Individual and Establishment Levels

There are two perspectives of evaluating the candidates.

  • The Individual Level and
  • The Establishment Level

At the Individual Level, this is what we look in the candidates:

  • Is he / she Establishment independent?
  • Will he / she have the courage to stand up to the Establishment?
  • Will he / she use commonsense and logic to do what is right for the people?

These are very simple and basic pre-requisites for key leadership positions in America. Based upon this individual level evaluations … both Trump and Warren are fantastic candidates. We call Trump and Warren “fantastic Presidential material” based upon this evaluation. This individual level evaluation is helping us to:

  • Eliminate Establishment puppets from key positions
  • Eliminate war mongering and disastrous policies
  • Facilitate the usage of commonsense and logic in key leadership positions in America

Just the basic Individual level evaluation is helping us change America’s direction.

Establishment Level Evaluation
This is a far more complicated level. This is where the candidate stands in comparison to the Establishment crisis that America faces. It is here where patience, logic and intelligence is very important. These are the top games where Trump and Warren are involved.

Some people will love Trump’s individual evaluation and some people will love Warren’s individual level evaluation … but the key place where leadership has to be shown is the “Establishment crisis”. It is here where:

  • Trump is far ahead in the game and
  • Warren is literally running in the opposite direction

We are not trying to criticize or push Warren down … nope, its just the facts. We are not trying to blow Trump’s horn or show favoritism … its just the facts. You yourselves look at the facts:

  • Trump is not blowing up trillions on climate change
  • Trump is not blowing up trillions on socialist programs like Medicare for All
  • Trump is not shutting down trillions worth oil industry in America
  • Trump is not doubling the minimum wage to $15 per hour
  • Trump does not support legalization of Marijuana
  • There is absolutely nothing disastrous going on under the Trump Presidency via wars or economic disasters. America is safe and sound under Trump.

Yes, Trump also had his newcomer issues … he also had some blunders … he also was not all clean.

  • He wanted to ban all Muslims.
  • He wanted to deport 11 million immigrants.

He has already been stopped from these blunders and even if he had gone ahead with these blunders … then it would not cost trillions to the American taxpayers. A Muslim ban would not cost us trillions … deporting 11 million immigrants would not cost trillions. People don’t like Trump’s wall … but it costs only $20 Billion. None of Trump’s activities cost the American taxpayers by the trillions. These are the facts and the truth. It is a fact that Trump is a far better candidate than Warren in terms of policies.

We don’t realize that because … Warren comes with her janitor and school teacher background … while Trump has a billionaire pornstar banging background. So what if Warren faced some struggles in her life … just because she faced some struggles in her life … should we allow her to destroy America? There are millions of Americans who are facing struggles in their lives … should we allow them to take over the White House and destroy America? It does not make sense.

Just because you have passed the Individual Level Evaluation doesn’t qualify you for the Presidency … especially when there is competition. Warren is not the only one that is Establishment independent … even Trump is Establishment independent. And whatever Warren puts on the table … it has to be compared with what Trump is working on. Warren has a dozen disasters while Trump is mostly clean.

The only place where Trump has a problem is his policy of:

  • No action and favors for the Establishment. This is the only thing that is holding back the Trump Presidency. If he had not formulated this policy then he would have already been unstoppable and would have been a great President by now.

That’s the only issue with the Trump Presidency and there is no other problem at all … not on any front.

Training Warren
We were actually getting repeated alerts to train Warren.

  • Hey … she is going for Medicare for All … are you going to allow her to run this Socialist policy?
  • Hey … she is going for the Green New Deal … this is another Socialist policy … you are still going to be silent?
  • She wants to shut down the oil industry and electrify everything … why are you ignoring Warren … you don’t want to help her?
  • Dude … she wants $15 per hour as minimum wage … please tell her what to do!

SM Groups want her to be trained. But once I start writing about it … then there are consequences also around it. Many groups get involved and it changes how the country functions based on that information. And if you see, almost all of her policies have issues. If we remove all policies with issues then she gets an empty platform. When we removed the Muslim ban and mass deportation issues from Trump … he still had an America First agenda … he still had American Energy and Tariffs. His Presidency still had very valuable policies to work on. If we went public with Warren’s issues then her entire Presidential campaign gets decimated. That’s why, the only thing we told her was “to learn”.

But many months have passed and she is digging more and more into Socialist policies to the extent that she wants to shutdown oil operations in America … because that’s what the Green New Deal says. And many many groups are concerned about her policies.

Some SM Groups support Warren so strongly that they are ready to remove Trump and even impeach him … just because it will help Warren become President. They think that … “Warren is closely connected to the Obamas … we love Obamas … Active Democracy, Warren and Obamas will be a fantastic team. So, why do we need Trump in the White House at all?” This is the level of support that they are providing to Warren.

We were chilling about Warren’s training because:

  • Why publish everything online? She is a nice lady. It might embarrass her.
  • Trump is doing just fine. The country is in good hands.
  • We will just show Warren how to get in touch with us and then we will work with her directly instead of publishing the issues online.

And what do you know? There is an impeachment effort against Trump in full swing. Thank God that it is only 5% of SM Groups and the Establishment involved. 95% of the SM Networks don’t support Trump’s impeachment. Because of this “emergency” … we had to show Warren’s current standing in the Establishment crisis. She is not ready to lead … she is not prepared in any way … lots of her policies have issues … it is not the right time to remove Trump. It was a National emergency where some people were thinking that … it is good to remove Trump. Hell no … it is not.

Yes, Trump and Warren is the best that America has right now. Person wise Warren is good … but policy wise she is dead wrong. Trump has only one issue in his approach … otherwise, he is all clean. Warren needs to learn before she can move into the White House. She can be catastrophic to everyone if we allow her to move in the White House with these dead wrong policies.