Success Verifications: Connect, Learn and Campaign

Okay … this is how you manage People Centric Presidential candidates. You have to keep an eye on the success of each candidate in 3 levels of the leadership program.

  • Connect
  • Learn and
  • Campaign

We have literally designed these 3 levels so that it helps everyone in the game to understand … who to support, who to follow and on what policies they should be supported. It’s a complicated world out there and we need very clear guidelines so that we are successfully moving forward and successfully reaching our milestones. Through every step there can be a lot of deviation, stalling and misleading tactics. It might be:

  • Establishment malice
  • Media noise
  • Military Advisers
  • Political Advisers
  • Other routes of stalling and deviation tactics
  • Or even the candidate’s ego and mindset

There can be half a dozen ways that can be used to stall, deviate or mislead the candidate at every step. So now, some guys want to root out Trump and some guys are rallying behind Trump. There is a whole divide out there. Don’t rally behind any candidate based upon “hopes and assumptions”. Always use verifiable measures to use your support. SM is a very powerful network and we decide who moves into the White House and who doesn’t. Your moves should never be based upon hopes and assumptions. These are the moves that you should look in the candidate at every level:

  • Initiatives. What are the initiatives he is making? How many initiatives is he or she making? Is he or she succeeding in any of her initiatives?
  • Deviations. How is he or she managing the deviations?
  • Stalling. Is he or she falling for the stalling and giving up?
  • Obstacles. How does he or she manage the obstacles in the path? Does he or she get scared or tired … or tries to use intelligent ways to overcome obstacles?
  • Misleading and friction. How does the candidate manage the misleading and even possible creation of friction via lies or wrong information?
  • Success. Is the candidate interested in fighting for success or he is just doing this for a formality so that he can get the White House?
  • Dedication. Observe the dedication of the candidate through each phase. What is the priority he or she is giving to each task? Does he treat it like a headache or burden to carry or is he really interested in fighting for his people or country?

You have to observe these behaviors through all phases before you rally behind a candidate.

  • Connect. Does he or she connect with us successfully? This is not just a “pay for votes” scheme … you have to observe whether the candidate follows through the next steps.
  • Learn. Does he or she learn what the main crisis is in the country … and how the solutions have to be implemented? Is the candidate interested in the solutions for the country or not? Or is he or she going to do some other stuff that he is going to be misled into?
  • Campaign. The candidate needs to campaign or take actions to implement the solutions. When you are seeing that the candidate is reaching this milestone for each policy then you will know that … yes, this is the candidate the will revolutionize America.

Observe how the candidate succeeds through each phase … and when he or she enters the campaign phase … then you will know that … that’s the candidate that is going to be a fantastic leader for you and change the country for you. Until then … don’t totally fall on any side. Don’t try to root out any candidate.

Rooting out Trump or Warren should be avoided:

  • Firstly because these are the best candidates that America has in each party.
  • Secondly, none of the candidates have entered any phase successfully … you never know how Trump would perform or how Warren would perform.
  • Thirdly, you don’t know how many policies or reforms will be taken up or accomplished under each candidate. If one candidate doesn’t take up something then it is very possible that the other candidate will.

I know … the moment any candidate starts working with us … there will be a lot of excitement in the air … and all support will be moving in his or her favor. But “starting to work with us” should not be enough for full-fledged movement of support … wait and see the candidate’s success in the campaign phase. Once the candidate moves successfully into the campaign phase then you can start moving your support for him or her.

Lastly, no one is going to be there in the White House forever. Its just two terms that they get. We might have to consider the other candidate sooner or later. Never totally decimate any candidate. Protect, guide, change and fix their policies … these moves are fine … but don’t decimate, don’t root out, don’t impeach and don’t put them in jail. We always have to protect each other and move ahead systematically and tactically.

Till date, you have been totally decimating the opposition … like John McCain, Mitt Romney, Hillary Clinton and Howard Schultz. But you can’t treat Trump and Warren in the same way. If Trump leads now then Warren has to lead in 2024. If Warren leads now then Trump still has one term left. Don’t go full decimation against the other candidate. Each candidate can contribute something good to America. We have to configure things in such a way that both candidates contribute their best.

Right now, we have already decimated the Establishment’s moves through all of their channels. The only thing that is left for them is to use us against each other. If we provide a basic cover for each other and then fight for leadership via policies and logic … then it will be a much fruitful configuration that will help America move forward and succeed. We should focus on protecting each other and helping each other succeed. That will greatly help.