Managing both Horses in the Race

Well, congratulations is in place for all SM Groups involved in the game. Each and everyone of you are doing a fantastic job. America is headed towards beautiful change because of your efforts and individual leadership. In 2020, we will be managing both horses in the race. Since the past few elections … it would always be an Establishment puppet competing against an SM Candidate.

  • Obama and Mc Cain
  • Obama and Mitt Romney
  • Trump and Hillary

The other candidate was always an Establishment puppet. But in 2020 it is going to be:

  • Trump and Biden / Warren

None of them are Establishment puppets. We have actively rooted out all Establishment puppets from both parties.

  • Republican. Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Newt Gingrich
  • Democrat. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders

If we had not got involved then Trump and Warren would never be in the race. During the last Democrat primary … the top candidates were Hillary and Bernie … both of them Establishment puppets. But interestingly, in this election both of them are knocked out. Lol.

Its great to have SM Candidates on both sides … it makes it very easy to lead and change America when we have SM Candidates in the White House. Our work is centered around leading and changing America … and this configuration is best suited for the work.

Establishment Decimation
It was very interesting to see the decimation of the Establishment elements like Paul Ryan, Mueller, Rod Rosenstein, Tom Steyers and Howard Shultz in order to protect the Trump Presidency. And it is great to see the decimation of Hillary and Bernie Sanders to help Warren.

Yes, Joe Biden is not an Establishment puppet and he still serves as the key to save Elizabeth Warren. Some groups think that Warren is too good to lose … as she has a lot of policies to change … Biden should get the nomination and not Warren. Technically, Biden doesn’t have SM Support but he still serves a positive purpose.

And the best thing to watch is … the main banker puppet, Netanyahu, getting his ass kicked on banker soil itself. Lol. This is the best job ever. Keep it up Team Israel! You are doing a great job. Your work is saving the world.

SM Support gets you the White House
It is interesting to see that candidates who did not have SM Support ... were tactically removed from the race. Bill De Blasio, Tulsi Gabbard, Kirsten Gillibrand and a few others will not win as well. But these are good candidates … just running for President and hammering the Establishment on the National stage was a great thing that they have done. Keep it up … this is serving your country … it is an important role … it doesn’t matter if you don’t win … only one person gets to win but as a team all of us win. Run again in the next election … hammer the Establishment again … be heard again … and guide your country again.

Pro-Trump and Pro-Warren Groups
This is an interesting combination that we have not seen before. Till date, it was Establishment Vs Silent Majority. But now, the Establishment is itself decimated … it has lost control over the process … it has been defeated on many fronts. And the SM Networks are split between Trump and Warren. This is something new that is happening in 2020. It is SM Vs SM.

Understanding the moves
If you want to understand the moves that are being played … then it is not exactly like a horse race where you bet on your money on one horse. Its not the horse that is important … it is the country that is important. SM Groups are not about the candidate … they are about America. The moves that they take is … what is best for America. All evaluations and all moves are decided based upon logic and facts.

  • Mueller and impeachment moves against Trump were failed and will be failed because Trump is not doing anything disastrous for America. Protecting Trump from impeachment is right for America.
  • Hillary and Bernie Sanders were vicious Establishment puppets that would destroy the country. Getting them out of the race to help Warren … was right for America.

It is America that is important … it is the country and people that are important … that’s why every decision that will be made … it will based upon this logic … what is better for the people and the country?

The Support Divide
This brings us to the divide between supporting Trump and Warren. Trump had some issues but most of the issues of his Presidency have been resolved … the only thing that is pending with Trump is “inaction and inconsistency”. Trump doesn’t take action against Establishment malice … which keeps him in cycles of humiliation and requires us to save him again and again. And the second thing is that … he is inconsistent … today he wants to meet Putin and tomorrow he flips. This kills the trust factor in his leadership.

But if you see action wise … he is doing quite good … all wars are gone, there is peace and stability … he is following all of our advice in the international zone … jobs and economy is good … he is working on American Energy and tariffs … which are good for America.

All in all … Trump is mostly good … his only issue is inaction and inconsistency.

But when you look at Warren … she is the opposite of Trump … she is not inactive and not inconsistent. She is very active against the bankers and corporations … and she consistently campaigns against them. And this pulls a lot of SM Support for her.

But action wise … she is mostly a Socialist disaster. Massive spending by the tens of trillions … no program to generate wealth for America … no policy to break the Establishment … and no way to address the current crisis … is pushing away SM Groups to support Trump. The main reason she was brought in the game was to address the Establishment crisis … if she doesn’t want to work on that then why support her at all?

Supporting Trump and Warren
The way support is being given to Trump is by saving him from jail and impeachment. And the way support for Warren is being given by:

  • Considering not giving her the nomination because she is too good to lose.
  • Considering giving the victory to Trump in 2020 because nobody wants Sociliasm in America.
  • Considering a quick impeachment for her if she launches Socialist policies so that there is no economic catastrophe in the years ahead … saving her before the economic catastrophe, will help us provide maximum protection to her.

But then some groups are very excited about her honesty and don’t want frauds like Bernie Sanders in the way … so they are actively paving the way for her, to some extent. This will atleast give her a National level of publicity which will be useful for her in the next run.

Till date, the aggression against both candidates is being suppressed. SM Groups on both sides are doing well. It is advisable for Democrats to fix Warren’s policies rather than remain fixated in impeaching Trump. That will help them to a great extent.

No worry about Establishment malice
The good thing is … in 2020 we don’t have to worry about direct Establishment malice much. They have been decimated on many fronts … and the only thing that they can do is … use us against each other. That’s what Adam Schiff is leading out there … the guy is a fraud leading divisive politics in the country.

Exit Strategies
All in all … everyone is doing good. But we also need to design the right exit strategies for the candidates. We don’t have any Establishment puppet in the race now. We cannot treat any candidate like we treated the puppets. We have to formulate a balanced exit for them … in a way that it is most fruitful for the country.