Warren groups don’t like Trump and
  • Why Pro-Trump groups don’t like Warren

Thus, I will be enlisting the issues with both candidates. I want these candidates to take the right path and lead America … I don’t want to get squished between the two candidates. Its not easy managing both the horses …

  • What if both the horses start fuming and start charging at me? It will unnecessarily impact our work adversely.
  • Secondly, what if both candidates get upset and decide not to work with me … that is another catastrophe we have to manage … because leadership under Trump is stagnation and leadership under Warren is Socialist disasters. Who the hell is going to manage that now?

What we basically need is …

  • At least one candidate should work with us
  • This candidate will be guided to lead America
  • The support will be given for victories to this candidate
  • This is what is going to change America

Now, the issue is … none of them have contacted me yet … it has led to the division of SM Networks … resulting in Pro-Trump Groups and Pro-Warren Groups. Now, I have to stand up in this ongoing battle … and show the flaws of the most powerful political groups in America?

The good thing that can result from showing the details of this battle is that … it will help either candidate to understand the issues … to work with us and lead America. But our malicious Establishment can put vicious and negative thoughts in their minds … what if both candidates start charging at me … trying to destroy me? Lol.

I am sure Warren and Dems will never do that … they are more like family to me … love you! But never know about Trump … he was already telling Obamas that I was writing against Warren … “this is blackmail … this is extortion … this is harassment” and God knows what not … ow Jesus.

One phone call will decide who will be the next President of the United States. One phone call would have fixed all of this shit. No division … no battle … it would be easy leadership. Instead, we have to waste time fighting each other clarmoring for power. I don’t like it … that it had to come to this stage. It was simply so easy.