Fight battles that you can win

So, this is the mantra that you are following? Fight battles that you can win? This is why your initiatives against the Establishment are very less and rare?

It’s a nice concept … but it applies more to business … less to politics and even less to the President. What happens in business is … if you take up a fight that you can’t win then:

  • You waste time
  • You lose money
  • You end up being a loser

Now, nobody wants to be a loser, do they? This applies very well to business. But this concept doesn’t apply to the Establishment crisis … this is the biggest crisis that the country is facing today … and this concept doesn’t apply to the Establishment crisis, its exploitation systems or its malice. I will show you how and why.

For example … consider Obama … what are his accomplishments?

  • ObamaCare
  • Eliminated politics of fear and insecurity … allowed Russian world leadership … did not start any new wars after firing Hillary

If you observe … during the entire Obama Presidency of 8 years … the only major accomplishment that he has is ObamaCare. His entire Presidency was consumed with terror here and terror there … fighting ISIS … understanding Establishment malice … not sending troops … not bombing countries … firing Hillary … undoing Hillary’s disasters. In terms of accomplishment for the American people … he is almost zero.

But if you look at Trump’s accomplishments within 2.5 years:

  • He has recording breaking job growth and economy
  • He has historic relations in the Koreas
  • American Energy is making records
  • Tariffs are being implemented that were never done before
  • You are fantastically handling Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and Syria
  • You have revived the entire Steel Industry

You are making very successful moves outside and within the country. But Obama is immensely respected, loved and adored … on the other hand, if you look at Trump … no President has been more badly treated than Trump. Why?

Standing up for what is right
It is because Obama was all alone at the top … and he understood Establishment malice … and then he dared to change the entire country’s direction all by himself. Obama never thought whether he is going to win or lose … Obama never thought how hard this battle is going to be … Obama never thought how much forces he has and how much force is there on the other side. Obama stood up for what is right despite having a strong opposition. Obama fought for what is right … he pulled all of the strings that he could …

  • Not only he eliminated all of the politics of fear and insecurity
  • He created fantastic job growth and stabilized the economy
  • He understood Establishment malice at a global scale
  • Coordinated with Russia to start stabilizing Syria
  • Made sure that America remained safe with no war against Russia
  • While doing that he created ObamaCare
  • And he did this while he was all alone

Obama is loved, adored and respected because he stood for what is right.

Winning the battle is not your responsibility
What you should understand is that … as President … winning the battle is not your responsibility. Well, if you win the battle then it is fantastic but you are already a winning President the moment you:

  • Choose right. Take the right side and stand up for what is right
  • Do right. Take all measures that you can to do what is right

That’s all that is required for you to be a winning President … just choose right and do right. In this Establishment crisis, you don’t have to evaluate … how big the Establishment is … how much they own … and bla bla bla. All that people need to see is … whether the President is on the right side or not … whether the President will play his role or not? That’s all what the people want. The moment you do this … then you get:

  • Full Security. You will be protected from all malice against you because you are fighting for what is good for the people.
  • Endless Leadership. You will get full public support that gives you endless leadership.

Obama doesn't have many accomplishments … but if he could run for a third term then he would easily win. Today, they are calling Michelle Obama to run for President. Why? Because of these two factors … he chose what is right and kept supporting what is right. He didn’t care if he won or lost against the Establishment. All he cared about was … whether he was making the right move for the people or not.

Obama came out as a fantastic winner
And if you see … eventually, Obama came out as a fantastic winner. All of the promises that he made to America in 2008 … all of them have been fully accomplished today.

  • The politics of fear and division are gone
  • Terrorism is gone
  • The War on Terror has been vaporized
  • Radical Islam has been vaporized
  • The wars have ended
  • There is peace and stability
  • There is job and economic growth

Obama didn’t succeed in his first move … but he succeeded in repeatedly making the right moves. Today, Obamas are forming the backbone of the Democratic Party.

  • Because they understood and stood up against Establishment malice
  • They know how these guys function
  • They know how to direct the country in the right direction
  • Now, they are directing the entire Democratic Party and changing the direction of the country itself

Do you see the splendid scale of success that Obamas are getting? For the simple reason that they stood up for what is right.

On the other hand, we have the Trump Presidency … that is actually accomplishing much more … because the wars have ended … but he is facing terrible treatment. Why? Because:

  • You have setup a two team system … where one team is focused on “no action and only favors” for the Establishment.
  • Owing to which you rarely stand up for what is right in this Establishment crisis and malice

All of the moves that you are making … it is in those zones … where the Establishment is not involved at all … tariffs, American Energy, North Korea, Syria, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia … all of these areas, if you see, there is no Establishment involvement at all.

What you need to understand is that … the Establishment does not give you the Presidency nor can it take away the Presidency from you. The people decide who will be the President and not the Establishment.

  • If you are standing up for what is right and
  • If you are taking the right moves

Then that’s all that’s required to secure your Presidency. Whether you win or lose in solving the Establishment crisis … that’s a different matter. In some cases, success will be immediate … and in some cases the success will depend upon several factors like:

  • Political support
  • Technology know how
  • Financial feasibility or availability
  • Public awareness and support
  • Global cooperation
  • Bipartisan support

For other reasons than the President … accomplishing the goals will take time or it will take additional resources. But to be a successful President and to be recognized as a successful President … the only thing that you need to do is … stand up for what is right and take measures to do what is right. You will instantly win the public’s support, love and adoration. Your re-election can be seamless.

People will adore your courage … they will adore the change that you want to make … they will adore every measure that you take to get things done. In fact, they will work hand in hand with you to help you succeed.

Never ever hold back thinking that you cannot win against the Establishment. Don’t think that it is a battle that you cannot win. You have already won in playing your role … the moment you stand up for what is right and take all measures to do what is right. To make the whole thing successful … it is the country’s responsibility.

  • It is the media’s responsibility
  • It is the Congress’s responsibility
  • It is the People’s responsibility
  • It is the Corporation’s responsibility

The entire country comes into play. It is everyone’s responsibility … never think that you have to do this all on your own. It benefits everyone and its everyone’s responsibility to step forward.

If you get the recognition that … “hey, this guy steps forward for what is right and he fights for what is right” … then that’s all you need to win any number of terms that you want.