Crushing Defeat?

Well, yes … a crushing defeat is possible … but that is when either party works with us. If Trump or Warren works with us … then SM Groups automatically start moving towards the candidate working with us … and the other guy gets a crushing defeat. But as of now, we are not in that mode. Since neither candidate is working with us … we have a split between SM Groups and it is an SM Vs SM combination.

This is what we have accomplished … eliminated all Establishment candidates and created an SM Vs SM competition … without any candidate working with us. Once someone works with us then this configuration will further consolidate towards one candidate … but still to some extent it will be SM Vs SM … as some groups will remain on one candidate’s side to ensure a proper exit.

Pro-Warren Group’s fury over Trump
Getting the news that some Pro-Warren groups are furious over Trump … for his inaction on the Establishment crisis, Presidential profiteering at a time of a major debt crisis. They are loving & supporting the impeachment moves against Trump. See … this isn’t the right way to respond. Even I was furious over Trump … he was doing massive favors for the Establishment, gave Jerusalem and he was jumping again and again for wars … carrying out missile attacks on Syria. I myself called him a “money maniac running a scam Presidency”. I was myself starkly against Trump.

But with time … he learnt and understood what was going on … thanks to Russian world leadership and intervention forces back home in America … we stopped major catastrophes. Since then, Trump has changed … he is not pursuing wars, he is maintaining peace, he is handling terror events very wisely and running a positive agenda at home. Since Trump changed his activities … I changed my stand on Trump. Since he is doing a few good things … I am recognizing his good activities … we all should recognize the positive moves made and support & encourage the positive moves.

If we keep on bitching, complaining and demonizing even after the President is changing then the intervention doesn’t make sense. I know there is a lot of fury against Trump for not working with us … for not handling the Establishment crisis and for not fixing the debt crisis … owing to this about 10% of SM Groups are loving and supporting the impeachment move against Trump. But then … this is what you need to keep in mind:

  • Assumption. Firstly, did you tell Trump that he has to work with us after he enters the White House? Did he promise you this? No. Then? It was your “assumption” that Trump would work with us. Just because your assumption did not fall into place, you are pissed off at one guy who made no such commitment.
  • Why not remain pissed off at Warren? If your argument to justify the “fury against Trump” is because he did not work with us … then, is Warren working with us? Well, not yet … so, are you furious against Warren as well? If you say that Trump has not done something … then has Warren done that? Then how come are you furious against Trump and supporting Warren … when she herself has not got in touch with us?
  • Not replaceable unless Warren is ready. Without even directly working with us … from the website itself … Trump is following the strategies that we have given for North Korea, Venezuela, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia. For 4 different countries … he is already implementing our strategies there … and he is winning in all of these countries … wherever he is implementing our strategies, he is winning. He is, partially, already following us. The only place he is lagging is with the Establishment and the debt crisis back home. And if you look at what Warren is coming up with … they are massive economic disasters. How is it wise to impeach a guy who is already partially working with us … who is maintaining the stability in the country … and replace him with massive economic disasters? It doesn’t make sense.

Firstly, it was your own assumption … secondly, your own candidate is also not working with us … so, why aren’t you pissed off at her? Thirdly, not only your candidate is not working with us … but she has no solutions to the Establishment and debt crisis … to add to that, she has massive economic disasters with her. You guys need to chill on Trump’s impeachment … impeachment is not the way to handle anything. I would myself approve and support the impeachment if Trump was carrying out a massive economic disaster or a war disaster … but that is not the case.

I understand, you guys want to see the Establishment crisis and the debt crisis solved … for that, you have to keep a cool mind … and work on constructive steps to take things forward.

  • Fighting and rooting out each other. Fighting and rooting out each other is not constructive … it doesn’t help in any thing or anyone … except for the malicious Establishment who hates Trump and wants to see him impeached. Why should we be the hands of the devil? They are just using us against each other and enjoying the show.
  • Connect, learn and campaign. Instead of holding a knife against each other and calling for each other’s impeachment … you guys should make an effort to form the right teams. It can be either from Trump or Warren. The first thing we need is a candidate who is fully ready to manage the crisis … with the right policies and campaigns.
  • Exit Strategy. And then we can tactically remove one candidate. The whole thing is a freakshow right now. Some are calling for Trump’s impeachment and Trump is calling for their impeachment. It’s a circus out there. We have managed all types of chaos that the Establishment has created … and now this is a new type of chaos that we have to manage.

Train Warren, train Warren!
Another frequent request is to “train Warren” … “why is he talking so much about Trump. He has become so nice … that’s why he is saying only nice things about Trump. He should start talking about Warren and say nice things about Warren”. Lol. I am not saying nice things about Trump because I have become nice … it is because Trump is doing nice things … Jesus Christ.

Warren is new … it is very obvious the new candidates will come up with some mistakes. Its not like she designed these Socialist policies herself. She just picked them up thinking that they would be nice. She just doesn’t know. This is something that is expected from newcomers. I was hesitating training her because the public mode can be tough and embarrassing.

  • Everything is revealed online
  • SM Groups come into action
  • There will be groups from intelligence, legal, politics and media challenging your actions and policies
  • A public intervention comes into place
  • You have to publicly change your policies and actions
  • Else you face legal consequences
  • Lawsuits and investigations also come into place
  • Your opposition tries to capitalize on your mistakes and blunders
  • The whole thing becomes a public show

Look what happened to Trump … his Presidency came to this stage because of “public intervention”. We had no choice but to do this because there was no other route available. The wars had to be stopped and the blunders had to be stopped. Asking me to “train Warren” is asking me to publicly intervene in her campaign and policies. I didn’t see a need for that because she launched her campaign 2 years before elections. She had a lot of time to get in touch with us and things could be done privately without any public intervention. She is a lovely lady … I don’t think that she deserves a full fledged public intervention yet.

That’s why I am releasing only small chunks of information about her so that she gets an idea where the issues are. She is very good Presidential material … and she has to be President in 2020 or 2024. We cannot go full-fledged against her like we went against Establishment puppets. It has to be subtle … its best if it is done privately.

Abandoning Warren?
No, no one is abandoning Warren. It will backfire on her if we train her online … it will only showcase all of the blunders that she has … and it will show how Trump is far ahead and more stable than her. Just because we are helping Trump with his impeachment issue … does not mean that we have abandoned Warren. We like her and we will definitely work with her.

Thankfully this time … we manage both horses in the race. I have put out a simple formula to justify who I will work with … “I will work with the candidate that gets in touch with me first”. This is my formula and it applies to Trump and Warren. It does not apply to Bernie or Hillary.

If I am criticizing the Socialist policies in Warren’s campaign … it is because some groups are supporting Trump’s impeachment thinking that it will help Warren. But they need to understand that Warren is not ready … given the current policies, Trump is a more stable candidate. Warren first needs to learn, change and then she can take the lead. So, quit focusing on Trump’s impeachment and instead work on changing Warren. Once Warren is ready … then we can consider the right exit for Trump.