Decisions are related to the work

An Indian guy doesn’t want Indians around him … sounds racist, isn’t it? “Where the hell are you from? You are from India. They are your people. Why don’t you want your own people around you?” Yeah … some people might think like that. Even I went to some hostels here … they said that, they don’t give the room to “Indians” for long term. And the guy who said this is also “Indian”. So, my own guy saying that he doesn’t rent out the room to Indians … that’s pretty bad.

It happens sometimes … but his reasons are different and mine are different. Firstly, I didn’t say that … “I don’t want Indians around me” … I said … don’t use Indians for security or reporting work. Almost all of the decisions that I take are related to the work. We should assign work to those people who can succeed in the assigned task. If you assign a task to someone and if he screws up then it might not be his fault. It might be your fault because you chose the wrong guy for the job.

I like my people and I like my country … in fact, I love India. But when this work is concerned, different parameters come into play. These are the reasons why I say … try not to use Indians for my security or reporting activities:

One. Village Mentality
What people think is that … “he is Indian … therefore, Indians are good for his security and support”. But I am only born in India and I grew up in other countries. I look Indian and eat Indian … but my thinking and work is mostly different. And the Indians that you surround me with … are generally directly from the villages. So, they bring their own small minded mentality and gimmicks … and sometimes also a lot of shitty thinking. Examples will help:

  • Go to the beach. The same approach was taken in New York … and I was surrounded by Pakistanis and Indians. And they are thinking and saying that “he will go to the beach … he will go to the beach”. This Pakistani Team is telling the American Team that … “I will go to the beach”. I am wondering … “why they keep saying that … what is there in the beach? Its salty water out there.” As per the Pakistani Team’s calculation … it was summer and I would go to the beach to see girls in their bikinis. Lol. I am like … “what kind of thinking is this? Why do these guys think like that?” Then I realized … they just came abroad and they are in a new environment for the first time.
  • Pay for sex. Recent event in Yerevan, the guys are telling the receptionist to take 20,000 AMD from me for sex. They are telling the girl to see if I will approach her for sex or not. Lol.

Not only the gimmicks are pretty shitty … what other people think is that … I am Indian and all of these other guys are also Indian. If they are predicting this behavior then maybe even I think like that. They assume that such type of thinking might be there in me also … because I am Indian. They overlay a small minded village mentality over me … it leads to the creation of a shitty atmosphere with a lot of shitty thinking and assumptions. It only wastes time. This is just the basic point.

Two. Matrix Activities
The Matrix is something that the Establishment uses to abuse a person … chemically, financially, legally and physically. In India, almost everything that I used to buy would be rigged. Not only the food and medicines … but the building wiring was done in such a way that my apartment would become like a microwave. They would drug my food to make my body very weak and then increase the electric and EMF radiations in the apartment so much that … it would seem like a microwave.

I had my office and residence at the same place. The EMF values were so high that my employees started vomiting … other guys would be taking medicine just to keep their head cool. I sent them home … and asked them to work from home … so that they don’t have to be punished because of me.

I did not spend one day or one week like that in India … I spent 5 years like that. I used to rent two apartments … one mine and the one below … only to make sure that I could directly manage the wiring and cabling in the apartment below. So that my apartment wouldn’t become like a microwave. Even then, they used the iron from the lift in the building to increase the EMF in my apartments.

Three. Political Issue
While I was living in these microwave like apartments … I got a dream to leave India now. I am seeing in my dream that I am dining with a German couple … eating all foreign dishes. I was trying to understand the meaning of this dream … “was it a sign for me to leave India?” I did not take any action … because I needed to know why I had to leave India. It was Matrix based bullshit but I liked my people … I did not understand the reason to leave.

But then after a few weeks … I see BJP coming up in politics … and then I see Narender Modi being chosen to lead the BJP. Then I understood, yes … it is time to leave India. The Establishment was not able to shut down my work because of the political protection that Congress was providing. So they made a move to help Modi become Prime Minister.

Four. Trump
Modi didn’t make any move against me. I think Obama and European leaders supported me. But when Trump came into power and he flipped to the Establishment side … Trump Team members repeatedly push Modi’s government to take action against me. Turkey and Russia had to repeatedly protect me from “Indian government officials being pushed by Trump”.

So, now you are sitting there and assigning jobs to Indians to protect me or report about me. But in order to do that correctly:

  • They have to overcome their own mentality issues
  • The have to overcome the control and misdirection of the Matrix
  • They have to overcome Indian political influence
  • They have to overcome Indian officials being pushed by Trump

Now, tell me … how will one or two security guys handle that? There are 4 layers of issues … it is not in the capacity of simple security guys from small villages and towns in India … to overcome 4 layers of issues that involve the Establishment, National politics and the US President.

If you see the difference between Indians and Russians is that … Russians are independent of all of the above 4 factors:

  • They will not try Indian village gimmicks with me … they are from Russia
  • The Matrix system is very weak in Russia so Matrix based influence will be very less
  • President Putin leads Russia and not Modi … therefore we have no political issues either
  • Trump does not dictate President Putin … Trump’s influence is also zero

This is one of the main reasons why I chose Moscow as one of the bases for the work and we did not choose India for the work. I love India but it will not be suitable for the work. It cannot handle the complications involved.

Despite all of these factors, if we still use Indians for security and reporting … it will only double our work … because we have to continuously keep an eye on them and control them.

  • What is the village gimmick being pulled off?
  • What is the Establishment based malice here?
  • Is this politics from India?
  • Is Trump doing something shitty?

The security guys become baggage instead of providing any benefit. You get all wrong reports and wrong information … they themselves sit and create security issues. Instead of them protecting me … you have to protect me from them.

Don’t beat up anyone. Don’t put anyone in jail. Just follow simple redistribution. These are just frontend guys who don’t know what they are into. There is no use taking aggressive action against them. A better and more peaceful formula would be to … avoid Indians. This will help avoiding a lot of unnecessary friction … no one needs to get beat up or sent to jail. We don’t need to sit and manage the security guys.

Assigning these tasks to Indians is a waste of time. It will only create more baggage for our work. Indians should be used in India … when we start some work there … when we can manage the politics and the Matrix in India … then we will take a look at it. Or if we hire Indians at our bases abroad … we can control them and manage them. Till then, prefer alternate sources for security or reporting.