Paving the way for Warren

So this is Pro-Warren group activities?

  • Pouring tens of millions in her campaign although she is not taking donations from any companies or PACs.
  • Knocking out Bernie Sanders
  • And now using the Ukraine scandal to hammer out Biden and Trump at the same time
  • If Biden gets knocked out … then she has to face only Trump now … that too, there is a plan to take down Trump as well, isn’t it?

You are doing the major chunk of the work for her … getting her all the funding she needs, taking down key competitors and also setting up a plan to take down Trump to give her the Presidency. That’s pretty good planning … but where is the change?

Pro-Warren groups are blindly supporting her “assuming” that she will work with us … because she has good potential of hammering the Establishment. But as of now, you have to consider both possibilities:

  • She works with us. Let’s say … she works with us and runs the right policies … then all of the work that you are doing … it will show fruit. It will have some meaning.
  • She doesn’t work with us. Let’s assume … she doesn’t work with us … then she will go ahead with those disastrous Socialist policies … she doesn’t have a single policy that creates a single new dollar for America … and she doesn’t have a single policy that breaks the Establishment in any sphere whatsoever. She talks about breaking 5 companies which will be a total waste of time and it won’t change anything.

In the second scenario … we get another candidate in the White House:

  • Who will come with her own blunders
  • We will be spending years in managing her blunders
  • No monopoly will be broken down
  • All Establishment control will exist
  • The wealth drain will continue
  • On top of that, she will blow up trillions of additional money on Socialist policies
  • It is very possible that there will be an economic disaster and she may get impeached

So, how is it wise to replace Trump with Warren? She knows nothing … she has no policy … we will end up spending years more on just stopping catastrophes and protecting the new President. It will be the same shit show under a different President. What’s the point in hammering the Establishment when the hammering won’t change anything? You have to hammer to break … she has no policy that will break anything.

If we keep her safe and the country safe … the only thing that will happen is that she will “learn” and go home. For one person to “learn” what is the Establishment, how it functions, its structures and operations … we have to give her the White House … blow trillions of our taxpayer money … waste 4 years of our time and maintain the country under stagnation … is it? I call this bullshit.