Managing the Intermediaries

Alright … here is how you manage the intermediaries. If you understand the issues … what should be done and what should not … then it will help you easily succeed in this small phase.

What to do?
We actually have members representing both parties around me … Democrat and Republican. Both of them are interested in the collaboration … and both of them have installed some security guys for the same. This is what the role of these “intermediary” security guys should be.

  • Security. Firstly, they should not create any security issue but they should provide the security.
  • Communication Contact. And secondly, they can also function as a communication contact to initiate the first call.

And that’s it … their role and functions should not exceed anything beyond this.

What not to do?
There have been issues with one or two security guys that were installed around me before … based on that … these are the things that they should not do.

  • Decision Making. They do not have any kind of decision making role here at any level. They should not try to get involved in any kind of decision making. Sometimes … some people start using their own brains and start making their own suggestions to affect the decision making.
  • Analyzing or Assessments. Their job is not to analyze or assess anything or anyone. Sometimes intelligence guys or policemen are used … and one or two of them were smart asses … who started using their own analyzing skills and try to control the decision making process.
  • Talking on behalf of me. To the extent that … they will even start talking on behalf of me … saying that, I am not interested … he is ignoring … he walked away … he did not respond … he probably wants to work with the other party and bla bla bla. Do not trust anyone talking on behalf of me … I have not given anyone the right to talk on behalf of me. Whatever it is … you will hear it directly from me. If I didn’t want to work with someone then I wouldn’t write a thousand pages to help them.
  • Misleading Sponsors. At other places … there were intermediaries who would even provide misleading information to sponsors. There is some competition since members from both parties are here. Democrat members mislead Republican sponsors … Republican members mislead Democrat sponsors.

Now, you get an idea of the shit show around me? How will a connection take place … when the security guys themselves are doing their own analysis … providing their own inputs to change decisions … when you want to talk they say that, he is not interested and he is not responding … when they mislead other sponsors.

All of these are unnecessary obstacles. You need to quit taking inputs from intermediaries and don’t give them any decision making authority … that is not their job.

How to connect?

  • Direct call. You have my direct phone number. Just make a direct call.
  • Indirect call. Just in case you don’t want to call directly on my phone then use your intermediary’s phone and make the call. Just tell him to hand over the phone to me. Don’t take inputs from him whether I am interested or not … whether I want to talk or not.

Its not that every security guy is like that … but I have seen one or two behave like this. Intermediary security guys should follow basic instructions. It is not their job to analyze, mislead or make decisions. The President of the United States is facing impeachment and the next prospective President may face impeachment … and we are wasting time with some intermediary security guys … who can neither solve the crisis nor help with the crisis. They have been assigned a simple job … just make sure that they stick to their job profile. It will make things easier for everyone.

What you should avoid?
These are the things that you should avoid for the first call.

  • Special time and occasion. Don’t sit and wait for a special time and occasion to make the contact. Its just a waste of time … it will turn out to be only stalling.
  • Direct meetings. Don’t waste time setting up any direct surprise meetings with yourself or your team members. First, make the call and then try to setup a meeting only if required. Setting up surprise meetings is a waste of time … this is not Ellen’s show.
  • Sponsor meetings. Direct sponsor meetings is also a waste of time. There is no surprise to this as well. This call and meeting is dead late. There is no surprise about it and sitting & waiting for a billionaire sponsor to show up is also a waste of time. First call and then meeting where it is appropriate.
  • Special time and person. Don’t try to setup anything that requires a special time and person on the scene. All of it can be derailed and it will end up being a waste of time. You have more obstacles to deal with than you can comprehend.

The easiest way to succeed in this is … keep it as simple as possible. Keep it as routine as possible. More the special … more the unique … more the powerful … more the rich … more the easy to derail. It’s a simple task … more simple and routine … more easily you will succeed.

Secondly, don’t take inputs on my behalf from anyone whatsoever. You will think that … “hey, I am trying to get in touch with him … I have arranged sponsorship for him … and now he doesn’t want to talk to me? He is ignoring me? Does he want to work with the other party? Has he already decided on this? Did he lie to me?” And you will get all kind of weird thoughts. Whatever I tell you directly … believe only on that and nothing else.

Lastly, we have to setup a channel for collaboration for regular interaction and exchange. We can’t have intermediaries playing along in every call and interaction. All of these are unnecessary obstacles. It should have been pretty darn simple and straightforward.